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  1. Howdy, Yeah, I've not seen anything consistent as to how number sizing works. Seems like older jerseys are wider but ?? For me, jerseys in the 24" to 25" pit to pit size range are good, but that seems to have wildly different number sizing from different jersey manufacturers or even models within the same manufacturer. Mark
  2. Howdy, I'll be interested to hear what you think about the fit. I do think there's a difference in fit expectations for a girdle vs. regular pants. I want the girdle basically skin tight, with no gaps. The wrap style probably helps with that as you don't have to pull it up over anything. For me, the girdle moves with me, with basically no slipping, while regular hockey pants had a LOT more "me moving inside the pants". It may also be that the sizing is different between the Super Tacks and the 7092. I've never tried on a Super Tacks girdle. Mark
  3. Howdy, I have a Tacks 7092. I really like the hip and tailbone protection. Its maybe a small step down from the Easton Pro 15 pants (total tanks!) I was wearing prior, but its also literally half the weight. Both options were selected with hip and tailbone protection in mind. I'm 5'10", 190 lbs (now. ugh), 34" waist in jeans. I use a Medium. I can't imagine you'd want a large given what you've said, though I do think I'm on the upper end of the Medium range. 7092 is also a true wrap style girdle vs. the Super Tacks which you'd have to modify to do that. I like that a lot better in terms of putting on gear. I don't leave the shell attached to the girdle. Mark
  4. Howdy, Have you played with any flat bottom stuff? To me, it sounds like it might work for you. Like the literal marketing pitch is that you get the glide from a shallower hollow and the bite from a deeper one. I do the Sparx stuff and I'd say to give a 5/8 Fire a go if that's available to you. Someone else might be able to recommend an FBV hollow to try. Mark (who, it should be said, is not much of a hockey player. So take what I'm saying with lots of salt)
  5. Howdy, Our team was holding its own pretty well. I would say that the past couple seasons we've been in the "above average but not dominant" range and this session was similar. Things were shaping up that sometime later this month we'd likely have been going into playoffs with a realistic shot at a championship game rematch against the top team in our division, hoping to be on the other side of the 2 games to 1 defeat we had last season. And now its all cancelled. The rink shuts down in the summer months, and last week they officially pulled the plug on restarting before fall. Mark
  6. Howdy, Also... If this is causing you stress and you want to just have it be done with... I don't think anyone would fault you for deciding that skip SummerJam this year. These are pretty wild and unprecedented days. If the Olympics can be cancelled / postponed a year... Mark
  7. Howdy, I really hope that we're all playing hockey before August 1st. And I'm for sure still wanting to come to SummerJam, assuming its going to happen, as long as I'm not putting myself or others at risk. At this point, I think it almost has to be a wait and see attitude though? Particularly for folks in the NYC area. If I were you, I'd put a line in the "date sand" out there (like maybe a week before the earliest "money has to be spent / stuff ordered" date?) and then essentially forget about it and concentrate on home life. Mark
  8. Howdy, Re: how to motivate / encourage a player to engage when their natural instinct is to hang back... Its not hockey these days, but my son (now 13) struggles with this. Its been a consistent thing through all the sports he's played (baseball, hockey, now soccer). It drives me insane. Both as a parent and as frequently as the coach/assistant coach. I think in large part, its just not something you can train / coach out. His head coach on the travel soccer team and I talked about it some and he offered the only thing that's clicked at all... Namely that some of the hanging back is someone's natural instinct for wanting to evaluate and understand something before committing. Some folks are naturally more willing to (metaphorically) say "fuck it, I'll figure it out when I get there" and some less. If someone is on the "less" side, then confidence in their own skills and experience with situations is what they need. As a coach, you can help some with that, but making sure you're taking the time to explain the whys of situations, giving them the tools they need to be confident in their understanding of situations so they don't feel the need to evaluate what's going on as much. And perhaps even just a shared recognition of what's going (for the more self aware player) so that engaging becomes more of a conscious for them until it becomes more habitual. But all that said... for my son particularly this remains a constant negative as regards his playing of sports. Some of this stuff helps some, but I continue to see this as his primary limiting factor. I keep waiting for the aggressiveness switch to flip on, but if it never does and he's just out there running around getting some exercise and never becomes the athlete he could be... Whatever. There's more to life than sports. I think everyone has at least some of this, btw. And, to me, that's why its so important (particularly for younger kids) to be having fun. When you're having fun, you're not worrying about screwing up, you're not worrying about how much you suck, you're not worrying about gaining skills and experience. You're just having fun and after a while, you realize that hey, you're not bad at this and you know what's going on. YMMV. I'm not a real coach or a real sports psychologist. Mark
  9. Howdy, Interesting. How come? It sounds like its more than just comfort? Mark
  10. Howdy, I have a love affair with Warrior Covert QRL and QRL Pro gloves. I absolutely love the (tight) way they fit, even more than the QRE's that replaced them (14" QRL's are perfect. 14" QRE's are a little short in the fingers and 15" are a touch too long). I probably have three or four pairs at this point and have auto searches on ebay. Mark
