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  1. raganblink

    Step steel for LS edge in the states

    If you do go up to Niagara, Front Row Sports has their massive store in Thorold, ONT which would be worth the visit. Or as others have said
  2. raganblink


    With the curve options it became pointless to make so many offerings for so few people. At one point I believe on the Total ONE NXG? we ordered in every curve Bauer offered, and stocked it in 77 and 87 for LH & RH. Pm9, P88, P92, P92L5, P106, P91A, P08, P14, P02. I had to order in multiple 6 packs of P88 77 RH before I sold my 1 P02, P106, P91A and PM9 that I ordered in. I think I finally sold my p02s for half off when the original 1S came out. I remember lucking out selling the p91A... they were that unpopular. This year on the 1X Lite stick I've sold an insane amount of P28 77 flexes and P88 as well. The P14 I ordered I still have... If I bought another P28 instead I would have $299 more sold in product this year. Basically what the story I have is getting to, beyond P92, P88 and P28 you really don't need to stock another curve in a store. Yes, there are people who love their PM9, P106, P91A, P38, P14, P02 curves....but if you just go heavy in those 3 curves you're fine. You'll sell them. Right now the hot curve for our market is p28, and if I had 100 more of them in-stock in the right stick/flex at the time I could've sold it...I would have done that. Unfortunately I booked too many P92s & my Warrior Alphas, CCM Revolutions & True XCores are not selling compared to 1X Lite, Trigger2 & SuperTack 2.0 are this year. If I loaded up on those 3 sticks and went heavy in p28 I would be up 100 stick sales this season, easily. This realization by retailers and the companies always having left-overs of the weird curves/flexes has led to massive SKU reductions. This will continue further and Bauer.com existing isn't going to bring back an ample amount of stick options. They have myBauer for that.
  3. I misread what you're looking for - sorry. For a high volume low ankle width skate your only option will be custom if Tacks doesn't work for you. Little narrower in the heel & forefoot, and a little shallower however it does have more volume than the Supreme.
  4. raganblink


