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  1. I agree, if you have the money it's definitely the easiest way. Not the most respectable IMO. I'm not saying they're wrong or criminal, just that I'm not a fan of this type of stuff, and, by extension, I have become not a fan of Bauer. I think they should buy Tydan and source their steel that way, now that CCM bought STEP. And you're absolutely right, we don't know what's doing behind the scenes, they might very well be working on that. In fact, the lawsuit is very possibly part of the "negotiations," put the old gibash on them and then buy them for next to nothing. And that's exactly my point. I haven't seen the pulseTI yet, but the fact that it's still not as nice as the aftermarket stuff is ridiculous. Are you telling me Bauer doesn't have the money to source good steel? Look, most consumers don't have a clue about any of this and it doesn't really matter anyway. The pros will continue to get the products they like one way or another and everybody else will keep having fun in beer league with whatever steel is offered.
  2. Not sure where you got your info from. https://www.sixthtone.com/news/1005609/after-multiple-deaths%2C-officials-call-for-no-masks-in-gym-class This was early-May, with a bunch of cases since then with similar outcomes, including a few people in the US who died in car accidents wearing N95 respirators while driving. They never proved that it was absolutely not from the masks, the causes are still unknown in all cases except one I saw that was a heart attack, likely unrelated to mask. There's a big difference between definitely not and not definitely. My point being that there is also some potential risk in high intensity activity in a mask. I just do not buy that a splash guard is going to dramatically reduce the risk if playing indoor ice hockey. I think it's actually wrong to perpetuate that information, since the reality is that many people will buy them and just figure that they're protected and good to go. I think that the risk of playing with the splash guard is similar to the risk if playing without it, and I think that without the splash guard people are likely to be more cautious of contact than with it. I actually think that this is just a way for people to convince themselves that there is less risk involved in playing than there really is, and that actually hurts the effort to halt the spread of the virus. Bottom line, there is risk involved in playing and I don't think the splash guard is going to mitigate that risk (and it had NOT been proven to), but I think it will convince enough people that they have mitigated that risk for them to not pay proper attention to avoiding contact during play and on benches. Thus, I feel it is actually doing more damage than good. I think the best approach is to just be very clear about the whole situation. There is significant risk of infection playing indoor ice hockey. There is very little that will change this while still allowing play to be enjoyable and functional (IMO). For most young people, the virus is not dangerous, but the risk is that, while they will probably be fine, by playing, they risk picking up the virus and spreading it to someone who won't be fine. With that being the case, people should decide what they want to do and what risk they are willing to take. They can also decide to wear the splash guard or a mask if they believe it may help. They should know that there may be some risk in that as well. I think this is pretty simple and sensible, and I think it will help people make better decisions, rather than relying on all of these products that are completely unproven and then mandating them for play and then completely not enforcing any of it, which is what's actually happening.
  3. Yup. Some people just like to be miserable
  4. It's a shame because Bauer could probably just make a better product and avoid this whole thing. At the end of the day, if the LS steel were up to snuff this would be a moot point. Bottom line, Bauer needs to make better runners. I get that the trigger system is Bauer IP, but this whole thing, from my vantage point, just appears to be Bauer not wanting to up the ante and instead just squashing the competition. They brought this whole aftermarket runner thing on themselves. Obviously they have a right to protect their IP, but the issue here is less more about quality product. I'm not naive and I know it's business, but it's still a bit petty. The last decade in my mind is just Bauer buying companies and suing companies. Imo they ruined Mission and ended Easton. I have a couple pairs of Bauer skates, but otherwise I have completely stopped buying Bauer. Once these new True retails come out I'll probably be done with Bauer entirely. /Of topic rant
  5. Why not? You'd need a big daddy shim and recessed wheels, but I don't see why it can't be done. I'm no pro though
  6. Nice. Too bad, it's a great color. Someone's selling a pair of qrls on sls for stupid money. I wear a 15, but maybe if there's another round of stimulus checks https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/gloves/1914406-warrior-dallas-stars-winter-classic-game-used-covert-qrl-14-pro-stock-gloves I've considered getting a pair of custom coverts but I hate the tan Nash palms. If there were an option for black palms I'd probably go for it
  7. I've been playing outdoor inline for a while now. I'm in Brooklyn. We got hit really hard in March and April, but numbers are way down here thankfully. I play with a group of guys in our mid 20s to early 30s. Most of us are back at work and have kids in camp already. With all those factors in play I thought it was ok to play outdoors. Not sure about indoor
  8. These are awesome. Excuse my ignorance, but how do you get something like this done? Online customizer doesn't have tan as an option. Did you do this through a pro organization?
  9. They don't have to be sued out of existence. They can easily just make their own aftermarket holder for their own steel. With True's new top of the line boots coming in at $350 cheaper than the other brands, there's plenty of money left over to swap holders and steel. Just saying
  10. Hey, @SkateWorksPNW any idea if they changed up the tendon guards on the new models? Pictures aren't clear but it looks like they got rid of the rivet and decided to actually attach it to the skate normally. Is that accurate?
