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  1. mojo122

    Bauer 2s Pro Eyelets?

    There's a lot going on with the tongue. At the very beginning I felt that there was too much felt where it begins at the toecap. I've had mine for almost a year now and that area has compressed significantly. If I don't like what next year's new Supreme offers I'll just pick up another pair of 2S Pro's.
  2. mojo122

    Bauer 2s Pro Eyelets?

    I've had MX3's, 1S's and 2S Pro's with the injected eyelets. I'm a big fan of them and feel that they maintain their flex properties better than traditional facing/eyelets over the life of the skate.
  3. mojo122

    Help ordering p72 vapor sticks

    Bauer's clone of the Easton Roenick Pro.
  4. mojo122


    They are softer and squishy to me. Carbon is the way I would go if going SuperFeet.
  5. mojo122

    Supreme adv

    Spot on...
  6. Doesn't sound like the best business model.
  7. I've seen it with Step in cases where the skater just throws soakers on the skates and then they going-the bag and stay there until the next ice time. Problem of not taking care of your skates and steel. Certainly not the fault of Step.
  8. mojo122

    Ccm custom skates

    If you're referring to a MyBauer custom the following link pretty much says it all:
  9. mojo122

    Why don't manufacturers use Poron or D30 in skates?

    Bauer uses it in the ankle area of the Mission FZ-0 inline skate. Mission FZ-0
  10. mojo122

    Decision between two skates

    One other thing you can try is SuperFeet (Carbon's) footbeds in the Supreme. SuperFeet offers a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee sorting them out would be risk free. Just trim them to the footbeds that came with the S180's. While I wouldn't call the N2900 a soft boot the S180 is a stiffer boot with the composite (CURV) quarter package.
  11. mojo122

    Bauer Vapor 2x skates

    I've seen it all. Skaters with the shallow/low volume foot skating in a high volume skate and those with a high volume foot in a low volume skate. That and in skates way too big. I tell customers that the scanner recommends best fit or primary fit. Everyone has a secondary fit. You just have to have a fitter who knows what he/she is doing and knows how to read the scan and scanner. Recommended sizing is a good starting point, but skater preference plays a role in final sizing,
  12. mojo122

    Fine tuning my skate profile

    Not really sure I have the right answers for you. CAGONE bases their profiling recommendations on runner size. I skate in 254mm runners so going by CAGONE the longest flat spot for 254's would be 40mm. I tried ProSharp's system and out of the ones I tried I liked the triple and quad profiles, but in the end went back to a 35/65 done on a Pro Skate Balance machine. I've been told that a 35/65 correlates to a 13.5' radius. Using that information other glide spots should come out to this: 60mm = 13' 50mm = 12' 40mm = 11' 30mm = 10' 20mm = 9'
  13. mojo122

    Gloves with the best finger protection?

    Correct on the 1X Pro. I'd give the edge to the FT1 if it has D30 in the fingers too.
  14. mojo122

    Gloves with the best finger protection?

    Not that I know of. I was told it was to expensive to use in the fingers. I think if there was it would be well know from a marketing standpoint.
  15. mojo122

    Gloves with the best finger protection?

    Poron is pricey and I've only seen it used in the back hand of the glove. I'm guessing that D30 would be the same since it's a licensed product just like poron.