    Couple things on all of that though - for the small guys under 25K, while I'm not trying to discredit their business in anyway - they weren't doing hockey as a full fledged career - unless they are okay with living off of 15-25K a year and that would be a generous mark.. They were probably a bike store that dabbed in hockey or a small rink pro shop. While the accounts I know that closed who dabbed in hockey and were bike stores or what have you, were legitimate businessmen and didn't harm the industry, the small rink pro shops I know that closed were the opposite. Not saying that all of them were like that, but if the few I know who closed all were its a little hard for me to see if it wasn't a problem. The bike store that dabbed in hockey used it to service small communities, didn't really profit much if anything from hockey but liked the sport and wanted to support it how they could. They really didn't bring in top-end equipment unless requested, and didn't sell top-end gear out the back door at whsl like I know some Tier 1 2-3M/year stores do. Those are the guys hurt most from this and the ones I genuinely feel bad about closing. They really were insignificant in the grand scheme of things but they didn't care and were just in hockey to support the local hockey community. These guys were killed from online sales and other B&M stores who took the gambles and tried to become more of a destination and just dwindled and dwindled in sales until Bauer has cut them off. The rink pro shops I know that have closed have all been fronts for the rink to make extra money without caring about policies set forth by the manufactures. They have a B&M store somewhat close to them and were the main competitor to them. Most had stuff marked up high because if you need a stick you'll pay that extra $20 to get it from them, but the ones I know that closed would also use it to force kids from a team to buy from them at full margins even though they have a "deal" or to make the sale they'd take 10-15-20% off a pair of skates that they just order in for them since they got sized at the other store in-town. The reason I think Bauer is limiting stock for the guys bringing in 25-(50?100?) is to curtain tail these types of stores who didn't really support the brand and its integrity and are just in to to make a quick buck. I feel really bad for the stores who were on the upper echelon of the cut-off limit for top-end gear as they do stock, bring in and sell top-end equipment but now they won't be able to. That's really going to hurt them. Further the stores doing 25K< we're costing Bauer (CCM as well as they've purged their small accounts) an insane amount of overhead. Just think for every one of those stores they had a rep and a credit manager. Who probably had to work harder tracking down money from them as their turnover wouldn't be as good nor their terms as good. If there were 400 accounts closed and each account did 15K that is 6M they buy from Bauer. There are people who are members here who's business does that in a booking or at the very least in a calendar year. So if they can close all of those accounts that's less credit managers they need, less sales reps (or the same amount they can just focus on larger more profitable for Bauer dealers). Its really smart business sense to do what they did. I do not blame them one bit. I'm just hoping they don't purge again and raise the floor to be a dealer, or raise the floor to be an elite product dealer. It'll be great for those who are elite, and absolutely terrible for those who are not. Time will tell. However Bauer will need people to deal with the returns, exchanges, people calling who have no idea what they're doing, so maybe its a wash and they just needed to can the small stores so they can afford to do direct. One thing to me DS50 that is most intriguing about all of this is how it effects online guys. Unless they have some sort of rewards system to purchase from them I wouldn't waste my time buying from them I'd just get it from Bauer. Especially as more and more people get introduced into hockey I'd have a harder time trusting say purehockey.com compared to bauer.com for Bauer gear since they're the ones making the product. Its like shoes - which one is more trustworthy to buy Nike shoes from? Shoewarehouse.com or Nike.com ? I can see in 5-10 years like how you said be the real telling point on how this effects the industry. I won't be shocked if we see everyone start to go direct - the investment in the website is worth it if you're making both margins. Especially goalie companies like Vaughn and Brian's - you already have the customizers online, why can't you just add a SSL certificate and a checkout cart? I know they don't sell direct because they don't want to dick with customers and want us dealers to, so maybe that's why it hasn't happened yet. Time will tell. Most important thing to me is it'll force dealers to start to obey pricing more and should help them stay in business. Bauer has been hard-asses - rightfully so - on pricing in the last year since Ed took back over and its probably been the best thing that's ever happened. That minimum floor is no longer some BS arbitrary number dealers were making up to get the sale so they can shoot themselves in the foot since their neighbor shot themselves in the foot. It wasn't healthy in anyway to the industry to be selling 1X 2015 skates a week after they came out for 699. Nor was it good for NXG or MX3 skates to be sold at 599 at launch. Nor was it good to sell a stick for 299 for 219 or 229. This shit wasn't good for the industry nor themselves and I know it single handily took multiple stores out of business, and caused a lot of heart ache for probably hundreds of people simply because someone thought it was a great idea to try to sell 200 pairs of top-end skates making $100 rather than selling 100 pairs making $200. By Bauer coming into the mix it's going to be harder for a dealer to sell that mid-line stick for $10-20 more. Or mid-line skates for the same upcharge. Pretty much its forcing dealers to abide by the price the manufacture sets out, which will help the stores who do do that. When we would do that we did it on everything and it really showed that once we stopped our sales went up. Yes we were down a couple % points, but if our volume is up more than the margins lost its a net gain. If people get the idea that your store is expensive it'll take a long time to get them to realize that you aren't. We still have people who don't buy from us because 6-8 years ago they came in and bought a stick from me, then went up to MN and saw the same stick for $50 less. By Bauer.com existing and having product set out from them I think that'll matter more than people realize.
  5. You're not realizing how much of a non-market there really is for you. There's a reason Nexus sells terribly. Part of it I do think is marketability of Supreme and Vapor and those two names have been going strong for 20 years - but - Most people fit into those skates which is why they have more models and more people are in them. Not too many people need the width & volume of a Nexus. The new Nexus line is launching in July, you'll have options again shortly. Tacks is next closest however those are narrower in all areas.
  6. raganblink

    Bauer discontinuing Supreme?

    Must be a little different in Russia because it is 2S Pro, 2S, S29, S27, S25 (5 models).
  7. raganblink

    Bauer discontinuing Supreme?

