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Found 111 results

  1. As the title states, I am looking for a new pair of gloves for next season. My current gloves are 13" Easton EQ50s, and too many holes have developed in the fingers and palms, not to mention the odor that seems impossible to get rid of. I'm kind of on the fence between getting a new 13" or 14" pair, considering my hand seems to fit okay in some brands of gloves but not in others of the same size. The max I would spend is probably $120 on a pair of gloves. I'm currently using a stick with grip, so I feel that may be a reason for the holes developing. I went to Total Hockey to try on a few pair and asked someone there what they would recommend, but they weren't much help. I am interested in a few pair, but would like your guys' take on them: Easton PRO 10 Warrior Dynasty AX2 (Never seen a 13.5" size before until these) CCM 4-Roll Pro III (How well will the AX Suede hold up on a stick with grip?) CCM 28K KFS (Look interesting, but haven't heard much about them. They look pretty new)
  2. CCM CL Gloves 14" Lecavalier on cuff Brand New Asking $150 $125 + shipping
  3. So I'm currently in a pair of bauer supreme 180's nice skate but I was originally in ccm crazylights. Both skates fit my foot just fine except I had to send the cl's back on their warranty because the laces of the skate literally cut the tongue in half. So my question is do you think it'd be worth it to give the ccm's another try with a different tongue not made of the u foam or should I just stick them up on ebay? Help is very much appreciated!
  4. So I was looking at the tacks the p45 curve looks very promising (and I'm assuming its the same as p38 as they look exactly the same) but is the p45 ccm's version of the old bauer p10 as it does seem pretty similar
  5. I'm a 6 foot winger looking to buy a new stick and I am looking at a easton v9e warrior qr1 and a ccm ribcore. These are all Prostock. I weigh around 150 pounds. I primarily take snapshots and wristshots but I also have a nice snapshot. And I would like to get maximum power out of a low kick stick while not sacrificing power. I also want good luck feel, so which one would you reccomend? While not sacrifing puck feel*
  6. CCM CL Gloves AHL All-Star Game 2013 - Mark Barberio 13" In excellent condition, thumb loops cut $90 SOLD CCM 4-Roll Gloves Not pro stock, but new palms by Peaches 13" Excellent Condition $70 SOLD
  7. Brand New CCM Shell from the 2008 Winter Classic Size Large $75 or best offer
  8. So iwas skating one day lost the bolt to an axle, ive been skate without a wheel on each skate since because i cant find the axles to fit anyone know where i can find them? labeda two piece axle
  9. I'm looking for a new pair of skates and have an annoying situation. It's literally a 5 hour drive to the nearest hockey shop and so the usual, just go to your LHS is difficult. I grew up wearing CCM Tacks nearly exclusively and had great success with them. My most recent pair of 452s were probably purchased in about 2000. They lasted through 4 years of ACHA club hockey up to my current 6 hours a week of adult hockey. Last year I had to come to grips with the fact that they were falling apart and needed to be retired. I got a pair of CCM RBZ 80's. The fit seems pretty good, but naturally they are much stiffer. I typically tie my skates tight with wax laces and when doing that I would get incredible lace bite. I tried not lacing the top eyelet and the lace bite went away but I started getting bruising on the front on my ankles as that became the new point that bore the pressure when I flex forward. If I use non-wax laces the lace bite is bearable, but I also get slight heel slip enough that eventually I develop irritation and issues on my heel, particular after a tournament weekend or something like that. So I'm looking for a new skate that fits like old Tacks and is not really stiff. Based on my research, it looks like a Reebok or Bauer Nexus might be a good choice. I believe I have a slightly wide foot, probably verified by the fact that the Tacks are a pretty good fit and when I last tried on Bauers 20 years ago standard width was too narrow. Can anyone share any advice or personal anecdotes regarding softer flex and fit like old Tacks? Of note, budget is not really an issue, though I tend to get slightly cheaper skates as I never really felt there was too much need or value for me beyond an intermediate level skate. Durability is of importance to me as I'd like to delay buying new skates as long as possible. I'm 5'10" 155 lbs and am a pretty agressive and reasonably advanced skater. