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Found 117 results

  1. (Shafts no longer available) Very lightly used CCM U+12 LE Shoulder Pads - size Extra Large (XL) $65 $60 shipped to USA OBO:
  2. Hi. I've noticed that on some CCM Tacks skates the word "ATTACKFRAME" is printed in all white letters, whereas on others the "ATTACK" is printed in yellow. Can anybody tell me what the difference between these skates is? Thanks in advance.
  3. retroXvertigo

    CCM Ribcore Reckoner RH 60 flex Datsyuk $160

    Brand new in plastic CCM Ribcore Reckoner. I received this as a warranty replacement. 60 flex, RH. Grip. Datsyuk curve. $160 USD + shipping https://m.imgur.com/gallery/ybrFg2I
  4. twiztidwrista10

    Gloves - Removing Extra Padding

    Hello all. My search didn't turn up quite what I was looking for, so here we go... Does anyone have any experience removing the extra backhand padding that is now commonly found on pro stock gloves? The model of gloves I'm more specifically concerned with is CCM's HG50 (CL500). How easy/difficult is it to remove this excess padding? Can it be done with a seam ripper? Any advice, instruction, or direction is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. SOLD Please Lock
  6. I currently have some CCM U+ Pro Skates in a size 9 EE. A few of the eyelets have broken/rusted off, and I accidentally ripped right through the boot (where one of the eyelets broke entirely) from trying to tighten my skates. I was looking at some new skates, and I would like to stick with CCM. I am aware that CCM skates have a few different models and they fit differently. My foot is rather wide, but I still would like a snug fit. I have to wear thick socks with my current skates to make sure I don't get blisters. They were baked when I first got them, but I would assume they need to be baked every few years to keep the mold of your feet. Does anyone have any recommendations on what CCM skates I should try that are comparable to the fit of my CCM U+ Pro's? Browsing on Total Hockey I saw the CCM JetSpeed Maxx 2.0 skates were on sale for $199. Does anyone have any experience with these? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. I've recently been using the nxg girdle combo which I liked but I really would like to go to traditional pants but it's been so long since I've used them because the nxg's have lasted long enough. I'd really like to find a pant that isn't very bulky and has (don't really know how to word it) a good mobility to protection ratio I guess. I've been looking at either the stealth cx, ccm rbz, ccm ultra tacks, reebok 20k or 18k. I'm really stuck and it's starting to get really frustrating... why oh why do I have to be so picky... Lol. Thank you!
  8. So I normally always used a 77 flex(or 75 if i used non bauer) and when i cut it, it goes to roughly a 92-96ish flex. Well a buddy of mine recommended me trying out a higher flex and I did. I went to a 87 flex 1x. I feel like receiving passes has improved and battling for pucks has improved slightly. The main thing is definitely the catching of passes. However I feel like the flex for shooting just doesnt let me get all I possible can out of it. I'm 5'6, 150ish and when i cut down the 87 its roughly a 106 flex. So what would be the best solution for this? Go back to a 77/75 and just work more on my technique receiving passes or work on pushing down on the stick more? My next stick will most likely either be a ccm reckoner or a 1N if that dictates whether it will play softer or stiffer Edit: I feel like maybe the stiffer flex thing was in my head because my buddy said how even when you cut the stick, the bottom part is still built in a way that is still a 77 flex. For example no matter how short I cut it, the bottom of the shaft and blade are unaffected. Is it possible it was just in my head that I noticed a difference on receiving passes and puck battling?
  9. Currently wearing CCM CL500's and while I like how lightweight and mobile they are, they're not very protective (especially in the backhand.) Just wondering what are the best, most protective, gloves you've used? Thanks
  10. http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/files/file/189-2015-ccm-hockey-catalogue/ I will write the review once I've had more time with the product.
  11. Nyanad

