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  1. mojo122

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Better footbed and a better attachment system for the tendon guard.
  2. mojo122

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    What size is that? I weighed the size 8 sample skate with the new holder and steel and it came in at 750 grams. Skate needs a couple of more improvements IMO, but the weight reduction is a good one.
  3. mojo122

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Locking mechanism looks solid. With profiling and sharpening you're probably going to go through steel with the lower profile runner quickly.
  4. Just my thoughts...while you certainly don't want him in a skate too stiff you also don't want him in a skate too soft. Both of those can hold him back.
  5. mojo122

    New Curves

    I'd agree with what you've said here. Right now you see a lot of P92 variants because that's what the pros grew up using. So having gotten them to where they are they just make some tweaks here and there. The newest trend is towards the P28 curve so that will probably eventually take over. There are some of us on this forum who grew up using Easton Iginla, Modano, and Drury curves. 2 of the those are gone while the 3rd is on its way out.
  6. Guess it all depends on how old the steel was and the expertise of the sharpener(s).
  7. Plus 1 on trying a profile. The fact that you felt okay skating north/south but had trouble going east/west sounds like adjusting from a shorter profile to a longer one. I usually recommend skaters get at least 10-hours on new skates before making changes.
  8. mojo122

    Bauer 2X / 2X Pro

    Skater preference. You can get that at retail if you go custom.
  9. mojo122

    Bauer 2X / 2X Pro

    I find the 2S Pro tongue flexes just fine. From a performance standpoint it offers more performance than the 1S did. My only complaint is that the felt is too thick where it comes off the toecap. It does compress rather nicely or at least mine has after 9 months of skating 4 times/week. If someone isn't getting proper forward flex in the 2S Pro or 2X Pro it could be, that being a pro level skate it's too much skate for their skating ability.
  10. mojo122

    Bauer 2X / 2X Pro

    6EE...Huge difference after molding. I've always worn Supremes but this skate has me on the fence.
  11. mojo122

    New True Lid

    Love to see side and back views of Chara with that same helmet. Not sure that it fits him right?
  12. mojo122

    Bauer 2X / 2X Pro

    The thermoform-able properties of the 2X Pro are amazing. To me the new tongue makes it feel less bulky than the 1X 2.0.
  13. mojo122

    Bauer 2X skates

    The 2X is a nice skate for what it delivers at its' price. However, if you had APX2's and liked the stiffness and performance of that skate you might be disappointed in the end. 2X Pro is an updated APX2.
  14. mojo122

    Show It Off

    I see 2 sticks there that are perfect for SummerJam...
  15. mojo122

    Alternative to True skates?

    Everyone seems to be missing the point here. He received skates that were too big and had too much volume and True's fix/response was inadequate. Sounds like the retailer is willing to work with him to make things right by him. He doesn't wish to continue with/or support True any longer which is why he asked for possible alternatives. The 2X Pro, 2X, and FT2 would be worth looking into.