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    I primarily use low kick sticks. My main stick right now is a Trigger 2, but I also have a QRE, QRL, and a 1X. My secondary sticks are a 2N Pro and a 1S. I also have a Supertacks 2.0. Any way, I have too many sticks. To me, the feel of shooting changes with each type of stick, and that change in feel can trick you. I have one of those sports radars, and I take it to the rink from time to time. I also occasionally take video of myself shooting to see the flaws in my form. With that said, sometimes I shoot, it feels like I got all of it, but the video and radar tell me otherwise. On the flip side, sometimes I shoot and it doesn't feel like it's anything special, but the radar and video show me the shot was at the high end of my range. And any shot that hits the post or crossbar always feels like it's harder than it actually is. After keeping track of the data, I realized, for the most part, as long as I'm using proper form, the average velocity of my various shots doesn't change no matter what stick I use. My snapshot is still my snapshot and my slapshot is still my slapshot. For me, what does change is comfort/quickness of the release and the firmness of the hosel. Obviously, I have to make minor adjustments when using different stick because of the change in kick point, but for the most part, I use the same techniques. So from my perspective, there really isn't a trick to maximizing power. Just use proper technique and things will fall into place. My 2 cents. It's worth what you paid.
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    I am/was a Drury-style user and currently in love with the P28. Up until the middle of the curve it handles very much like a P91, but thanks to the toe hook you can fire off shots much faster though it takes more work to have the same accuracy.
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    I'm not seeing holder issues on Smu's skates either, but it's obvious from the pictures of your feet on the insoles and the sizing difference between your old skates and the Trues that they're at least a full size too long. That's definitely a big issue that shouldn't be solved by taping some foam in the end. The skates should be remade at the proper length. If you have holder mounting requests then do that at the same time, but any holder issues seem minor compared to the obviously way too long skates.
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    Ok, so I received my skates today, 15 days after getting scanned. I was able to bake them this morning and skate for about 30 minuets at a public session. My first impression has been very good. When I initially inspected the skates, the quality seemed better than some I’ve been seeing online. No major blemishes or sloppiness. They aren’t that much heavier than my MX3s, although I’m just going on feel alone. One thing that was disappointing is that I requested the tan liner 2 separate times, including a note made in the scan. Although it’s not a huge deal, it annoys me that the request was basically ignored after it had been acknowledged by a True rep. Also, I got a carbon fiber splinter from one of the holes on the bottom of the skate, and I’m going to have to sue True for bodily injury and severe trauma.. At some point, I’ll post a full review, but for now I’ll just give my first impressions. I officiate for a living, so as long as these remain comfortable and last, I’ll be happy. As recommended by several posts throughout this forum, I went down a hollow. I knew that was the right call as soon as I stepped on the ice. These skates really do feel different. Coming from MX3s and Makos, I was expecting some kind of middle ground between the two. That was not the case. They feel very unique, but I wouldn’t call them bulky like some. I had some pretty standard new skate discomfort, but they were incredibly comfortable overall. The more I skated, the more I could kinda feel the similarity to the Mako. I’ve never been one to think that a pair of skates can drastically improve skating, but the “connection” to the ice and the energy transfer felt unreal. They’re much too new to say whether or not I’m happy, but I’m optimistic that these will work nicely for me.
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    I picked up my Bauer custom 2s Pro today, and they are definitely a snug fit. I can see where the forefoot broadens out for my small toes. The fit and finish is first rate. The LHS reckon I should be okay using them at a casual stick n puck session followed by a scrimmage tomorrow rather than getting used to them in a public session. My feet are fairly ordinary - shallow but broad forefoot, narrow shallow heel, thin ankle - and the skates do feel like exo skeletons consistent with a custom fit, snug but not tight. I’m in England and the time between the shop sending the order and receiving them was three weeks and one day.
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    I am about the same, 5'10" and 185 with a 32" waist and the QRE pants in a medium fit well length wise but were too loose in the waist so I went with a small which fits much better. In the QRE girdle, I wear a medium which I think is interesting since they are of similar design. In most other brands, such as Eastin, I am a medium.
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    Don't know much about the Warrior pants, but I'm 5'5 175lbs 32 waist, and I'm a small, too. If it helps any I'm currently wearing Bauer vapor pants.
