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  2. A low cut boot the allows more ankle flexibility and is not overly rigid and stiff like all of the other brands. I would say the closest retail skate on the market similar to a Graf would be the 80k.
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  4. Either your skates don't properly fit or your tongue is worn out. Or you have a pre existing lace bite injury that never fully healed. If the latter is the case you need to be more agressive in the rehabilitation of it rather than rest and hope it gets better.
  5. Graf does allow more ankle articulation than other skates. Cut a bit lower and more flexible than hard boots. Thing about graf is if he gets used to that feel, it will be hard to go to other brands. Just my opinion. Hope it helps you.
  6. Problem is not the shape of the tongue, it's that your instep is too high for the depth of the boot. If it wasn't, the tongue would sit comfortably on the tendon with the padding doing it's job, and your laces wouldn't press directly down on the tendon when you are flexing your foot while skating. Do you pass the pencil test on one skate and not the other? colins
  7. Bauer once had something like that called the Form-Fit tongue. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/player-skates/857038-bauer-new-formfit-plus-felt-skate-tongues
  8. Lace extenders can be effective for sure. But it depends on one's for fooling around with making them or ordering them from a source that makes sturdy ones of the right size. For the tinker-ers out there, they're a really neat option. For anyone lacking that patience and just wanting to slip their foot in a stock retail or custom boot and not have to worry about pain, I'd recommend finding a boot that fits properly and passes the pencil test.
  9. I am looking for skates for my son and just browsing the internet and I realized the only twopeople I have ever seen use Graf skates are ankle skaters. Is there something about these skates that makes them stand out to that kind of skater? Should I consider them for my son? He's an above average height and strength 11yo with 100% average skating. Not bad but not turning heads.
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  11. stick9

    Bauer LS5 263mm

    Slightly used Bauer LS5 steel. Only sharpened a few times. Great steel! $79 obo shipped within NA.
  12. I have lace bite in one foot. I do the Forsberg thing where I velcro two gel columns to the inside of the skate tongue to give room for that tendon in the front of the shin that sticks out when you bend your knees or lift your toes. Then I'm like 'how has no one built something this into all skate tongues already'? I'm thinking all skate tongues on the inside should be shaped like this ^ more not like this ( . Like, you keep the outside of the skate tongue like this " ( " but the inside should be more like this ^ . Basicly what I'm saying is the front of my shin is not round. I'm using a Bauer One 100 at the moment. So maybe the new tongues do this? Or if someone knows of a product.
  13. Anyone have a valid link to this video. Doesn't seem to work for me.
  14. What do you want? More agility or more stability? I'm 95kg, and I'm on 92/75 on a 11"profile. I tried: 100/50: good glide and agility but not enough stability 95/75: good stability, medium glide and agility; best choice but I get knee pain. 92/75: best compromise without knee pain. Last season I tried a 92/50 on a 13"profile, it had very good glide and stability but almost no agility compared to the 11" profile. My suggestion for you is to try a 92/75 and see how it feels. The 11"profile is the best compromise between agility and glide/stability for me. If you still want more agility you have to go down on a 10"profile and get a sharper FBV/Roh.
  15. Helmet: Bauer Re-Akt 150 Elbows: STX Stallion 500 lacrosse pads Shoulders: Reebok 6k Prostock Shins: CCM RBZ 130 Gloves: CCM HG10 David Perron Prostock Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Skates: CCM Jetspeed FT1 Pants: CCM Tacks 7092 Girdle Sticks: Bauer Vapor Flylite 70 flex (Benn pro curve) Pro Stock Sticks 65 flex (Benn pro curve) CCM Ribcor Trigger 4d 65 flex (p28 curve) Finally found comfy equipment and sticking with these for now!
  16. I was able to get 5 from Sports Rousseau in Laval. Thanks to Patrick at Sports Rousseau for hooking me up, and for @nutters on the heads up that they had these sticks. If you like Nexus build, for the price, I really don't see how these can be beat. colins
  17. Should be available on their website soon unless they sell out before. They also have a sideline page.
  18. Hi! I need help/suggestions on what profile should i go for. Im fairly skinny guy about 75kg and have been skating on 11' 92/50 fbv profile but thinking that i need more agile blade. I have also tried 90/50 but fell way too much because i dont have that good balance. Can anyone suggest grippy but agile blade for me, thanks!
  19. Would love to get my hands on one of those. The specs make it sound very much like the Nexus 1000, which in my opinion is the best stick ever made.
  20. Not so. If the skates fit ok everywhere else and he can tolerate the length, lace extenders are a viable option so he can use them. Be it a 1X or any other brand, this applies to any skate which is why they are such a good option.
  21. I'd rather get something from https://customhockeysticks.ca/ for a better price. And better options for reinforced areas and even a lightweight option at sub 400 grams. Their regular weight is less than abhs too.
  22. From the review above for the Surgeon 500: My preference with gloves has usually been a fit where there is some snugness on the fingers that opens up at the cuff. This is pretty evident based on the gloves you see in my "Recently used" list. The Surgeon gloves do a great job of fitting very snug while not choking your hands and wrist. The liner feels very soft and airy while it is on your hand, which helps in not feeling like you are being constricted by the glove. The palm feels great on my hand, and fits my hand perfectly. The stretch gussets, in conjunction with the open seam of the main knuckle joint and the three-piece fingers (2 piece pinky) really give you a lot of mobility in the finger area. The thumb has a nice feel to it, with a good amount of flex in one way and a nice solid lock in the other direction. The wrist area opens up nicely to give a full range of motion that doesn't feel like you have to fight the design of the glove to move your hands the way you would like, which is a must have for me.
  23. The original Stallion gloves fit similar to the Alpha gloves. The HPR fits even wider in the backhand.
  24. Me 220 pounds. Coming from a 11' neutral profile, 5/8 sharpen. Rocker 280 length. Started playing hockey on 13' profile 20 years ago(didn't want to fall etc) till I figured that 13' profile in the corners kinda sucks so, I started to lower the profile number. 9' was great in the corners but unstable for me so a settled for 11' profile. Been on that for years. 0.5 Quad (8-10-12-14) As suggested when switching to the 0.5 quad I lower my sharpen from 5/8 to a 3/4... Conclusion I am having more fun playing hockey with this profile... 0.5 Quad feels 'natural'. The first thing you are going to notice is the extra stability(even coming from an 11') but, as soon as you bend your knees and shift your weight your suddenly agile. The weight shift feels natural, hard to describe, flex your foot 2 degrees and your suddenly agile without it feeling strange at all. Coming from a single profile skate the quad felt sooo much better. It kinda feels like I'm skating on a 13' profile but the second I want to make a cut it feels like a 10' (maybe lower?). So increased stability with increased agility. Normally you have to give up one to get the other. Other notes: the increase in glide is noticable big time. This makes sense with the change in sharpen and more steel on the ice... I think I'll end the review there. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  25. So found the right fitting skates, didn’t buy them yet. Turns out that I fit into a Bauer Supremes. I’m now contemplating between the S170 vs S190 models that they had, I’m now looking online at the differences and also possibly see if the newer S27/S29s have anything much improved on them.
  26. I wish you the best of luck but I think the above approach is a real critical mistake. If you're having lace bite in Supremes, trying to make Vapors work is going to be futile. I know it's hard to walk away from an investment in high end skates, but it could literally ruin any chance you have of enjoying the game in the future. Find the pair that passes the pencil test and fits your foot properly. colins
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