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  1. I haven't. Might be worth looking into.
  2. As a center when I was growing up, I took a ton of faceoffs and that film did help with durability.
  3. Yes, both skates can be a different size.
  4. I am honestly surprised Bauer hasn't started litigation against them. Unless they are so focused on their silly new holder, they just don't seem to care anymore.
  5. Depends on the age group. Younger kids (>12) seem to gravitate toward low kick. It's easier to load for them and overall shot power is not as important as opposed to a faster release. Teenagers (13-17) seem to prefer hybrid or mid kick. Many of these players seem to want a harder shot and understand how to better load the stick, pushing into the ice as they shoot to load the shaft. 18+ and pro level players is a mix. Depends on your position, shooting style, etc. It's all over the map. Examples -> https://www.geargeek.com/nhl-totals/sticks
  6. Have you tried changing insoles? The standard insole is very thin and doesn't take up much volume.
  7. Stay tuned for full reviews and video content. FYI, just from unpacking everything and tinkering with it in the house, I am impressed. They did an excellent job implementing the Aer-Tec suspension system, even though it was something we have seen similar previously in other equipment.
  8. The Jetspeed tongue is unique and not similar to any of the other tongues.
  9. I don't quite understand the statement, stepping on a golf ball inside the skate. Do you have a unique foot condition (bump, bone, spur, ect)? If the TRUE skates fit you well, the performance is good, why are you looking to move to CCM or Bauer?
  10. I have tried all three brands, and the various models within the brands: TRUE: TF Custom, SVH Custom, Cat Pro, CCM: Total Custom and Total Custom Plus Bauer: Custom They all have pros and cons. What I like or feel works best for me, might not be the same for everyone else. Maybe if the question was precise, the answer would be clear? Simply put, what are we trying to fix?
  11. I might have an extra pair laying around if you want to buy them. They are a size medium.
  12. My ranking: CCM XS Bauer LS Edge TRUE Shift Marsblade I2 If the TRUE Shift holder had more aftermarket options, such as Flare or 4mm steel, that would be tied for #1
  13. Grab some video and share it, please?
  14. Yes, that helps. Though, they are known for having issues with staying "locked in."
  15. They make Bladetech for the Shift holder. IMO, their steel isn't impressive (quality is good but the "flex" is nonsense) but hey, to each their own.
  16. How often are you getting the steel profiled? From November to now is a lot of time, assuming he sharpens his skates weekly, and has at least two sets of steel. The profile changes pretty quickly if you are doing hand sharpening and still changes with automated sharpening, though much slower. As for him lifting his heel, I am not convinced it's a profile issue specifically and would need to see video to getting a more clear picture. Usually you want full extension and toe snap.
  17. CCM Total Custom is more of an assembly line production, whereas the Total Custom Plus is more of an actual custom fit. TRUE SVH is full custom. Bauer is all assembly line production.
  18. If you look around, you can find plenty of threads on this, but I actually got the majority of data from the team equipment managers, so I know it's factual and not conceptual. ProSharp and SSM also have a lot of this data as well. http://www.sports2k.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45286-william-nylander-skate-profile/ It also is helpful that I have owned multiple stores, so I have a lot of historical data as well. I try to log every individual player profile and hollow in our point of sale. When possible, I will also include level of play if they are notable, example being USHL, ACHA or NCAA, USPHL, Prep, etc.
  19. It's getting better, but I think a one-piece boot is not the easiest to work with when it comes to overall 3D fit. There are limitations and that's why they have the option for custom skates. 😉
  20. Pure Hockey, similar to the retail giant Costco, offers a liberal 30-day return policy, which allows customers to purchase, utilize, and return items without hassle. This is due to their advantageous purchasing strategy, whereby they acquire bulk orders and consequently obtain substantial rebates from manufacturers, mitigating the financial impact of customer returns. This policy, however, results in manufacturers suffering financial losses that are subsequently passed on to stores in the next fiscal year. Contrarily, small-scale stores, which account for the majority of retailers, do not receive significant rebates from manufacturers and operate on smaller margins. As a former store owner with sales exceeding 1.5 million USD, I can attest to the limited significance of such stores to major manufacturers like Bauer. Thus, when smaller stores sell high-cost items that are later returned, they incur significant financial losses that impact their bottom line. Additionally, the process of navigating the 90-day guarantee policy is arduous, prompting many stores to sell returned items locally at cost rather than returning them to the manufacturer, further exacerbating the financial impact. Also, many stores will set a minimum inventory value, so when the inventory count dips below the specified value, an order is placed for replenishment. If you sell items, and that item is later returned, this can cause a store to have excess inventory, which also is a financial burden. Like I said, I am providing the perspective of a store owner and not a consumer. That being said, I love Costco and I will use their return policy when applicable if I am not satisfied with a purchase, especially if it's a high dollar item. 😉
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