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  • Skates
    NBH Supreme one95(custom)
  • Stick
    50+ sticks. A lot of Kovalchuk pro type of patterns.
  • Gloves
    Rotate 55+ pairs of gloves.
  • Helmet
    Pro stock Easton S19
  • Pants
    TBL Pro Bauer 5000(heavily modded)
  • Elbow Pads
    Pro stock Easton 700, Pro stock Jofa 5044
  • Shin Pads
    NBH Pro Lightspeed
  • Hockey Bag
    pro players bag, MSH bag

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  1. they didn't have that V panel, I've never seen that. the old ones had a white panel on the bottom, rear of the sock. *Not my pic
  2. I have no idea, I sold them to someone on MSH a long time ago(in fact, they were long gone when I made that post. I only had one90s for a few months). I'm using heavily modified Bauer 5000s that are in this thread...I did basically the same thing to those but a bigger mod with a strip of nylon from a dog leash, which is working perfectly and has been for about 6 years.
  3. First time logging on in several months, trying to get through all the PMs. Have a great weekend guys, Go USA!

  4. Funny you should say that because coincidentally, I have Chadd's pair of custom MSH H750s
  5. That drives me nuts. I know plenty of people that shoot harder than me and I've dented my friend's Sportmask's cage almost an inch from a wrist shot...and people are wearing Itech/Bauer 2500s. The problem with player versus goalie masks is that it's much harder to get valid info on a players' helmet...and what's to say that one helmet is not better in one area but worse in another area? With goalie masks it's pretty easy to tell how good your mask is when someone rings a good one off of it.
  6. Yup, how many names has the PM9 had since 2002? Answer, a sh*t ton.
  7. I still like gloves...and breasts.

  8. I liked it too...except for the lie. I still have my Heatley CNT actually.
  9. What Mack said, we're talking about patterns that are lacking in terms of retail success. Trying to steer the topic back moreso to Easton's Iginla, I think that blade would be more popular if the blade was larger...it's really a tiny blade.
  10. I like how they feel for puck handling. Some claim they "shoot better", whatever I can shoot just as well with almost any pattern if given some time with it. I'm just glad I scooped up all my Kovalchuk variations before they got popular and the price started to skyrocket. I hate the Ovie pattern's semi-popularity because one guy on a team always has one and he shoots exclusively at my eye level.
  11. You should donate some space for me.
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