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  • Skates
    NBH Supreme one95(custom)
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    50+ sticks. A lot of Kovalchuk pro type of patterns.
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    Rotate 55+ pairs of gloves.
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    Pro stock Easton S19
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    TBL Pro Bauer 5000(heavily modded)
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    Pro stock Easton 700, Pro stock Jofa 5044
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    NBH Pro Lightspeed
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    pro players bag, MSH bag

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  1. Kind of easy to improve on dog crap, pick it up and throw it in the garbage...then it's garbage.
  2. they didn't have that V panel, I've never seen that. the old ones had a white panel on the bottom, rear of the sock. *Not my pic
  3. Larger, stronger players tend to have extra coppers added. I have two in the front tower of my skates, previously I'd loosen the rivets in front tower after a while...I can only imagine an NHLer with much more ice time and significantly more speed.
  4. Good for him since he won't be able to see them.
  5. Finger length is the only thing that really matters to me, too long and the gloves are sloppy and, too short and it is uncomfortable and feels like you're going to tear the gussets. Some gloves I wear 14" while others are 15". Reebok/CCM/Eagle gloves need to be 15" because their fingers are about a 1/4" too short.
  6. Hard to bank on a larger profit margin when your new projected clientele is color blind hockey fans.
  7. I think you guys are crazy that think they're all equal. The cheaper Walmart/Target shirts have a different texture and are really bad with static electricity. The Nike stuff, I think works better but it holds in smell after a while(also a different texture). UA has been the longest lasting undershirt I've used. I haven't tried 37.5 or many of those other brands of comparable(to UA) price, I've given up on finding something I like better.
  8. Coming from old school knit socks, any of the newer style socks will be a big difference. First thing you have to know is they are MUCH less durable because they cut easily...that's not to say you can't use them for a long time but you'll have to repair the cuts by sewing them. Swift socks, I imagine do not sew up well because of how stretchy they are. Retail edge is less stretchy but the material is soo thin, I can't imagine they repair very well either. Pro EDGE is about twice as thick and repairs really well, I've been using the same socks for like five years and they have probably over fifty repairs on them. Even EDGE being twice as thick as the others, it's lighter feeling and gets more air flow than knit socks...these are the socks I recommend. I know they would be difficult to get in Finland but let me check to see if I have an extra pair I can sell you for cheap. Otherwise, eBay is your best bet. I haven't tried the Bauer or Easton socks, I've heard AK makes a nice sock(they made great knit socks in the past) so I cannot comment on those...but out of the retail new-style socks I've tried, none have worth the cost in my opinion.
  9. Honestly, don't bother going after the Swift socks...they kind of suck, they're ridiculously thin, really tight and really slick when sliding on the ice. The retail edge socks aren't a whole lot thicker and they're readily available. The old Swift sock felt like better quality than the current one. If you're REALLY dead set on Swift socks, they pop up on eBay for too much money every once in a while.
  10. If you're having a problem with lingering smell I've found a new method. Baking soda and water, create a slightly watery paste and cover the surface(where your skin makes contact)...let it sit for hours to overnight then wash it clean. It removes all scent...this is after or before treating with usual bacteria removing methods such as alcohol/hydrogen peroxide, ozone or what have you. Hydrogen peroxide and alcohol is your friend man. Kill EVERYTHING
  11. The key thing to learning the backhand is what everyone above said but may not have focused on, lowering your bottom hand. Lower your bottom hand lower than you'd think you should, then go for the backhand in the usual point to where you want it to go. You need to get this into your muscle memory and lowering your bottom hand gives you more leverage and makes it easy. Once you get it down, start moving your hand up to a natural position. I promise you'll be roofing it in 10 minutes on the ice. After you get to that point, then you can start working on power...no point in working on power until you get the basic motion down. Also, make sure you get in the habit of keeping your follow through low, your follow through shouldn't get above the crossbar.
  12. I take mine to a local tattoo artist and have him tattoo a picture of my face on them, he charges me $140 per puck but I think it's well worth it.
  13. I'm not really implying anything. I'm just stating fact, I have a pretty damn good memory and have used just about every high-end stick from just about every manufacturer(major and otherwise) since the original Synergy...and still have plenty of them. There are three blades that stand out as the best dampened blades and I listed them. Actually I can list a fourth but it is soo vague that I doubt more than a couple people on this board would have actually have used it. It was blade my by Fury; very thin, very light, not very durable but had a Z-tac like coating on only the face. It wasn't the blade that hockeygiant had when they were closing out on Fury stuff forever ago(it was made a few years before that) but had a red, circular logo. The blade chipped very easily but the puck feel was outstanding. The QR1 is just below those blades. It has what I'd call very good puck feel. It's not outstanding but it's better than most. I might even like the blade more than the DD blade because the DD blade tended to get soft after a while...but when someone asks about puck feel, you answer the question they've asked.
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