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    I have Covert DT2 pants, predecessors to the QRL line. My previous pair of pants were an older Easton top tier model. Compared to the Eastons I had, DT2s are mobile and lighter. I’ve taken a few pucks in the mid thigh, and was a little surprised I felt it. I think it just found a spot between two pads, but not enough I felt unsafe or had a bruise. I’ve taken a few spills and been fine and didn’t notice anything. Pants aren’t a very sexy piece of equipment to me. I feel like these do their job and don’t get in the way. I put of my pants after my skates with no problem, even though the coverts are billed as being “tapered” and more close fitting than “traditional” cut pants. Im 6’2”, 180-185, and wear larges. I probably need a M+1or2, but these are fine with the belt pulled tight.
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    Welcome to the site. I’m 5’7” 160 lbs and have worn Bauer & CCM size small pants, so you seem right on the sizing. I haven’t used Warrior pants though.
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    I am not a mounting expert. If your LHS says there is a mounting issue; I believe you. It's obvious to everyone they're too big; so they should be remade with an accurate scan and measurements and a new holder would have to be mounted at that time anyway (as you'd likely go down a holder size).
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    Vapor failed the pencil test, but Bauer say that is only a guide, the scanner is more accurate. What did concern me was the toes in Vapors. I'm not sure what Bauer do for the toe box, whether they use a given toe box for a given model and size, or if they select according to the scan. Certainly these feel a tad longer than the stock skates I tried on, so I suspect the toe box is chosen to suit the scan.
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    This is the one downside about custom skates. Some players like less room in the toe area and others like more room. Without having the ability to at least try on a generic skate for size you are entirely at the mercy of those that are manufacturing your skates. My shop sells a lot of True skates and are very involved in the process of getting the skates made to fit the way the player likes the first time, but even we can't be 100% perfect.. There are just too many variables to account for. Heck, I've even had people buy Bauer and CCM customs and they said the skate was too long or too short for their liking. One of the guys has been dealing with CCM for weeks now with no resolution in sight. I am sure the software company that True and CCM license their software from will develop some type or enhancement that can eliminate as many variables as possible, perhaps asking the player a series of fit questions to better understand what fit type they prefer. Personally, I like my toe to brush the toe cap when standing but not touching the toe cap when I am in the skating position.
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    Right. The holder size was stamped in there before, when it was solid.
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    Check out a Sher-Wood PP09 if you get the opportunity, it's another heel with a shorter blade. Just as difficult to find, but nice.
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    My current/old skates are Bauer Supreme S160 7EE which were the best fit of the three models, didn’t use a scanner. This time round the scanner said stock Vapor 7EE was best but Supreme 7EE okay too. Custom was 6.5EE and 6.75EE Vapor. I tried on 6.5EE Vapor but toes felt cramped. Would custom Vapor have been as good or better? No idea, but Supreme is fine too.
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    No idea what you're talking about but my skates are not misaligned and from the pics yours don't look like it either. The Gap in the back of the holder where it meets the heel on your skate are normal. It's because the shape of the heel isn't completely flat. Your rivets looks flush to me. All copper rivets will confirm to the shape where it's being pressed onto. It's copper. The only way to tell if ur holders are off is to compare the mid line of the holder to the respective toe box and or heel. U cant just look at the bottom of the skate and say it is or isn't because of how much room there is to each side. The skates are not symmetrical. As for the size it's obviously too long. But it looks like ur super feet are trimmed pretty short and from the pics it looks like your heel is a bit too far back on the heel cup but that could just be the angle. If it's too long then it's too long and the fact they used toe plugs shows they are too long. The width seems similar to what mine were and the heel cup is bigger on my trues than my Bauer's. Like I said in my earlier post, when I got my skates unbaked they felt huge wide wise. When I baked them they felt nice and snug. The tongue is also pretty thick and takes up a bit of volume too. Either way they should be remaking the boot solely on the length issue... But honestly man I don't see any issues either the hold er and rivets, and theres nothing wrong with mine either.
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    You might like the P28. Some Drury users do. I'm pretty convinced the P28 comes from the Drury.
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    I was a devout heel curve user for decades. Knowing in advance that they were being phased out I transitioned to a P92. As for saucing, if your technique is good you can sauce with any curve.
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    Have you tried your P28 yet?
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    Hello, new member here. Just getting back into hockey after a number of years off. Strictly beer rec league. Anyway, had to buy some new equipment, and went into my local pure hockey looking to just get some entry level pads, only to realize that they did not feel comfortable at all. Tried on some higher level stuff just for sizing and found that the better gear fit better, felt better, and was more comfortable. I ended up buying the better gear, not cause I needed the extra protection, but mainly cause it just felt better. Anyone else feel like this is the case with protective gear?
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    I would agree as well. The higher end stuff has a greater focus on mobility & comfort. There is a sweet spot though in terms of value. One or two clicks below the top of the line usually offer the best bang for the buck. You'll hear that a lot around here.

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