    Jetspeed 280 vs RBZ

    Hello! I am looking to upgrade from my current x70 vapors which i absolutely hate. I've tried on a pair of 280JS and they felt really good. But there's a huge discount on the RBZ's right now too, and they are almost the same in price. But i am worried they could be too stiff for me (5' 4'', 132 pounds, rather intermediate than advanced skater). Is there a big jump in stifness between those two? Which one should I get?
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking for an elite pair of new gloves and skates (preferably retail.) For gloves looking for a short, wide cuff. In skates I'm looking for a comfortable boot and a good turning radius. Let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks!
  13. Hi folks, Currently using the QR1, 75 Flex W88 - enjoying it, but may be in the market for a new twig soon, QR1 price is a bit hefty. I've been looking around for some low-kick sticks and I haven't seen any comparisons between the CCM 30k and the QR Pro. Does anyone have any feedback? Preferences? Thanks!
  14. In my quest for elbow pads that fit me best I've narrowed it down to Reebok/CCM. So as the title puts it, do you think I would be better off in Reebok 20k's or CCM Tacks 6052s? I just got 20k Pros but I know the 6052 introduce d30 foams in the cap, is that worth it? They're the same price so that isn't a factor. I've spent a lot on elbow pads recently trying to find the right pair (my local pro shop doesn't carry much adult stuff). I'll be switching from Easton HSX pads, which fit nice at first but the straps have given out and they slide like crazy now. Thanks for any insight/help you can provide. *Thanks to Cosmic for pointing out the 20K recall to me.* Update: Decided to keep the 20K's and I'm glad I did. Used them for the first time last night and they were great, no slipping, and I even forgot I was wearing elbow pads. I was concerned about mobility coming from a 3-piece pad but it wasn't an issue.
  15. PM me if you think we can work something out, as I am open to trades if you have anything I may be interested in (Vapor 1X shaft 87 flex; or RH W88 Warrior Dynasty, RH P88 Vapor, or RH BASE BC71 Malkin pro replacement blades) All prices shipped to USA. $50 shipped - 100 flex Warrior Dynasty AXt1 shaft (cut down to 53.5 inches) - used once - both the shaft and the grip are in perfect shape- I just do not like any sticks other than super low kick point/ quick release type sticks (Vapor 1X, Warrior QR1/Pro, Reebok 40/30K) - which is too bad for me because I love this velvet grip of the shaft. - ** does not include the ButtEndz Twirl grip shown in the 2nd pic ** - the grip left a faint yellow residue on the shaft where the "drips" were. pro stock Warrior Franchise Anaheim Ducks size Large pants- used for about 6 months, playing 2-3x/week. Great pants, only blemish is some discoloration in the yellow interior (shown in pic). Otherwise, these things are tanks and fully intact. I have since become a girdle guy, but if I were playing in full contact or in a chippier setting (neither of which I have any desire for), then I think I would still be in these. (no longer available) (no longer available) size 6 Jofa 9044 Elbow pads - very rarely used. Some of the glue that holds together one of the velcro straps has come undone. I suspect it is an easy fix for someone reasonably handy. no longer available - CCM size Large Crazy Light Elbow pads- used for about 6 months, 2-3x/week - some fraying in the neoprene middle strap of each arm. I think that this has been a defect on alot of these pads. Interestingly, all damage seems to have occurred about 1 month into use, and has not become any worse since then.
  16. Hey everyone, I just picked up two pairs of CCM Ribcore 50ks in a 8.5EE and a 9EE and I'm trying to figure out which one to keep based on length. The 9 feels about the right length but I'm worried that when it gets baked and breaks in, that it'll be too long. It also feels just a hair roomy overall. I think if the skates ended up fitting like this after baking and skating, it would be a good enough fit. The 8.5 feels great around the heel but my toes are a little crammed in the front. Ideally, I'd want this skate but with a little more length (1/4" maybe). There is a lot of padding in the 50ks so I'm not sure how much it'll condense. I think the perfect size would be 8 3/4 EE. Any advice on which one to keep? *I do need the EE width as I have wide feet.
  17. Hey all, I've have my Easton S17's for a few years (which I totally love) and I'm noticing they're starting to flex more in the boot than I remember. I was looking at the CCM Tacks 2014s, but those are way too expensive at the moment. Does anyone have good recommendations for a similar skate? Stiffness, comfort, and durability are my priorities. Thanks!
  18. Hello All, I'm looking for replacement runners for my size 6.0D RBZ 90 skates. Here's what CCM says: Reebok and CCM General Sizing Guidelines Runner Size / Skate Size 255 / 6.0 263 / 6.5- 7.0 271 / 7.5 - 8.0 280 / 8.5 - 9.0 287 / 9.5 - 10.0 295 / 10.5 - 11.0 304 / 11.5 - 12.0 312 / 12.5 - 13.0 My question is, since RBZ skates run a 1/2 size big (size 6.0 in RBZ is the same as 6.5 in tacks) which skate size should I reference in the above chart? Do I go with the 255 or 263 runner size? Thanks!
  19. I've been looking at the pattern db, my Bauer, pictures of the vanek, and anything else I could find but I need definite confirmation on whether or not the p89 is similar/clone to ccm's/reeboks p45/p38 to me they look similar but I've had some good and bad with judging blades in the past I'm currently using the p88 and feel it's just too deep and wouldn't mind it being a tad more open which to me would be the p45 but I'd like to stick with Bauer so is the p89 a good choice?
  20. As the title states, I am looking for a new pair of gloves for next season. My current gloves are 13" Easton EQ50s, and too many holes have developed in the fingers and palms, not to mention the odor that seems impossible to get rid of. I'm kind of on the fence between getting a new 13" or 14" pair, considering my hand seems to fit okay in some brands of gloves but not in others of the same size. The max I would spend is probably $120 on a pair of gloves. I'm currently using a stick with grip, so I feel that may be a reason for the holes developing. I went to Total Hockey to try on a few pair and asked someone there what they would recommend, but they weren't much help. I am interested in a few pair, but would like your guys' take on them: Easton PRO 10 Warrior Dynasty AX2 (Never seen a 13.5" size before until these) CCM 4-Roll Pro III (How well will the AX Suede hold up on a stick with grip?) CCM 28K KFS (Look interesting, but haven't heard much about them. They look pretty new)
  21. CCM CL Gloves 14" Lecavalier on cuff Brand New Asking $150 $125 + shipping
  22. AmeriCanadian

    Bauer supreme or ccm cl?

    So I'm currently in a pair of bauer supreme 180's nice skate but I was originally in ccm crazylights. Both skates fit my foot just fine except I had to send the cl's back on their warranty because the laces of the skate literally cut the tongue in half. So my question is do you think it'd be worth it to give the ccm's another try with a different tongue not made of the u foam or should I just stick them up on ebay? Help is very much appreciated!
  23. AmeriCanadian

    Blade curves

    So I was looking at the tacks the p45 curve looks very promising (and I'm assuming its the same as p38 as they look exactly the same) but is the p45 ccm's version of the old bauer p10 as it does seem pretty similar
  24. I'm a 6 foot winger looking to buy a new stick and I am looking at a easton v9e warrior qr1 and a ccm ribcore. These are all Prostock. I weigh around 150 pounds. I primarily take snapshots and wristshots but I also have a nice snapshot. And I would like to get maximum power out of a low kick stick while not sacrificing power. I also want good luck feel, so which one would you reccomend? While not sacrifing puck feel*