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  1. WSI used to make these but it seems they recently stopped. I keep getting asked by customers if anyone else makes something similar, preferably in a pant. I know players can just use a compression pant and then use a cup + garter combo but they want an all-in-one unit. Any ideas who makes one still?
  2. I find players who like a more neutral balance prefer the Quad 0.5, and those that prefer a more "knees over toes" "forward pitch" choose the Quad 0, Quad 1, and Quad 2. However, any profile can be adjusted to have the pitch added/removed and the balance point adjusted. I am only referring to templates as they come "out of the box."
  3. The scan will change the scan significantly. Your weight distribution differs considerably standing straight up compared to having your knees over toes in the proper hockey stance. I would go back and request another scan.
  4. I like the PX. I like the AS4 Pro. They are both great. Only way to see if you like one more than the other is to try it. My opinion means little, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.
  5. I am 5'11" and 190lbs and use a 65/70 flex and it feels plenty stiff if your technique is proper. Without seeing you shooting on ice its impossible to determine what the issue is. Flex, lie, blade type, stance, hand position, weight transfer, etc. We are all just randomly guessing.
  6. I cant reveal my source, but the CCM pro reps have been trying for many years to get him to change and has been incorporating a ton of his feedback into next generation skate designs. It seems he really enjoys working with them on such things as opposed to most other NHL players. I was told both Connor and Crosby are OCD with their gear. Sid for example can tell if a boot is more than 1/8" larger/smaller in length. Both players are notorious for only accepting 20-25% of the gear issued to them and the rest is destroyed as they dont want it resold. Wild stuff!
  7. As a medium sized store, I am sure soon enough one of the big box stores will eventually come to town and ill be screwed... or maybe they will buy me out
  8. I prefer to free sharpen blades instead of sharpening them in holders when possible. The downside is we are usually so busy, doing 100+ skates daily, that I don't always have time to do such.I like that removing the steel allows me to use steel wool to clean up the blade, rust, clean the channel in the holder, and inspect the steel for any non-visible damage. Tools like the CSW Free Runner : https://shop.blackstonesport.com/custom-skateworks/product/free-runner or the Blademaster Quick Clamp: https://blademaster.com/web/en/blademaster/643-qc100.html work nicely
  9. In them tonight and back to the old stick too. Maybe next season
  10. I cant tell you specifically.... but if you look around online you should be able to find that data.
  11. This is sadly the way the industry is going. Smaller stores being pushed out by larger stores due to lower margins and manufacturers only making specific product available for ETL stores.... For example, Bauer has been doing this with limited edition product such as ADV sticks, Sling sticks, etc. Only making these limited edition products available to the stores that do significant volume with them. The larger stores also get a significantly better margin compared to small stores thus small stores have to focus on repairs and services which is where big stores are not good and you can make a decent margin. it sucks. I hate the situation of it all. However, thats just the way things go.
  12. It's important to better understand that pitch and pivot point is built into some templates. If you like a neutral pivot point and no pitch, any competent shop can put any profile of your choosing (quint/quad/triple/dual/single) radius profile without altering the pivot pint or pitch. Just make sure to specify such. The store I own does it all the time for players but there are many other as well. Not sure where you are located.
  13. Now that would be something interesting to see! lol
  14. Was changing the holders on a pair of Graf skates today and was thinking why all modern skates use 14 rivets per holder? Graf used 8 locking screws per holder and seemed to work fine for a very long time. I have seen some NHL players who have 18 rivets per holder, P Kane for example! So is it overkill that we use some many rivets per holder? @JR Boucicaut @Vet88
  15. I will have a pair. But then again, what don't I have? lol As for skate sizing changes, there won't be any dramatic changes to the sizing system. The prototype Catalyst skates fit the same as the TF7 which was similar to other brands.
  16. I did, but it was no simple task. Good luck.
  17. Very interesting. I will have to give this a try. I actually supinate but I would imagine this works the same.
  18. Yes, E/A is forefoot and heel. If you want to order customs, for any model, you can do such without a scan and request them to build the skate on any last you prefer. 50% of our custom skate sales are based on scan and 50% are customer requested specifications. The AS-V looks awesome and it felt great when I tested it, but the boot is way too stiff for me. The AS1 was too stiff, the AS3 Pro way way too stiff, and the AS-V is even stiffer! Personally, I still think the FT1 was the perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility. The downside was durability.
  19. TLDR: Yes, CCM did. The CCM standard fit is supposed to be similar to a standard D in all skates, however each model is made slightly different which will affect the way it fits. For example: FT4 Pro standard vs a 100K standard vs an AS3 Pro D, all fit differently. 100K they had to adjust some padding placement and other things in order to allow the boot to fit properly while allowing more flexion and range of motion. The FT4 Pro standard is very similar to the previous FT2 but I would say it's more of an E/A than a D or a EE. The AS3 Pro is a traditional D, but the new AS-V Pro standard will fit slightly tighter in the heel. The forefoot will remain almost the same.
  20. Seems like he is enjoying the new skates. First time I have seen him make a change and stick with it. I am sure the Edmonton Equipment Manager loves dealing with thos SB holders when he needs to swap steel on the fly
  21. These are for sure a one-piece boot. The specifications of the boot though are anyones guess. Could be a FT4 or 100K skinned as a Tack. No clue unless you can get your hands on them. Back in the day I could ask JS @CCM and he might share some info but since he left CCM I don't even know who I would talk to.
  22. I know a lot of people that use these for hockey. I was actually told about them from an NHL EQM who had mentioned a lot of NHL players really like them and started to use them once Bauer stopped producing the Speed Plate 1.0/2/0 https://syksol.com/products/raven-thermo?variant=4649231089697 We have an order in to test them and see how they feel/perform.
  23. Similar in the forefoot, more narrow in the ankle/heel, slightly less depth.
  24. Amazon sells adhesive backed felt in various thickness. I have bought it before to add to customers skates adding some thickness to areas they wanted to be more robust. I would just order some of that. The adhesive is very strong so it should work fine without sewing it in, but if you want it to be reinforced you can sew through the felt to anchor it to the tongue.
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