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys, so I'm new here and I apologize if there is already a forum post about a similar issue but I couldn't really find one on this particular issue. So I recently (3 weeks ago) bought myself a pair of CCM U+ 10s on clearance for a really good price and so far I love the boot fit and everything about the whole package except for some reason my left runner seems to just scrape across the ice when I come to a stop. I've had them sharpened at my local LHS 3 times and the last time I had them cross grind them to put a new hollow on the runner. The right one comes out perfect every time but I can't get the left one where I like it. Now, I realize some of this is due to my left foot being my "weak" foot but it's so pronounced I think something has to be wrong with the Runner itself. I've tightened the screws and put Loc-Tite on them, as well. If anyone has any insight or ideas on what to do that would be great, otherwise I guess I'll just try a new runner. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I'm finally breaking down and have to replace my Mission Proto VSI with a Hi Lo set up. I'm looking at getting either the CCM Tacks 5r52, the Bauer X70, or the Mission Inhaler AC3. Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards trying the Tacks but it has the straight 80mm chassis, and I'm not sure if I would adjust after using Hi Lo's for so long. Thanks
  12. Nashville Predators Edge Socks (Retail) Adult Like New SOLD Toronto Maple Leafs Edge Socks (Retail) Adult Like New SOLD Fargo Force (USHL) 13" Brand New $125 + Shipping SOLD CCM V10 Hershey Bears Medium Good Condition $175 + Shipping SOLD Hershey Bears CCM CL Gloves 14" Good Condition $100 + Shipping SOLD CCM QMJHL 9K Shell Small Brand New w/o Tags SOLD Reebok New York Islanders Third/Alternate 9K Shell Extra Large (6 5 4 available) Brand New with Tags SOLD OUT Norfolk Admirals CCM CL Gloves 13" Good Condition, all padding intact SOLD Norfolk Admirals Edge Socks Large Used SOLD Reebok Montreal Canadiens 1910-1911 Heritage 9K Shell Large Like New - I can find no flaws on it and I never used it SOLD Reebok Buffalo Sabres 9K Shell Medium Brand New with Tags SOLD NO TRADES I ship internationally, but you need to send funds in USD I do request that you send money as a PayPal gift, if you don't feel comfortable doing so, please add the fee to your total.
  13. Ok so heres the deal, I bought a pair of CCM U+ 12s about a year and when i got them I never had a chance to bake them because I ordered them by mail from hockeymonkey. When I got the skates I was on my home from school to play in the Return of the Robin tournament. I never thought It would be a big deal to just skate with them without baking them because I did it with one pair of my CCM U+ 08s and and many previous skates ordered online. I've noticed though that my feet feel offset in my skates like one foot it toward the inside of the skate and the other is toward the outside. I can still skate perfectly on them but, would baking them fix the position and feel of the boot so that it feel like im centered on the blade or atleast they feel even? P.S. I have checked the E-holder and it appears to be on strait and square. and just a side topic any one else with CCM U+ skates feel that the boots look really narrow when you lace your skates just curious.
  14. Hey Guys, So I am a college student in Minnesota and I play on the club team. I have been using the CCM Super Tacks 992 Size 7D skates for about a few months now and so far its been okay. This winter break I played pond hockey with friends for about 5 hours a day and after yesterdays skate the bony bump (lateral malleolus) on the lateral side of my ankle is in pain. The pain comes from pressure for sure. Now I realize that my skates are pretty old but I bough them new from Play it again sports. Do you guys think that I should invest to buy a new pair of skates in the level I am playing at? I skate probably everyday and would be appreciative of any advice. Also I think the guy from PIAS sized me wrong since I know that I have really wide feet and he gave me the 7D which is narrow. -Hunter
  15. Does anyone know how the sizing on these jerseys runs? LINK REMOVED I have a couple of XL CCM jerseys from when I was a kid, and they are pretty tight on me when I wear my shoulders and elbows. I am not sure if they have shrunk or what. I have another XL jersey that I got about 20 years ago that fits pretty well. And my XL team jersey that I just got (made in Thailand by someone that has nothing to do with NHL jerseys) is perfect, but I am told that these jerseys run large (so it is really like an XXL). So, does anyone know what the 52 and 54 stand for, in XL and XXL, for these Quebec Nordiques jerseys? I figure it is obviously inches, right?, but from where to where? At 6'2, 215 lbs, I know I am XL or XXL. I figure I can use my team jersey as my guide, and then match it up with whatever these numbers mean, to figure my jersey size.
