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  1. The format makes sense. I'd imagine the TV contracts probably look to have a regular season and playoff season fall under one year on an annual basis. Starting hockey in the summer should be part of the 2019-2020 season. If anything, it would be nice to have hockey start and end later. But that is someone who watches all sports but likes baseball the least. Having summer hockey would be nice and there are plenty of sports during the fall. Interesting times ahead.
  2. I've only used a couple of indoor wheels but the Konixx Pure (+2) wheels are my favorite ones thus far. I'm currently using them and look forward to using the Pure X's when the time comes to replacing my current wheels.
  3. I've always used retail for everything. It wasn't until I joined MSH till really understood the pro stock market. Since then, I've gotten a couple of pro stock sticks but that's it. I don't really change out any other piece of equipment as frequently as I do sticks.
  4. Definitely heading in the right direction.
  5. I think Oakley is working with the NFL on something like this also. Edit: Yep, NFL and Oakley are looking at some type of face mask https://www.designnews.com/medical/nfl-prototypes-face-masks-protect-players-covid-19/130376452663070
  6. It's the same model but physically two different boots ha. Depending on how the ice skates have been broken in, there may be so much comfort with them one may not want to use another pair of skates. Like I mentioned here and other posts, I'm Team Marsblade no questions asked. I've pre-ordered the R1's because of my experience. I just try to give as balanced as a response/review coming from a biased perspective.
  7. @krisdrum In personal (and unprofessional) opinion, Marsblades are close enough to ice skating. For the last two years I've been playing both inline and ice hockey (also ref and coach ice hockey too). Not uncommon for me to go from playing inline to ice in the same night. I know my ice skating (which is much more important to me) has suffered in any shape or form. The reason why I got the Marsblades OG O1's was because I didn't want to compromise what was more important: my ice hockey skating stride. I've been using the OG O1's for two years now and they have not disappointed. Now, the drawbacks that I could see one having are that the O1's will have you sit higher than normal ice hockey holders. That and you would have to use a different boot than what you're accustom as an ice hockey skater. I would love to have something like Can-Ice but the cost and space are two things that make the Marsblades clutch items.
  8. It would be nice to have hockey back but it will be sloppy play I'd imagine. Going from off-season mode to Game 7 mentality seems like a lot for such a short period of time.
  9. Hoapa is having a special where you get a tapered shaft + 2 blades for $99 (you get free shipping if you spend a total of $130): https://www.hoapahockey.com/products/helium-custom-2-piece-training-set?variant=33543403896971 Don't know anything about them, but I know that I expect to be working from home till at least early June 2020. Would be nice to order a cheap 2-piece and get some outdoor wheels and utilize all that sunlight during the early evening.
  10. I can also attest to the "ice-like" feeling when using the O1s. I've been using them to play full time for about 2 years and its been a blast! Because of my long-term experience with them, there was no hesitation with the R1 pre-order. As someone who spends a lot more time on ice, the transition from ice to inline (and vice versa) has always been seamless. I don't find myself having to readjust my stride like I have in the past with normal inline chassises.
  11. Is that why they "shut down" for a few months?
  12. Yep yep: $99 USD + Shipping. And yea, I like my Konixx Pures also so that will be the setup I'll have some time in July/August. Yea, it seemed like the 50% off deal was for about a week? Not sure how long the new discount of 30% will last.
  13. FYI: Preorder for the just the R1 chassis went up to $139!
  14. Assuming that Marsblade's stock wheel option hasn't changed, their wheels are soft. I upgraded the wheels on my O1's to the Pure +2. I haven't used them outdoors but as soon as I'm able to get the R1's installed on my other pair of ice skates, the O1 setup will be used primarily for outdoor skating.
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