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  1. I lace entirely under and prefer it this way. Never had lace bite issues and I find they lock nicely. In truth, I lace my shoes under as well, and I prefer it
  2. M David uses a modded p92 with square toe. Good luck finding one of his pro stocks though lol. You're other option is to sand down the toe on one if your sticks and then epoxy and tape. That's only if you're a real nut
  3. Thanks, but that post is a year and half old. I'm in the US anyway, so I did end up getting some MPC freestyle directly from RR
  4. I'll give it a try then when I need one. Thanks for posting the vid
  5. Funny enough, seems like he just split the two insta pages, one for his own sticks and another for pro stock gear nerding
  6. That's referring to the testing site where you can go shoot and try sticks. The company was still going for a bit after the shop closed, but it seems that they've gone under since
  7. I heard that Base was/is going under.
  8. Hope Sean Avery helps him get some support from the pros to get permission to use their images
  9. There's no claim of an endorsement, and it seems to me like nothing that a nice big "no players shown here are sponsored or endorse our sticks" can't fix. But either way, dudes gonna change his pattern names to something funny.
  10. I view it more like a fan page. Dude loves sticks and curves. If I were him I would definitely look into my options to take legal action, but he doesn't seem like that kinda guy.
  11. MacKinnon looks like it's a bit more open faced and looks like it's missing that real hard hook right up to the tip of the blade
  12. Imo yes, however, if you are concerned then you can always just buy a pair of vapors
  13. Can't say wrt int, but sr is accurate. Big fan of Geppetto, highly recommend the sticks. They are close to top of the line sticks in performance, custom options are amazing. Unfortunately, just saw on his insta this morning that the nhlpa sent him a cease and desist email re posting pics of NHLers and using player names for his curves. I get the second one, but he posts from Getty images, so not exactly sure what authority the NHLPA have over that. Anyway, someone above mentioned his way of describing curves, which I agree, it is a bit odd. I recently have been using a stack of Warrior W10 retail Gionta curves and love them. Asked his rec and he suggested Gino pro, which I have and can say that the Gionta has a lower lie and a way bigger toe hook than Malkin. From his visualizer, it looks to me like Hossa, Kovy or Spezza are much closer to W10. The other thing that irks me is that he changes the lie, often making it higher than the actual pro curve.
  14. They're eyelet extenders. Never seen them up on the top eyelets, but they increase the commune of the skate over a few eyelets if there is a small area that requires more volume. Someone else might know the specifics of it's function here
  15. Looks like the next Supreme line release with some white accents
  16. Hgql, ft1, tacks (hgtk). You can usually find a pair of those new for around 100 on sideline, depending on what color you're after.
  17. Gotta upload the image to a host. https://imgbb.com/ The V3 was a lower price point stick and was not made in Mexico. Only top sticks. BTW, as a big fan of Easton sticks myself, I would say try pro stock hockey sticks. Com. Definitely have a very Easton feel and lot of custom curves. @PBHgot me into them and I like them a lot.
  18. I'm a black laces guy, mostly cuz I hate changing laces and white get dirty too fast. But there's nothing like a clean pair of white ref laces. Last yellow laces I wore was on my old Mission Amp Fly skates. Those were hot
  19. I would go with a 7.5 TF9 if I were you. The TF9 is higher than 3X/3S tier skate. They are top of the line quality just like Hyper lite or ultra Sonic
  20. Why not lol Bucket- Easton e700s PS (+ an S19 and an 11k) Gloves- few pairs mic Easton pro 4rolls PS, Easton HSX, warrior franchise and Bauer 2n pros (+ some 1S, NXGs, 11ks/hg12s and 2S pros). Elbows- Easton Synergy 700 NHL Shins- PS Easton Stealth S9 Skates- True TF9 on sprungs+true TF9 on Tuuks Girdle- Eagle gx88 I think, 9k and Easton Synergy pro Shoulders- Eagle Aero pro Twig- TPS Tricore 2piece with Easton p7 Iginla blades
  21. Thank God, because the 2S Pros were crazy stiff. Not sure about ultras, but between the injected facing and Curv Composite, dang, at 225lbs with close to 30 years experience and being a strong skater I still had a tough time flexing them forward and often skipped the top 2 eyelets. Got used to it and didn't feel it until I went to True.
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