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    Ask the coach? Otherwise, anything dressy I’m sure will be totally fine. Pants or below knee skirt, blouse, jacket.
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    You can just swap it in and go. If you want to be very thorough you can just bake the tongue in the oven for 4 min, attach it to the skate, and lace the skates up and wait for the tongue to cool down.
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    Low end CCM. They’re light, stretchy, and sized well. We got them as a giveaway at our rink and I still wear it when I sub for other teams.
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    $20 Play it Again score.
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    Howdy, I never know where to post these "Thanks for Winterfest!" posts... Move this as necessary. Just wanted to post and say thanks for another great Winterfest! Really nice to see folks again, particularly after being hurt this summer and missing SummerJam. I particularly appreciate everyone being nice/welcoming to Laura. She had a good time, even though she thinks we're all weird. My first time going up to Guernsey's as well, which was probably the part of the thing I enjoyed the most outside of chirping Dave. Already looking forward to the next one. JR and everyone else... Thanks! Mark
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    Well, Bauer has the lions share of the skate market, so it makes sense they haven't taken this stance. CCM does not, and thus it makes sense that they wouldn't go after anyone, as it benefits them if they are in a unique position to gain market share via disgruntled ex-Bauer customers. CCM is already offering their skates for free for 90 days.
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    Navicular, or accessory navicular? If the latter, you will have a tough time in it banging up against the inner wall of Tacks and Jetspeeds. Ribcore 80ks are more friendly to it, as are all of the Bauer models.
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    https://imgur.com/gallery/7uim6m5 im shocked that pro players wouldn’t be using the top of the line elbow pads. Aho looks to have S190 elbows. Is this common?
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    Errr, am I an idiot or does it say FT2?
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    You just bake them at home of course! I´ve baked pretty much all of my skates at 180-190 degrees for about 6-7 minutes. Works every time. Some occasions I have put the skates in a sauna at around 170 degrees and left them in there for 10-15 minutes. Skates got soft and pliable that way to. I feel many players think that the skate-oven is working wonders, when it´s not. Just warming up the skates. No need to pay 50$ for that when you can do it yourself THAT EASY.
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    I just want to bring this back full circle as this has gotten wayyyyyy off topic. All I was trying to understand was if the Edge Taper was being retired/replaced on all Warrior sticks because I had seen some professional players with early released sticks that were without it. That was all I was trying to understand. I got my answer. As far as I am concerned this thread can be locked and closed.
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    Several reasons; Very few shops are going to stock a product, or stick sight unseen, there needs to be something tangible for shops to base their buying off of. Also, like Stewie said, in order to dedicate floor space to POP material. Secondly, if you’re spending your entire sales day talking about the “QRE10, that hasn’t been released yet,” buyers aren’t inclined to buy current stock, they’ll wait for the newest latest greatest, or wait longer for the current to go on sale. You’re undercutting your own bottom line, which is inordinately foolish. Lastly, every product/POP preview I’ve been a part of (since 2002) it has been explicitly stated “this info is still confidential-in the works,” and if it wasn’t stated, it was implied. And if it wasn’t implied, we were smart enough to know it wasn’t info for gen pop. The two big names would Even provide dates telling retailers when info could begin to be teased.
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    Just make sure they don't fall over during the bake, like this guy's Mako's https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/player-skates/1196085-easton-mako-hockey-skates-senior-read-description
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    Howdy, I'm comparing clones, not direct Bauer stuff, but I just switched from p28 to p92... The p28 (TC4 in my case) lie is the same as the p92 (Sherwood PP96 and TC2) from the heel until just a bit past the mid blade. Then on the p28 the rocker continues upward (putting the toe higher) as compared to the p92. Its early days yet, but so far I'm finding the p92 to be more forgiving of not having the puck in the exact right position on the blade. Mark
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    I’m not in the industry, but I’m assuming retailers would like to know what kind of floor space they are going to need for displays/how they will display the product ahead if time. It even says that the artwork etc is not final, so even if you had that inclination, at this point you’re just potentially spreading misinformation, like what happened here. if you value your relationship with a supplier, you should also value their confidentiality, plain and simple. Just because there are some shady dealers out there doesn’t have to mean you hamstring valuable information to the whole.
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    Howdy, In this day and age, the idea that you can blast info out to every retailer and not then have it become basically immediately available is crazy. I mean, I guess its cute and quaint and all that some folks think it still works that way, but that's just nuts. Why do they send out upcoming product info to the retailers before they're allowed to tell anyone anyway? Presumably at that point in the process there's nothing a manufacturer is going to get back from the retailers that will modify what they release, right? Is it just so that they can decide what they want to order in terms of stock? Or is that just a hold over from earlier times as well? Mark
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    With a basic Google search I found nothing. And just because someone leaked something online doesn’t mean that is free reign to propagate it.
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    The promo material can be found online pretty easily, just look around on Google. I didn't post anything that was specifically shared with me directly in confidence, I wouldn't do such. In fact, this whole thread was started because I skated with some AHL players who had sticks that were wrapped showing sabre taper instead of the the qr edge taper. As Warrior mentioned, see below.
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    They don’t, and it’s made clear to retailers that material like this is for their eyes only.
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    Shims are a far better option than profiling you are correct. 3mm is what you need. And yes the Shift is about that much.
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    You should be using MSH anyways. #100%OfProceedsFundTheSite LOL
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    with his shot, meters per hour.
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    The additional backhand padding came off my Maine AX1 really cleanly:
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    I ordered some custom Alphas at the end of November, 6 weeks later theses guys showed up. The mesh on the figures and cuff roll almost looks dark grey (which I actually would have preferred) in certain lights, which I think looks pretty slick. The emblem is my initials and number (80 or 8). I do like the cuff on these a lot better than the retail gloves, but I liked the stretch gussets better on the retails. They feel a bit tighter and smaller, I'm hoping breaking them in will loosen them up a little.