  11. Howdy, Did you ever find that green shell you were looking for? I've mostly settled in on what I like at this point, after playing for four years. I still keep an eye out for gloves / pant shells I don't have / are a deal. And I'm a total sucker for socks with sublimated designs. The main thing that reigns me in is that I'm kinda cheap, so I never want to pay retail. Though if Warrior would let me customize gloves with the full QRE flex cuff, I might be in some trouble... In terms of sticks, I'm consciously no longer messing with curves / whatever and trying to just give myself consistency. I'm bummed that the P30 never took off as I really really liked it, but being locked into CCM made bargain hunting pretty hard. I decided to just go with the Sakic curve and live with it. New helmet tech also gets my attention. I guess maybe its not so much that I've lost interest as at this point there doesn't seem to be a lot of real innovation and I'm over my initial gear learning curve. Mark
  12. Howdy, Podcasts are good. Its just that I've always only listened to them while driving. I'm not sure I can just sit here and listen to something. With the tv show, there was also something to watch. Maybe I'll try it, I dunno. Or I'll see if I can figure out a way to listen to it while I'm out for a (solitary, not near anyone) walk. Mark
  13. Howdy, So it looks like this is still going on, but the NHL Network has dropped them as of yesterday... Anyone know why? Kinda a bummer. With no other hockey happening, I was hoping to be able to tune in and watch every day I'm working at home over lunch... Mark
  14. Howdy, Baierl? They're still open for adult league, AFAIK. Which is fucking ludicrous. I'm not going to attribute it to trying to squeeze money vs. trying not to lose a ton of money / make sure they can keep paying their employees. Or even a misguided attempt at providing a place people can go to not go stir crazy. But its all just so "not the right thing to do". Mark
  15. Howdy, Same general area as BenBreeg. One of the rinks I ref and play at closed. Two others nearby that I don't currently go to are closed. One's still open (the one he mentions). Another is so poorly run that I would expect they haven't yet heard about the Corona Virus. I think the one BenBreeg mentioned as still being open is a matter of hours until they make the right decision and close, but ?? Either way, I won't be there. My real question is if stuff like the Toronto Draft Tournament at the end of May is going to happen. Mark
  16. Howdy, You won't have to skate like the wind to be able to help them on the ice, but you will need to at least get from one place to another in a reasonable amount of time. If you can get from one place to another, push goals around, gather up pucks, move cones/tires, etc... That would likely be a help on ice. Only way you'll know is if you talk to the coaches and see what they say. If you can't really skate, then I echo the off ice aspects... Helping out as a scorer, on the bench running a door, organizing referees, working with your local rink, doing tax forms, etc. etc. There's a lot of things going on you should be able to pitch in with. Oh! And yes, there are indeed crash courses at most rinks in terms of beginner skating classes for adults. So don't rule out just "learning to skate". There's often beginner hockey classes and even leagues as well. Be a little careful though... That was how I started and now I play beer league 3 nights a week and ref 2 or 3 more. Mark
  17. Howdy, Not that big a surprise. Mine is a tight squeeze for CXN holder steel (new, Step). It fits, but there's no extra room. Mark
  18. Howdy, Yeah, typically all the out-of-towners end up at the same hotel and usually Friday's get together is there. Not a 'requirement' to stay there or anything, but it makes it easier. JR negotiates a block of rooms rate. IIRC I think NJ is $200/night? I'm guessing you could probably find a buddy to share a room with but ?? I usually have my family with me and I'm one of those folks that likes to escape off to be by themselves at times so I've never tried to get a roomie. Mark
  19. Howdy, Yep, exactly this. Anyone know the details for these? Mark
  20. Howdy, Usually a dinner/get together the night before and the night of the game, generally later in the evenings for both (at least for an old man like me). I would say at these events the ice time / manufacturer demo / whatever is roughly half of the experience for me, with the other half being those get togethers or other activities (like if you've got family with you and do the tourist thing or something). "Worth it" is kinda a personal thing. Its worth it to me. Mark
  21. Howdy, PP90 is a Medium. I would say "average"? For me, what I notice is the girdle itself (which is fairly tight) vs. the shell. I don't really look in mirrors with this stuff so unless someone says something on the bench like "yo, what's up with that weirdass shell?" I don't know how it looks... Sorry I can't be much help here. Mark
  22. Howdy, Whoa! So routine tests led to them finding that vs. any type of episode/symptoms? That sounds actually fairly lucky if so? Any restrictions on activities or anything? Mark
  23. Howdy, Still jealous of all that empty ice. Mark
  24. Howdy, I also have a 7092 girdle. I can't say I've ever really noticed how tight or loose the shell was particularly, so I may not be the best example for you. The shells I like the most are the Warrior pro stock ones with the Velcro / pull strap front. I have a medium girdle and use either the Medium or Large shells interchangeably. 5'10", 190 lbs, 35" waist. I have a CCM PP90 prostock as well that I like about as much as the Warrior. Similar deal, velcro front closure with a pull strap. Also a couple Bauer MX3 Supreme shells. Same thing... Velcro front closure with a pullstrap. Those have a clip buckle for the pull strap. I like these fine as well. I don't leave the shell attached to the girdle / don't attach it when I wear it, so I don't know anything about attaching any of them to the girdle itself. I can't say that I've noticed any of the shells I've ever worn restricting my movements. But I'm old and slow, so that might be more related to that than anything else. Mark
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