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  2. The hockey shop has these listed as 84a. I haven’t used the asphalt pros, but my lhs (coast to coast hockey shop) highly recommends revision wheels over anything else for outdoors. I have a set of the regular asphalt wheels, the orange ones, but haven’t used them yet.
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  4. How do you find the fit of the aero? I got a pair of 14" ordered in that same California brown. Glad to hear they are comfy!!
  5. Sounds about right. It's almost like you need to cycle through the "regulars" and hope that they both don't get (severely) sick and don't get sick again. Just tough to control because you know not everyone is taking the necessary precautions.
  6. We had players from our travel teams go to NH for tournaments this weekend. From The Athletic today: "At least three players from USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program have tested positive for COVID-19, multiple sources have confirmed to The Athletic. The players had been participating in on-ice skills training at USA Hockey Arena in Plymouth, Mich., the venue for USA Hockey’s 2020 World Junior Summer Showcase later this month.One source close to the players said the cases have been mostly asymptomatic. Additional participants in the on-ice skills training who are not members of the USNTDP have also tested positive, according to a source.“It’s hockey players who hang out together,” said a source with knowledge of the situation. “One person got tested, found out they had it and so they all did. Though USA Hockey has since closed its rink, many others in the metro Detroit area are allowing limited skating as youth hockey and recreation leagues return to practice."
  7. IMO, the factory CCM steel has never been very good. Its not the worst in the world but is far from what I consider to be good. I hope they put STEP on all of their upper end skates costing $499+
  8. I think the only reason jr goes up to 6.5 is bc Bauer now offers intermediate size pricing, which 6.5 falls under. They prob realize for the most part those sizes cater to youths that are still growing and they lose quite a large age group if they charge parents 1000+ for skates their kids are only going to wear a year max. This way it's easier to stomach spending 7-800 vs 1000. Just my guess.
  9. Never heard of the black label, but their standard black with the green core is garbage. The glue on the tape sticks onto the fabric that it's roller on and it's a complete mess. Their white I like a lot though, even moreso than Howie's.
  10. Ya I figured it was some kind of premium brand. I looked on the Renfrew site and they only have green labels. Figures I find great tape and they don’t make it anymore.
  11. Friction doesn't come in 1.5" - it comes in either 3/4" or 1". I remember Renfrew had that black core - was supposed to be their premium offering. Not sure if they still offer it.
  12. Maybe it was more the foam padding they use that actually mould to your foot which really isn't a tonne of customization. I've heated moulded all three. And the Bauer def was the least heat mouldable, and it was quite noticeable.
  13. Howdy, This seems as good a place as any to ask my dumb escrow question... Does an individual player ever need to owe more than the escrow amount for a season? Like if escrow is 10% for the current season, revenues fall during that season such that that is not enough to get back to 50/50, and a player retires at the end of the season (and their contract expires)... Does that specific player owe additional money beyond the 10% escrow that was withheld? Or does the escrow 'balance due' roll forward to the next season and the players who are getting paid in the following season pay that? Or something else? Mark
  14. Sounds to me like you're talking about friction tape.
  15. I’ve been searching on this topic for awhile, but most posts seem to be from 7-8 years ago. Can anyone tell me if they still make the black label Renfrew tape? I recently found an old roll I bought way back and immediately noticed a difference when I hit the ice. The grip was amazing and it was some of the best tape I ever used... almost like I waxed my blade. The roll I have looks to be 1.5 x 30 and it feels pretty gritty, with a black label. It looks like IW, Pure Hockey etc just sell a green label version. I assume the roll I have is different version because most of the Renfrew tape I’ve used in the past was pretty smooth and not very grippy.
  16. I've seen a couple of videos where the CCM skate product manager claims that Bauer skates (curv) don't really become pliable until you heat them to 300 degrees, whereas CCM skates are pliable at 200 degrees. Not sure how true it is, but I don't doubt it, as the Bauer skates I've had were not very moldable, even when they were quite hot.
  17. Probably pretty high as long as everyone follows the rules.
  18. Ice-Plex Escondido is shut down permanently, and that email I mentioned is from San Diego Ice Arena (Mira Mesa). Carlsbad is where I was playing on a team.
  19. From my experience Bauer skates aren't even that mouldable. The boots for the CCMs get super soft and so does the trues but never got that impression with Bauer's.
  20. Well, it's official. I wonder the odds of finishing the tournament? https://www.latimes.com/sports/hockey/story/2020-07-10/nhl-and-nhlpa-vote-to-accept-cba-and-return-to-play-protocols?fbclid=IwAR0c1oIDWsVZ5GpokU06Un7vZ1jSqd-GQxb0hPGDPzm2liij32TdZ4lpraY
  21. That is funny because I'm a huge fan of step steel. First thing I though when I saw the AS3 Pro skate was "I thought they bought Step. Am I suppose to buy Step after paying $1300 total?..."
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  23. I looked into Base, the shipping rates killed the deal.
  24. Just got an email from another local rink that they’re in big trouble and will likely be shutting down if they don’t get county assistance. So, that’s 3 of the 5 sheets locally that would be gone.
  25. allblackhockeysticks still has drury/staal curve
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