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  1. Whichever fits you... Fit 1 is probably narrower than a mako D, fit 2 is narrower than a mako EE, fit 3 is wider than a mako EE. If you want current skates that feel like mako then you will have to buy true
  2. You could try on the ft4 or hyper lite. They will not be anything like the mako, but that is the closest you'll get. Maybe you can get something from Graf but idk. The only real comp is true
  3. Agree, the fit 2 heel is pretty similar in the Vapor and the Supreme
  4. Ah that makes sense. I tried with acetone and I was going pretty hard and got nothin, so I figured I'd ask. Maybe I'll try to Dremel with a buffer pad soaked in acetone or something to try to save time
  5. How did you strip the colored paint from the quarters? I tried acetone and it didn't come off. Did you paint over it with a paint marker or strip the paint? Tia, looking forward to getting rid of the blue and silver
  6. I would say they both feel very good for the top end models, can't say anything about lower level models. It's hard to say if the Swiss actually feel better or if it's the placebo effect. They're both well-made skates
  7. PM9 is still fairly common for pro stock. I have never had an issue finding pro stock PM9 in my flex. I find them on Nexus most often, but they exist on Vapor sticks too
  8. If you have a retailer for Graf, they can order the Swiss-made Grafs. The only issue is that it depends on the retailer what the payment arrangement will be. I tried to order G9000s a while ago, and one retailer said I would just have to guess my size and buy them and he would order and I could pick them up. Different retailer fitted me and then ordered me 2 sizes of G7s and I picked the ones I wanted. Spoke to this retailer last summer and he was willing to do the same thing, but I ended up moving away before I could get to it
  9. I just see stalk instead of stock...
  10. Never tried the goalie skates and cannot speak to the sizing. It's possible they did adjust the sizing from the original player skate release. For me, I wear a 9 Bauer Supreme and I fit an 8 or 8.5 tf9. I can put on the 8.5 without baking, but not the 8. To get the 8 on I had to bake them a bit and take out the tongue. I ended up going with the 8.5 because they're more comfortable, but if I were playing competitively and wanted the extra performance I would go with the 8, even though I couldn't get them on initially. So it's definitely possible that a 7 or 7.5 might fit you, but you might have to heat them a bit to find out
  11. Yup, usually women's college, occasionally juniors. They don't usually get lots of custom options or dressed sticks. Usually what you see is what you get
  12. At these flexes you're most likely not getting pro sticks, so I highly doubt that the stick is anything other than an as3 pro. But for actual pro stock sticks @BigTis right, that sticker is needed to figure it out.
  13. M is the factory, not mid flex. 65 flex T is shaft geometry, so T is a traditional square shaft E28804 is the player ID V01 is the version of the stick in its line. Version 01 indicates that it is an SMTacks, the new Tacks version. In your case that would mean a standard as3 pro build. there's no indication of a curve code, so the p90 that you were told is what it is. so you have a p90 as3 pro, 65 flex, traditional square shaft, standard flex profile for an as3.
  14. Good to hear. They don't look horrible, just the top couple eyelets appear to be too deep, but it seems like the tongue should be sufficient to fill that up. If not, maybe you could have an extra piece of felt stitched into the back of the tongue only in that area. I've never had this issue, but maybe others have some tried and true advice. To me it looks like you should be able to figure a workable solution is you otherwise are happy with the performance
  15. I hear you 100%. Roller hockey ankle injuries are rare but awful. I have unfortunately had one myself and it was due to the frames being mounted too far in, causing me to supinate and roll my ankle out. Broke a bone, lot of ligament damage, so I hear you 100%. The issue is that with all coppers you still run a risk. In your case, the steel rivets came loose, but with coppers they won't come loose and rip through the outsole, but they can rip the entire outsole off of the boot, which leaves you with the same net loss. The best thing to do is definitely to throw on a couple extra coppers. I like to do the back 4 all copper, then backmost 2 on the front mount in copper and the rest steel, maybe 1 more copper on the front outside edge, but all copper puts too much strain on the outsole. Just my $.02, feel free to disagree
  16. Honestly probably doing more harm than good. Totally not necessary imo. That said, skates look beautiful and gl at state wars!
  17. Are they fixed cuff coverts? Those are a drop shorter than the floating cuff
  18. That's why you gotta zero those cuffs buddy
  19. You can deal with it with custom, yes. I would say that the placing on your 100k looks off. The 5th and 4th eyelets from the top (the ones that look like they're flared out) should be the tightest, and the upper 3 eyelets could be flared out more. Looks like you're tying looser there and creasing to flex the boot
  20. That just looks like wear from the Rocker motion within the chassis. Kinda odd that the tolerance is so tight
  21. Yeah my bad, mixed up with the current True guarantee
  22. Idk those look pretty fine to me, are your ankles super skinny? Can bake them at the same time, no problem. 90 degrees sitting is best, maybe a touch forward but unless you know what you're doing better not. Pencil test, I have no idea, I have very flat feet and fail the pencil test on everything except Nexus and I still wear Supreme without issue, even though I fail the pencil test horribly (and I use the Bobby Clarke thick felt tongues which eat up even more volume lol). Personally I would say to give it some more time and skate as much as you can during the 30 day warrantee period. You're coming from 10 year old One95s, it's gonna take time. You have 30 days, try to skate at least 3x a week, even 4 or 5 of you can swing it, and then make a decision after a dozen skates
  23. I'm in the same boat, love sprungs. The stability and feel is unmatched. My issue is that I do feel like there is a bit lacking in power compared to a fixed alloy chassis like the kryptonium. I have a pair of R1s on the Alkali Revel 1 boots that Marsblade offered from the factory. I use them for outdoor roller and I really don't like them. However, I really think the issue is that I don't like the boots, and therefore it's hard to get a real idea of how the R1s perform. I'm planning on converting another pair of TF9s, and I'm undecided if I would rather just stick with the sprungs despite the fact that they're a bit slow, or if I want to try out the R1s on a different boot. I'm a big net-front power forward type, and I love the stability of the sprungs, makes me very hard to move. What would you say are the pros and cons of the R1s compared to Sprung?
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