  11. Personally, I would look into fitting that frame onto a Supreme 7EE. They sell 3x100 frames and I think you can get it to fit a Bauer boot. You can find an ice boot pretty cheap on sideline. Might have you sitting a bit higher than on 4x80, but that's probably similar to the stock Powerslide situation. IMO it's preferable to being in a boot 2 sizes too big. Maybe there's room to recess the wheel(s) a bit. This is just my guess, but you can probably find a pro-shop that can make it work for you.
  12. Sounds like you're looking at skates that run narrow and are looking to size up the length to compensate for width. If that's the case it's probably not a great idea. Better if just getting skates that fit you. Obviously depends what you're using them for. For a cruise on the boardwalk I don't think it's the end of the world, but if you plan on playing with them, even lazy pickup, I would avoid. The easiest way to get hurt is gear that fits poorly and skates are the worst
  13. The site shows two custom goalie models, a 1-piece and a 2-piece model. I'm not a goalie but the one piece looks wild. Edit: This is a huge game changer for the industry. I am really psyched on what True is doing and I'm excited to support this brand.
  14. That's good to know, thanks. Have you held the TF7s? Does the fiberglass seem like quality material compared to a composite boot in terms of stiffness and durability? Weight? Thanks
  15. Lot of roller pickup on a handball court near me. Lot of buying gear and selling old gear. Got rid of a ton of old roller skates at the beginning of the shut down. Nice to clear up some space. We're strongly considering moving soon, so I looked into leagues and rinks where we're planning to move
  16. That's what it looks like, which is pretty crazy, because that would mean that True's top of the line retail skate, if it is really comparable to the other big brands spec-wise and performance-wise, will come in at almost $400 cheaper than top of the line Bauer and CCM. I'm really interested to find out if the TF9 is actually on par with the other top of the line skates. I always wanted to try a pair of true but could never justify it as I fit retail Supremes pretty decent. But at that price it's a lot more appealing.
  17. Seconded. It sticks way out away from your face. I had no real fogging issues and I do like that the visor can be swapped out. The issue I had is that my face is fairly long and the concept hybrid fit much better for me. In the end I think I prefer my true vision 7500 cage because I wear glasses and I just find it to be better visibility. Not sure why, but it works for me
  18. No idea. Boots look way better than the code line, but i still don't get why they didn't put out a carbon boot or even a comp outsole. They don't look like they'll hold up any better than the code line.
  19. Is there a difference between asphalt and asphalt pro? Looks like it's just a different graphic. 89a seems very hard. I have a set on sprungs and without the extra grip that the chassis gives I don't think they would grip well on a fixed chassis.
  20. I never saw that number anywhere. Not sure where you did but it's good to know. Seems like those are the hardest wheels on the market. Can you post where you saw that number please. Edit: I do vaguely remember seeing 85a for a revision wheel. Don't recall details
  21. I'm wondering about the optimization of the R1s for roller play, specifically regarding if they will help relieve the stress of play on the legs and knees. I know the concept is very different from sprungs, but when I play on sprungs they mitigate a significant amount of fatigue in my legs. I didn't notice until I played two games on sprungs and then played a very light game of pickup in an old pair of hilos. An hour on hi los had my legs more beat the next day than playing 3 hours straight of intense 4 on 4 on sprungs. (I had plenty of rest in between, so that's not a factor). I'm wondering if the flow motion will have a similar effect, where it helps relieve some if the stress and fatigue in the legs. I know that the O1 is meant to work the legs more, so I'm hoping that's not the case with the R1. Any feedback?
  22. Not sure how you figure 89a but I use a set of no name 89a wheels for outdoor and I have no issues. I weigh slightly less than 200lbs and I skate hard. If you're an experienced skater I don't think it will be an issue
  23. So, just following up on this conversion. Ended up getting two pairs of sprungs from sideline swap. My old amp fly boots did not fit as well as I remembered. I ended up picking up a pair of supreme 2s pros and 1s and had JR convert them. Would have like to try the conversion but with this covid and all my kids home from school I didn't have time or energy. I'm glad I had it professionally done though. My thoughts on these sprungs are that they are amazing! They are so responsive it is incredible. I've been playing pickup and a lot of the guys are half my age and I'm able to shake these guys easily. Another thought is that besides being insanely quick and agile, they are fast as heck. I tried the all-80 hum'er setup years ago on a pair of code tabu tours and I hated them. I was so used to the pitch of the 72/80 Hi-Lo that I felt completely flat on the hum'ers. They felt like I just couldn't get to my toes to dig and push off of. I was a bit concerned that the sprungs would have this issue but it is the exact opposite. I feel like I get right to my toes and they are so responsive and powerful. It's amazing to have such maneuverability and also have such breakaway speed. These things fly, which is the upside of all 80s. On the downside, it seems like the sprungs are particularly abusive to wheels. I've gone through a pair of 83a wheels in about 8-10 hours of play on concrete (2 weeks). I ordered a set of 89a wheels (I weigh about 195lbs) and we'll see how they do. The back wheel got destroyed. Regarding durability, only time will tell. Regarding the boots, I'll just say that they are stiff. They are probably way too stiff for this level of play and especially since I didn't get to bake them yet, the fit is not dialed in perfectly. It seems that skates are not really meant to be broken in the old school way anymore, because these are rough. They will definitely be comfy after a bake though. Thanks to all the guys who took the time to help me figure all this out.
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