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  • Skates Easton EQ5 w/ LS2
  • Stick Warrior Dolomite Shaft w/ custom blade
  • Gloves Bauer 4 Rolls
  • Helmet CCM V08 w/ itech clip in visor
  • Pants Bauer Vapor xxxx girdle
  • Shoulder Pads CCM U+ CL
  • Elbow Pads Jofa
  • Shin Pads Bauer Supreme 2000
  • Hockey Bag Team Issued

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  1. I was under the impression that customs from Bauer and ccm are made in Canada, at least they were up until recently if no longer the case.
  2. Custom vs OTR Skates

    Ultra tacks are significantly less than 949 and will be available for custom, not to mention holders and steel can get swapped out without issue. I was just trying to make the point that if you're already committed to a significant investment for skates, what's the 100 dollars more for everything you could want/ need in terms of fit.
  3. Custom vs OTR Skates

    In my mind at least in Canada, anybody who is ready to spend $800+ on skates might as well pay the extra $100 custom fitting fee and get a skate that is definitely going to fit perfectly. Not to mention other options that can be modified. VH isn't the only company that offers customs, CCM and Bauer do as well.
  4. I'm using a shirt and bottoms from 2xu right now absolutely love them
  5. Penguins 2015-16 skate setups chart

    Considering how hot nhl arenas are in the middle of the winter even, I'd say ice is very soft across the board
  6. Intrigued by the CCM visors, new oem or simply a rebrand? Can anybody who knows elaborate a bit more on them?
  7. Total Hockey Files Bankruptcy

    Not to mention msrp's enforced by these manufacturers. From what I've seen working at the retail level, some of the mark ups on products are absolutely mind boggling. Especially in the stick category where I could get last years stick or a pro stock current model for a fraction of the cost.
  8. CAD and 2016-2017 Price Increases

    And the new 1x is going to have a $339.99 cad price tag...
  9. 2016 CCM Super Tacks

    Any idea on when the rest of the catalogue will get posted? Got to see the whole skate line up close and personal this past week and would love to see the spec list on some of the midline skates, as if I recall the 6052 will still have a full composite boot at a very competitive price point
  10. the heel lock is entirely dependent on the foot, not the skate. the heel shape comes back around to the skate model that you try on, generally the supreme line has more volume, and a more "rounded u shape" in the heel where as the vapors tend to have a more "v shape" due to being a shallower narrower skate, even adjusting for width.
  11. Big summer sale

    I don't think the shell is from McGill, they are a Bauer school. Just a heads up. Some nice pieces in here, wish some of it was my size.
  12. The 2015-16 Suspension Thread

    He didn't write those statements, it's what they said in the video breakdown of each hit. And yes international I believe is automatic 10 minute misconduct at minimum for head contact
  13. The 2015-16 Suspension Thread

    I said that the hits are different, but if you watch orpiks hit his feet stay planted and chicken wings maata where as letang explodes upwards and hasn't reached peak extension (therefore still accelerating upwards) when he makes contact with Johanssens head. I saw saw this article today, one of the points he brings up is that in both breakdowns of the hits they are both stated as being "high forceful hits" and both "making significant contact with the opponents head". So if the descriptions are the same why do the suspensions differ?
  14. The 2015-16 Suspension Thread

    Letang launched himself up into his opponent from the blindside with much greater force. I don't think "how late" should be used to qualify a suspension. A late his is a late hit and both of them were prime examples of variations that have no place in the game. My issue is what has been mentioned before, Letang does this a day after Orpik, and gets the bare minimum from the league which screams "well we have to do SOMETHING". It really is a joke to favour one player over another based on skill set when it comes to assessing a suspension.