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  1. They make all the non-CCM MIC goal sticks if I’m not mistaken? Is the intentions to bring wood sticks back to the market?
  2. Great, more cookie cutter Chinese direct to consumer sticks. Hopefully I'm wrong
  3. No, and the ones I've seen were very basic, and did not put any effort to making them present professional at all
  4. “E” was the shaft build on the Trigger 4 I had seen.
  5. This right here. Most are zippered with a Velcro closure up top
  6. Are the blades bent in the holder, as in top to bottom, not front to back? also, standing on them while not on the ice might do that but not necessarily translate that to the ice
  7. That may be old info, as I haven't done CCM customs in a few years. But a shop with some knowledge could guide you further.
  8. If you're willing to go top end to get the proper fit, you may as well go custom. I haven't checked in a while, but if I recall properly, CCM holders only go up to 306, which come on size 12, so if you end up in a 13 and 11.5, you shouldn't have an issue getting the same size holders.
  9. I skate on 280's, I found my preference was a 35/55 CagOne profile. When I moved on to ProSharp, I didn't care for the Quad I tried, you may want to try the Hudson V (Glide 50). One thing to consider, if you're skating every day, and sharpening often, is getting the profile redone 1-2 times per year, to ensure its staying consistent.
  10. Aren’t you a retailer? Why not just call Eagle directly?
  11. That must drive shops nuts trying to get reimbursed for those purchases
  12. Locktite blue is removable. The problem is sweat and moisture corroding the threads in there and they rust together. Blue locktite will help inhibit that, but letting those parts see the light of day and dry will do the most good.
  13. Hate “Canes,” love every other aspect. I hope this Canes, Bolts thong doesn’t become a thing
  14. Inno made, it couldn’t be anything but good.
  15. JoFa made a comp shaft briefly, 9800 maybe, with that concept, but it flipped halfway down the shaft so the convex was always in your palm.
  16. B1A4258E-CBCA-46CE-B8B7-EDCDBCF7F96E.MOV
  17. Other way around. Concave on the forehand.
  18. https://www.amazon.com/White-Finger-Tape-Pack-Grappling/dp/B07MQ2279R/ref=mp_s_a_1_1_sspa?keywords=finger+tape&qid=1565108796&s=gateway&sprefix=finger+ta&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1 I’ve never seen this tape in person to gauge the materials but I was considering it for the same purpose
  19. I had purchased the Tackla breezers Girdle, it had some pretty substantial tail bone padding, to the point it was almost awkward to sit on. You can see the pads removed on my IG post. I didn’t take any hard falls on it, so I can’t comment on that aspect.
  20. Are the extended shafts actually that now? For years they were nothing more than fused composite plugs, which may account for the weight.
  21. I agree, the Red/Yellow/Grey combo are an eyesore. I held one over the weekend, the taper dimensions aren't as oblate as compared to the S19/CX, but it felt more solid. Not as "brittle" as the Easton's tended to feel, the shaft felt thicker and heartier, but not heavier
  22. They’re both similar range, geared more towards rec skaters, less towards ice hockey players. I’d personally look to upgrade sooner rather than later
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