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    CCM Tacks
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    Warrior dynasty ax1
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    Warrior franchise 14N MIC
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    CCM V08 w/ oakley pro straight
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    Bauer Vapor xxxx girdle
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    CCM U+ CL
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    Reebok 7k
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    Bauer Supreme 2000
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    Team Issued

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  1. I can't believe nyquist only got 6 games.
  2. apart from buff, he's also the only person i've seen flop in VH's
  3. As the_game mentioned, I noticed a change in quality once gloves started being produced overseas as well, and that has led me to narrow my focus on specific MIC warrior models of which I am extremely fond. The Cuff does raise a couple questions with me as well, as I feel that it will limit options on glove models from Warrior as both the Alpha and the QRL have these flex cuffs that I have never personally been a fan of. My questions would be about the materials, are you continuing to use the thin mesh materials seen in the past on the covert gloves as well as on the stripes of Asian made franchises or has that been dropped? And of course, will these be customizable and if so to what extent? if this site has taught me one thing in the almost 10 (wow) years that I've been a member, it's the adage don't knock it Til you try it. Warrior products have been extremely good to me in the past so I look forward to trying these on and hoping that my hesitations will be eliminated.
  4. Htx are $99 I believe at Sport Cheks
  5. Do you type just so you can read it out loud and hear yourself speak?
  6. Julien is a victim of events for getting let go, but bostons playing has been absolutely atrocious for the better part of this season. If anything upstairs needs to give their head a shame because since the cup all the Bruins fans have witnessed is some atrocious contract signings, over paying for under skilled guys, not getting a return when it was time to trade guys or the offer was there, and an abysmal roster of draft picks safe for one or 2. Extremely frustrating seeing the Bruins looking more and more like the Bruins of the early 2000's.
  7. I think the point DarkStar was trying to make was that the only reason Bauer acquired Inaria in the first place was to bid on the NHL licensing for jerseys and apparel when it came up for rebidding. They failed so it's the first thing to go since Bauer doesn't really need that department at all in the large scale of things.
  8. have you tried punching out the arch area in your makos?
  9. they're probably modeled off the easton glove, but they arent rebranded, they'll be ccm made.
  10. those look like ccm's standard pro four role model. sty2
  11. I like the idea of black white yellow and purple with it being in LA. Looks poorly executed though imo
  12. Original tacks was miles better than the ultra tacks.
  13. When I got the opportunity to meet with a bunch of reps through my work, one specific one was very keen to talk to me about the industry and how to crack into it and told me that once I'm finished my post grad if it's still of interest to touch base with him again for guidance. I've had nothing but great experiences and leads talking to reps and picking their brains. Not so much from a "I want your job" perspective but more so with the approach of how did you get involved in the industry do you have any advice.
  14. As is attending expos/meeting with local reps when they visit the LHS
  15. Another stick thread? No it is not less durable. But if you aren't using it properly/doesn't suit your shooting style then yes it will break. /closethread