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  1. Graf's are probably a good call. If you must stay Bauer for whatever reason then you should look for Nexus V-Cuts in your size.
  2. I grew up not using tape on my blade actually. I hated it. I use on the handle only because if the texture (Kane style handle) but don't really need the grip from it. But I use a wooden plug so my hand isn't on an area of the shaft that already has a grip coating
  3. Tennis over grip is very thick imo. I'm sure they vary but I got a few ultra thin Dunlop and they're much thicker than tape. I was leaning towards Tacki Mac anyway, so thanks
  4. Thinking about changing away from classic Howie's tape to preserve my palms better. I swear a lot and am hard on palms, but with repalms these days being expensive and hard to come by good quality, I'd like to have my palms last as long as possible. I've tried in the past and the issue I had was that they were too thick and just went back to tape. My handle is pretty close to the classic Kane style, so each of the brands makes an option I can use. Wondering if the great minds here can weigh in on Lizard Skins vs. Tacki Mac vs. Buttendz. If possible, rate each from 1-10 in terms of palm wear (10 being best for preserving palms), feel (10 being thinnest and best stick feel) and grip durability (how long the grip itself will last, 10 being forever)
  5. It's fine for function, but not great. He just sews in prefabricated palms. Doesn't size them or do a clean job, sews over the binding. Just depends how particular one is. But his price is good. Wish you all the best Joe
  6. I mean, it is a hockey event, you would think it's an ok place to wear a hockey jersey. Not like he's wearing it to Olive Garden
  7. Mine came with 272s and put 280 Tuuks on them and dropped to 1" hollow from 3/4"
  8. I would go with the mid kick redline build probably, but I've only tried that and the Easton build
  9. Not until after the season.
  10. Millenniums always do that for me, you might be too heavy for them. Either way, serve that picture to Labeda and they will take care of it. They're great about this stuff
  11. They're nice but I would have waited for the Mach. Nicer looking skates and they look basically the same
  12. Interesting. Looks like now that the Mission patent is up, everyone is going to 76-80 setup.
  13. It's very good. If CPR gets an A+, HM gets an A. With regard to basic palms and gussets (which are not exactly basic and are quite challenging), pretty close to CPR quality. (I did have a pair of gloves come back from him a while back that were not perfectly done. Palms were sewn in slightly skewed and it created a bit of a pull towards the outside. I didn't complain as I was otherwise happy with his work and I've gotten customs that have had the same issue from factory, so I just assume it is the nature of handmade products. So far there not an issue). HM cannot do the cuff mods, adjustment of palm sizing (wide, narrow, changing fit, etc), repairs, pinky stripe, embroidery etc that Pat can do. The only thing he will do is cut down an existing cuff, which I've had him do and his work is clean. His gusset material options are more or less the same, and he's fine adjusting or modifying gussets. His palm material options are pretty good, although he told me that he's planning to stop caring pearl mustang, which is what I use most of the time (got the cream deer just cuz it matched the existing gussets well and I wanted to try it). I basically keep my gloves in two categories- 1- are gloves that need to wait for Pat, either because I want mods that only Pat can do, or because they're rare enough that I only trust Pat with them. (Looks like gloves that need pearl palms are going to be in this category now too, which is about 10 pairs and counting lol). 2- are gloves that have already been modded by Pat or are fine the way they are, and just need a repalm. Those go to Hockey Menders.
  14. Ya bud, agree with this. Might be time to start manufacturing your own lol.
  15. Not sure about that sorry
  16. Nice! Sent these to Joe at hockey menders a while back, good work. Have another bunch of pairs by him currently
  17. I would go 6W as they will open up a bit with use. Also, if volume is an issue, you can easily swap out the current tongues for the thinner pro tongues which will help relieve that pressure. Good luck
  18. I would go 6W as they will open up a bit with use. Also, if volume is an issue, you can easily swap out the current tongues for the thinner pro tongues which will help relieve that pressure. Good luck
  19. These puppies dropped and look really nice. At that price I'm skeptical of trying Tour given their issues with durability. Anybody give them a go? https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Tour_Roller_Hockey_Skates/catpage-TOURSKATE.html
  20. They will put them on sale when they hit a certain amount of remaining stock. They did the same with Mission release where the fz were still full price when the wm line dropped. Personally I don't wear vapors but I'm really baffled by the decision to only offer in fit 2.
  21. Well, Bauer rollers are built in the Vapor last and Mission rollers are built on the Supreme last. So size 6 in both would be your most logical bet. I'm assuming you already figured something out, but just putting it here in case
  22. Thanks, I guess I'm sticking with a cage then
  23. Bumping this as I'm considering going to a bubble. Is there any verdict on which bubble is longer? I have a long face (wear size small helmet or medium on the smallest setting, and size large cage always) and am leaning towards CCM, but just wondering if one is longer than the other
  24. You probably already got it but I would back the 85 for concrete as well
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