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  1. I ended up zip tying it closer to the bottom, and it seems to fit better now. Testing it again tonight with the new modifications.
  2. Visibility with the cage is good. I don't know if I can say it's better or worse than the previous Re-Akt Titanium, it feels the same, which is good. The cage is light, the i2 coloring provides good visibility. My only complaints is the chin cup sits very forward in the cage, and I am not a fan of the chin cup sitting directly on my chin. However, I think I can make some slight modifications to the cage to pull the chin cup closer to the bars. Overall, I think the new Profile III Titanium is a good cage. I have no regrets about purchasing it.
  3. It almost seems like a blend between the OG Profile II and the previous generation Profile III. I am testing it tonight and will let you know if the new design is good or bad.
  4. If you weigh new STEP steel (out of the box) and new XC Blade (out of the box) I think the XC Blade weighs about 11 grams heavier. I have been testing the XC Blade MC and LC variations. So far, I don't see any significant benefits or negatives. I tried 3/4", 7/8", and 1" ROH. The best overall was the 3/4" ROH which gave good bite and a decent amount of glide. 1" ROH on the XC Blade, I felt like I was losing too much power on starts and stops. However, I have moved back to using my Flare. I feel the attack angle and glide is better with my Flare compared to the XC. I also have my Flare profiled with an SSM Natural Curve profile, which I like much more than the Quad 0 that comes on the XC Blade.
  5. Yeah, it's really hit or miss with people. I know a ton of people that use Sparx and think they are good. I also know a lot of people that dislike them. Personally, I am a big fan of the Elite machine. Pretty sure that's the best sharpening machine I have ever sharpened my skates on.
  6. I personally dislike Sparx. For some reason, it just doesn't have the same glide and bite as when I sharpen my skate by hand. I recently used a Sparx to sharpen since I was taking apart my primary machine for cleaning and the Sparx sharpening felt terrible. I obviously checked the edges and hone the steel myself. It just didn't feel the same and did not feel good. Oh well.
  7. I think CCM will take those off Amazon before the end of the week. It's against their terms to sell through online marketplaces such as Amazon.
  8. Got the Profile III Titanium today. It's the same shape as the Profile II. Both have been revised for 2023. It comes in a gunmetal color (matte black) and the i2 (oreo) which is pictured below. Pictures below are a size L cage on a size M Super Tacks X.
  9. I would say the heel is a standard A on the regular width skate. If you need a AAA heel, these might feel sloppy for you.
  10. I assume your old steel was heavily sharpened, and the profile has been worn to be more rockered, which means less contact between the steel and the ice since your old steel was more of a 8' profile. The new steel would have been 10' profile, which has more contact with the ice and steel, so the standard hollow would feel more aggressive.
  11. Rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits should work.
  12. Interesting. Kinda reminds me of the spray you can use for baseball that stays tacky. https://www.rawlings.com/product/BGS.html
  13. Send me a DM. I might have some top tier stick options for you at a low price.
  14. Just wondering what do you like better?
  15. Never heard of it. There were a few other brands that sold something similar. Tovi Hockey for example; https://tovihockey.com/technology/diamond-coat-liquid-tape/
  16. POWERFLY HOLDER & STEEL: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/cE4e52BHmWsWtgnLFtXHzY?
  17. The gunmetal version I was able to preview did not look like the current Re-Akt Titanium, which was raw. Indeed, it looked painted or powder coated. The shape for the II and III seems the same.
  18. It will not be available as a standalone purchase in S1/S2 2023. Not sure about 2024.
  19. 2023/2024 Bauer Cages, including the new titanium cage: https://vimeo.com/833381029
  20. Very soon. Super pumped for it to release in the i2 version (oreo)
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