  16. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/files/file/175-2014-reebokccm-catalogue/ Skates - We won't be covering the Tacks skate line until the lockdown has been removed. In the catalogue, that has a hockey tape theme, the skate is "covered" by tape. I will reinsert those pages in March, but I imagine Reebok/CCM will provide new pages. RBZ skate line is unchanged. The Reebok line has been updated - with a black theme, to go with the RIbcor theme. The quarter package of the skate has been updated with ribs for additional flex; down spec'd versions of the quarter package extend down to the 26k. You're still getting the Pump, liner and felt tongue from the 20k, however, the SB 4.0 holder which debuted on the RBZ skate is on the Ribcor - but with a black version of the SB steel. The SB Black will also be on the 30k skate as well. Sticks - both lines unchanged. One thing to note is a new CCM pattern; Galchenyuk, which is a Reebok Phaneuf/Drury/Parise clone. Helmets - CCM finally gets a new helmet after many years, and it's pretty apparent as to why it took some time - they had been working with the University of Ottawa (same department who validated Blackstone's FBV) and others on this helmet. Addressing both linear and rotational impacts, the Resistance offers protection in two ways; their REMa System (don't mind the catalogue, REMa stands for Rotational Energy Management) are 4 bladders which are liquid (oil) filled. The premise behind it is that as it the head rotates with the helmet, the bladders helps to slow it down, reducing the impact. On the linear side of things, there are pods - a combination of EPP/U-Foam and plastic shock absorbers which compress/disperse at point of impact. It's tool-less, with the adjustment on the back of the helmet. The Resistance will MSRP at $229.99. The Resistance 300 have the REMa bladders, but no pods. $159.99 MSRP. The Resistance facemask is a 580-style mask that's stainless steel with flat wires - and the clips where the screws attach actually have foam around it, which absorb shock. It only comes in silver, however the 300 mask is regular steel and comes in all colors. Gloves - this time around, Reebok gets the update; starting with the 30k, which is their anatomical fit, and is what they are calling a two-piece glove; the hand goes into one segment of the glove and then the rest of the glove wraps around it. The backroll is a combination of EVA (U-foam) and standard HD foam - the EVA is vented for air flow. Also to note, the cuff is bindingless. CCM gloves are unchanged. Pants - Reebok is unchanged. New pants for CCM - named RBZ. It still has U-Foam in the thigh and hip, but also gains the +1 length adjustment that debuted on the Reebok pants. Protective - Reebok is unchanged. The RBZ name carries over to an updated CCM line - things of note are the shoulder pads, which no longer have the floating sternum pad like on the CL - it now is integrated into the rest of the chest. The elbow pads seem to come down longer than last year's CL, and are vented in the bicep and forearm areas.
  17. I have a CCM V08 combo and a Bauer IMS 9.0 combo, both in large. Both were ordered online as the proshop at the rink I go to hasn't had any helmets that were in the right size the last few times I've gone in- they cater almost entirely to children when it comes to helmets it seems. There are no other retail stores in my area so I'm stuck with guesswork. Both helmets have fit issues and I'm trying to figure out what I should do as I still have time to return/exchange either of them. The V08 fits well ear to ear but I've got a finger sized amount of space at my forehead with the helmet on the smallest setting. The cage needed to be spread a little because it was causing headaches it was so tight at my temples. Now that the cage fits better it's comfortable but the gap in length worries me. Also the chin cup is pretty weird on the cage- I think the cage may be a bit too big. Would dropping down to a medium make the helmet too snug width wise if it fits very close in a large? The IMS 9.0 fits front to back but leaves quite a bit of wiggle side to side. I can wear my glasses with this but that doesn't even help hold the helmet in place. The cage size is perfect. Would dropping this one down to a medium help the width issue I'm having? I actually ordered a medium but the company messed up so this would be an easy exchange. Would either one of them be acceptable in their current state and I'm just overthinking the issue? I know there's going to be a little bit of movement- I just want it to be as good a fit as I can get...preferably without spending the price of a helmet in return shipping to figure it out. Both helmets passed the head shake test for small movements but the IMS 9.0 moved a lot side to side when I applied any decent amount of pressure. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm not looking to be brand specific either so if you have another idea let me know. I haven't played in over 10 years and this is the last piece of equipment I need- I was really hoping to make it out Monday night for p/u and a skills clinic but I don't want to put myself at risk. I've had concussions in the past and I know a properly fitting helmet is the best defense in making sure I don't have another one.
