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  1. In terms of warmth, long johns, wool socks, hoodie and jersey, hat or ear muffs. I also use ski glove liners if it's really cold. Possibly sunglasses. For protection, shins, gloves, cup and maybe helmet depending on tourney. That's what I do, some might wear more
  2. Nope. And that wouldn't help anyway, they fit fine, just the the ridge on the bottom makes no sense. I don't need to go a half size up
  3. I'm generally very happy with my TF9s, but a few folks have mentioned the little ridge in the front bottom of the toe cap on the half sizes. Does this go away? Didn't bother me for a while, but the other day I got tripped and while trying to catch myself, I felt my big toe jam into that ridge and it left a nice bruise on the front of my toe. Not broken, but still uncomfortable and I've never had such a thing happen in any other skate. Hoping the ridge there will eventually compress or something, but if anyone can speak from experience I'd appreciate it
  4. Agree with this. When they dropped I tried a 9, which is what I usually wear (I'm a true 9L and 9.25R) and they felt fine. But practically, I ended up buying them in 8.5R, and I probably could have dropped to 8R if I wanted a super performance fit, but these are comfortable and I'm past the stage of jamming my feet. So I also owe Matt an apology
  5. The f60 will definitely feel stiffer than a 703
  6. Agree, I won a set of the RRs at my local rink for some 3v3 tourney that they held for fun, and now I can't find a set online cuz they're sold out lol. I stocked up on pures when they went on sale and I'm glad I did. Still have 3 sets left of +2, but I recently list about 30lbs
  7. I grabbed a pair of Rink Rat Identities and in finding them to be amazing as well. Expensive. I was running them straight across for a bit, and now I have those in the middle and pures on the front and rear wheels and it's a great setup
  8. Lol definitely a lifetime ago. I only recall the blue or the red redline Hilo frames. Thanks
  9. Glad it worked out for you, nice update.
  10. It's great, you'll love it if it fits. After the E700 it's probably the best helmet I've used in terms of fit and comfort for me. Looks pretty good too imo
  11. 11k is a great helmet
  12. My 2S Pro blades went soft at the toe (2 p92s when I was shooting off the toe a lot; the p88 2S pro I had didn't have this issue at all for some reason). I'm surprised that the Vapors are going soft so quickly
  13. What is sling tech? I thought it was supposed to be similar to adv but not sure
  14. They don't degrade and turn to mush, they are urethane, which loses its elasticity and flexibility over time. I believe these are 74a, so they are way too soft for me, but if I weighed 150 lbs and used them indoors, I'd expect them to be ok for a bit, but not as grippy as when they were new. At my weight (190) they probably would separate from the hub or crack very quickly, besides for being slow and crappy
  15. Word. Was there a year that the sensors came stock on the fishbones? I seen to recall the sensor starting on the G90 or something, and the all 80s starting on the beemer. If you swapped the sensors on, then maybe you have some advice for me. I was considering mounting sprungs, but I have no idea how the Kevlar outsole will react and I don't wanna wreck these as I'm not really counting on finding another pair in this lifetime
  16. Been a long time, and I know a lot of folks didn't like these, but these were my favorite skates back in the day. Saw a pair in my size and grabbed em for outdoor skates. Brand new, still with og Millennium wheels lol
  17. Feels like a lot more than annual at this rate. Don't use CCM but would like to try a Jetspeed
  18. Lol, I'm not a bean counter, I just get migraines often, and I found that a heavier feeling helmet can trigger one for me. I use the e700 which is probably the lightest helmet ever. I've also had decent luck with the 11k, but I don't usually vary because I don't really want to experiment and risk it
  19. Pretty sure he meant it sincerely. I used to do this too, but I would have until the third eyelet from top, skip the second to top eyelet and then use a short lace to tie the top eyelet. This was back when I weighed about 110 pounds but my feet grew, so I had to go into men's skate sizes and they were just too stiff lol.
  20. Agree, on looks alone I prefer them
  21. Yeah I read that in the old Sprung thread. I use a can of dust off to blow out the dirt after every game, and I take them apart to clean every season of indoor. Not terrible to maintain imo
  22. Thanks for the detailed response @althoma1. I've been on sprungs for a while now and love them. I have two extra sets of A7s and a bunch of extra rocker arms. Actually, the biggest issue for me has been the hardware, which is absolute trash imo. I've been on R1s for about 4 months, but the boots I have them mounted too are garbage Alkali Revel 1 that are already soft. The reason I was asking your opinion is to decide if it's worth it to swap the R1s onto different boots for indoor. From your answer I think I'm going to put the R1s on a pair of boots for outdoor pickup and practice, but stick with my sprungs for indoor. I'm on A7s, which are pretty durable. Iirc you're on A6 or A6x, but the A7s have been good to me so far. Btw, I spoke to Keith a couple weeks ago and asked him about the Fizix frames. He said he's expecting to have his first sets of working prototypes in the next few months, before the end of 2021, I believe. Still a ways to go, obviously, but it's definitely moving forward still. I kinda just wish I were a billionaire so I could jump start this whole thing. Imo if True or CCM were to grab the Fizix frames, they would take over roller. Those puppies on a monocoque boot would be unstoppable.
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