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    Here are my Trues with the LS Edge holder and Step Black on them... I really hope I don't have any issues with clicking because skates don't get much sexier looking than this IMO.
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    Finally got the setup that I like and everything is dialed in.... Can't explain how much frustration the edge holders caused me... But was able to take these for a spin and just love the ls2 holders. And the peace or mind that the steel is locked in by a bolt again. I ordered the holders purposely avoiding the versions with the red accent. The eBay listing I got it from even had ones with black accents showing, but it was a bulk ad for various sizes so I got whatever they had in my size. Oh well. When I have time I'll use a bit of acetone to remove it or really fine grit sandpaper and wet sand it off and some plastic polish to match the gloss back. My setup is currently as follows; Standard tongue with embroidery Superfeet carbons with the red footbed out Tuuk ls2 holders Ls3 steel profiled to quad zero and 9/16" roh Elite yellow waxed laces Finally a happy camper now. My advice for those who are going to order these, just get the boot and have the holder of your choice that you are used to, and currently use, mounted. Save yourself the time and money of getting holders swapped multiple times like me. I actually didn't mind the step holders but aesthetics got the best of me.
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    Step black was nice but edge retention in the reg step stainless was also very good. Personally, I wouldn't spend the extra 30-40 on the black, but that's just me.
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    If you order a customized jersey from NHL online shop, most of the time it is heat pressed and not stitched unless you purchase an authentic Addidas. This is pretty much common knowledge. If you are able to specify that you want the customization stitched on a Fanatics or previous Reebok Premier jersey, it is usually a single stitched process of low quality. This has been my experience, your mileage may vary.
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    we request on the order sheet to drill holes for whichever holder the customer plans on using if we order boot only, and they have all arrived as such.
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    Bruins sale is February 10th at TSR in Salem, NH.
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    @Buddy Step Black is love, Step Black is life.
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    Many of the so-called elite teams are just money grabs for the people running them and a pain in the ass for the parents shuffling their kids all over lord knows where.
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    I know this is pretty insignificant compared to some of your real life situations/issues...but my son and I are trying to figure out what to do for the 2018/2019 hockey season. He currently plays Mite A ('09) this season... We can literally drive 20 to 30 minutes in any direction from my house and hit a ton of highly recommended Club teams EC Wizards, Flames, Patriots, Jr Eagles, North Stars, NE Predators, Jr Railers...we are going to try out for two for the experience only and as a prep for Town team tryouts.... If the right team has an "Elite" team opening for him.... then as a family, we would need to re-access.. He will be a squirt minor next season Anyone have kids playing Club hockey in Massachusetts/NH/CT/RI? Mainly looking at Elite Level but select is ok too Looking for any insight on programs and what you have seen having your kid play for or against any listed above.... you can PM me off line Best Chris Z45
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    One place to NOT by a jersey is Ebay, unless it is from one of the aforementioned stores Ebay portals. If bidding on a jersey on Ebay, you can assume with 99% certainty that the jersey is fake. So bid accordingly.
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    Just for an update... I was LS2 with a base 9ft rocker at 100/75. I ordered STEP steel. On JR's suggestion I went to a quad 0 and sharpened the at 100/50. Got them today ad wet fora quick few laps at public session. Played a game tonight and felt amazing. Better cornering, more stable. More glide. A home run!!! Very happy!!! I had been worried about losing grip dropping to 100/50 but the increased amount of steel in contact with the ice negates any loss of grip.
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    I have had Ice Jerseys and Cool Hockey do a few custom NHL jerseys for me and all of them turned out very good. Much better than you would find on NHL shop online.
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    Honestly for retail stuff it is just any of the reputable stores, monkey, cool hockey, ice jerseys. I don't really trust them with customization though and don't order those.
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    Nah... Graf had numeric flex ratings on their MCI line, I think they made 45 through 85 flex on the upper. I think these basically in Kg. So if you are 85kg and over you'd get flex 85. Have not seeing super flex. Perhaps it is points to Supra flex, which is more of a traditional flex or lack there of. Perhaps made for people 100kg and more. Not sure though. It was a novel idea, but as DK said, it is not a rule. You can be 100kg and wanting 45 flex, you you can be 60kg and look for stiffest skates you can get.
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    Yup, and if you don’t specify then they will come un-drilled as I said.
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    I like the red accent personally. Clean looking skates!
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    Any of u guys have rivet issues? I know I've read it here and there in this thread but does the fact that the boot is full carbon make it harder for the rivets to hold and stay tight? I'm only 160 lbs and have never had rivet issues. The most recent holder swap I did, the place only used copper on the rear two. Whereas true did copper on the rear two of the back and front part of the holder, and I know Bauer adds one copper on the front rear instep as well.
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    This is why MSH and Warrior are awesome, and why I love this site. Hope the relationship between the manufacturers and MSH never breaks, but it is solely up to us as forum members to make sure that it doesn't. So we just need to continue to keep playing by the rules.
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    Kladno is in the 2nd division, so they will have games on the Olympic break. The article I read said he’s trying to get them promoted to the top division.
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    This is the part of the evening where my teammate would be telling me to get my stick on the ice.
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    Ok. I have let this go for a fairly long time now. I understand wanting the appearance to be better i get it. I am sure it will get sorted. But in now way did the one situation with the cosmetic issue affect the performance. Tell me please (and not picking on you in particular) have CCM or Bauer remade custom skates. As in a second pair? I can tell you in my expiernece in 15 years...(at regular retail) NEVER ONCE. I am on about 600 plus fits and I have had about 10 remakes and 2 returned for me to sell as they just didnt like the skate. ( they didn't give it an honest go Or allow for adjustments). If i have a problem i cant fix Rob and his expanded team have always come through. When it comes to Bauer for example almost every right skate is misaligned compared to the left. Trigger holders come plyable and blades get loose in 3 months on high end players. Toe caps and tendon guards break. CCM has a toe cap breakage issue here in Toronto. The 4.0 holder is soft in the rear tower and flexs greatly at 6 to 8 months of high end play. Every skate has an issue. Or issues They may have a small team but from what I have seen they are growing it slowly to have the least amount if wrinkles possible. Scott even asked me ( as I have told he asks all retailers) to send pics of any we skates with any issues so they can bring it up in the weekly meetings. In closing I will just say I have never worked with a better group of hockey guys when it comes to product. Maybe the present CCM Pro Rep and back when Conner Browns and Tanner Pearsons fathers were at Bauer. Then we got straight answers and good service. Sticking with True.
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    On JR's suggestion I will be moving to a Quad 0 in the next week... just waiting to get my new steel back.... I'd be happy to share my experiences as well.
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    Yes...thanx Pure Hcky did use that but it was while the blade was still in the Hldr. It was better for a short time...and...now appears to have TWO bends instead of ONE curve.

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