  18. These are NWT, original CCM Mighty Ducks of Anaheim lowers. Both are size XL and neither has thigh boards. Both have belts, Mighty Ducks, and NHL logos. The main difference between the two is that one has zippers and one does not, and you can see that the belts and padding on the back of each shell is slightly different. $150 + shipping each or $250 for both. Best offers welcome! BOTH SOLD
  19. Pro Stock Reebok 9K Shell XL (6) - Fits a large/XXL very well too New York Islanders Third/Alternate 9K Brand New $60 $50 + shipping Pro Stock CCM 9K Shell XL New Jersey Devils Brand New $150 + shipping Warrior Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic 9K Shell - SOLD CCM Barrie Colts 9K Shell SOLD Reebok Penguins 2011 WC 9K Shell - SOLD Hershey Bears PP10 Lot (10 Shells) - SOLD CCM Regina Pats 9K Shell - SOLD Reebok New York Rangers 9K Shell - SOLD Bauer Edmonton Oilers Goalie Shell - SOLD
  20. Tampa Bay Lightning CCM V10 Gloves - SOLD Tampa Bay Lightning Reebok 11K Gloves - SOLD CCM 14" CL Kitchener Rangers - Brand New - SOLD CCM 14" Windsor Spitfires/Washington Capitals - Brand New SOLD CCM 14" CL Toronto Maple Leafs (Kadri) - Game Used - SOLD CCM 13" CL San Jose Sharks - Used, Excellent Condition - SOLD CCM 14" 4-Rolls Des Moines Buccaneers - Used Excellent Condition - SOLD CCM 13" 4 Roll Boston Bruins (Recchi) - Used In Excellent Condition - SOLD
  21. Hi, Last year, I bought a couple of CCM sticks from the local sports store. Unusually, they actually had something in, which is usually not the case. Since I live in a small town with little to none hockey interest, I almost always have to order my sticks online. To do that, I need to be able to determine the curve I have on my sticks. Below, you will see poorly taken picture of my stick. It is a CCM CrazyLight of some sort. Unfortunately, the stick just says "6", and when I google for CCM curve angle 6, I get nothing. Therefore, I ask you guys for help. It would be awesome if you could tell me what curve it is, and maybe some other brands (Reebok, Bauer, Easton, etc) that have identical or similar curves on their sticks. Please take into consideration that some curves have different names in Europe. I also have a Reebok stick, A.I.7 with a similar hook, that also is completely unbranded. Also, if any administrator finds this to be in the wrong section, please move the thread to the proper place. Huge thanks in advance.
  22. So for a while I was set on getting the CCM RBZ Stage 2 hockey stick, until I picked up the Reebok RibCor. Although these two sticks have only a weight difference of about .07 oz (according to HockeyMonkey), the RibCor felt better to me. I know there are different technologies in each, such as the custom kick point in the RBZ Stage 2, and quicker power transfer in the RibCor. What is your guys' personal opinions on these two sticks?
  23. Landeskog is using a very white stick. Name added to thread - http://www.modsquadh...post__p__914851
  24. As part of MSH's Long-Term Review session with Reebok|CCM, I'll be handling the CL 500 glove, which is new for 2014. I went with navy/sunflower as it is a colorway that we use for MSH Winterfest. It's a tapered fit, which doesn't deviate too far from the original CL (which I haven't used. I have not used a CCM glove in a very long time) however, with a flared cuff. The internals of the glove is their NHL-spec U-Foam package - no poly inserts. New flex thumb which has considerable forward flex. Stupid light - one glove I weighed at 264.5g. My preferences for gloves is that I do like a tapered fit and an extremely flexible top hand. To the flared cuff - the main piece is U-Foam; Here is my wrist in regular position - And flexed - Palm is beige nash with grip print on the fingertips. Glove does feel somewhat stiff out of the box, however I bake all of my gloves. And based on the fact that this is U-Foam, I think they will take extremely well to heat. I will be updating my LTR, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in this thread. Thanks goes out to Johanna Miller, who handles digital/social media at Reebok|CCM for participating in our LTR program and seeding me this pair.
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