    Except Warrior. They're going direct with everyone they can now. Don't blame them though a bit. Their product is good, sells really well (except helmets) for us, its just that they're still #3 in volume sales for sticks, protective, and without skates its pretty much impossible for any store to write a 100K booking order.
  8. raganblink

    Bauer discontinuing Supreme?

    People don't understand how bad it really is. 10s of millions of closeout product the manufactures need to get rid of. 10s of millions of closeout product local stores have stock pilled. Now people don't need to go to your store to get their skates sharpened because most teams throughout north america have someone who can sharpen their skates. Monkey, pure & IW seem to have gotten their act together on quick shipping and having variety in-stock and available at the click of a button, and prostock stick sales increasing every year & team sales thus making it harder to sell that $299 stick - there's a lot of negative things going on in the hockey world for your local smaller shop. Manufactures going direct (to teams & consumer) doesn't help, either. Where you're able to get equipment may change within 5 years. Wouldn't surprise me the least if we saw some long-standing, historic locations close their doors and I know we'll see a sizable reduction of retailers. If you're a smart LHS I think you start investing immediately in team sales, brand awareness (store apparel, rink sponsorship) and possibly even an e-commerce site.
  9. Most credible shops will have them, but not everyone will. I'd wager to say, if you've seen the store stock top-end CCM skates in stores in the past, that you'll see them with the scanner now. Only exception could be the stores that have 2-3 locations in a city, the biggest one will probably have it while the smaller stores may not.
  10. raganblink

    Putting an Extension in an rx2

    My store in Iowa has them as well, would be more than happy to sell one. Or all of them.
  11. raganblink

    Bauer Advanced Series Stick

    Educated guess they probably produced around 40,000 overall for the 1x lite release. Could be way more than that but I'd be shocked if it was less. And they do not make the same # for each pattern. IIRC P92 is most popular by a bit, then P88, then P28, then its pretty fuzzy between PM9, P14, P92L5, P91A, P02 etc
  12. raganblink

    Bauer Supreme 2S skates | release

    Good luck. You'll want to jump on initial close out unless you're a 6 or a 12. Bauer is out of most sizes and has been for months, and we're still 3/4 months away from these going off MAP, aka plenty of time for retailers to continue to sell their key sizes.
  13. raganblink

    2017-2018 Gear Sightings

    They have a point though - It isn't designed for the consumer, its designed for a retailer. And I'm not sure the consumer needs to know their marketing direction or every option for every item they make - and your big etailers don't even stock every option, so why mention that your store could have orderd the P15 105 flex LH in the SuperTacks 2.0 if they so chose back in November? It just sets it up for a great way to lose a sale IMHO. There are enough images and product information out there on the internet, and so long as that information remains fair and truthful, you don't need to put up another source. Also CCM is definitely making leaps. Usually its 1 step forward and 2 steps back - but with their current skate offering, pro-stock stick sales, the Tacks helmets and their goalie line, now they may be making 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Next season is going to be pivotal in their long-term success - first full year under new ownership, 3rd iteration of the Tacks skate, scaled back stick launches, less popular goalie line coming out and arguably their less popular protective line getting a face lift - it'll be interesting to see how they handle it. They still have a ways to go to catch Bauer overall, and I think they're still #2 in skates, sticks, helmets, gloves, protective, masks...pretty much everything except goalie equipment...but the gap isn't as large as its perceived. Historically we could have 100% Bauer gear in here and be just fine... this is probably the first year where our sales would hurt if we were just 100% Bauer. Saying that, a store full of Bauer VS a store full of CCM...Bauer store will do better still, hands down.
  14. raganblink

    SMU Skates?

    JR is spot on.... there are a bunch of different models out there now that are SMU depending on what buying group your LHS is apart of. Generally the SMU is a better skate than the original model, definitely worth it if they are the same price as the original skate. The $500-600 SMU skates are IMHO by far the best bang for your buck in regards to quality out there.
  15. raganblink

    ccm resistance and concept 3 bubble?

    You can also use the clips from the Reebok helmets, that look like a sideways L. They are metal. Either that or grind away like mentioned in that search post.