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    Custom Team E-Lite Bag by JRZ, Warrior Pro, MSH Bag made by Junkyard Athletics, Easton NY Rangers Pro Stock - Used by Dubinsky in 2011-2012

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  1. Yeah, hard to fathom the risk but after losing over 21 lbs I'm dying to serif I'm any faster now!!!! Oh well. Just did a deep dive into NY's planning documents and I don't see hockey here coming anytime soon anyway. Here is the full document: https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/governor.ny.gov/files/atoms/files/SportsAndRecreationMasterGuidance.pdf Hockey is a "level 3 high risk sport." Effective July 6, 2020 in regions that have reached or surpassed Phase 3 of the State’s reopening and in accordance with this guidance, participants in lower and moderate risk sports and recreation activities may partake in all types of play, except competitive tournaments requiring travel. Participants in higher risk sports and recreation activities may only partake in individual or distanced group training and organized no/low-contact group training.
  2. I have such mixed feelings but the truth is I know it is not safe... but until there is a vaccine. The question is how much of a risk am I willing to take. There will be a variety of factors we should all consider. What is the transmission rate where you live (I am in Nassau County, LI), what precautions are they taking at the rinks, will there be protective face gear like the Bauer shield? From everything I have read an indoor sport with close contact, air conditioning and heavy breathing is the single riskiest thing out there. I'd like to tell you I would wait... I am 53, have cardiovascular disease (3 stents), type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I also have my 86 year old mother in law living in my house. But I'm not sure... I just dont know....
  3. Based on what? You think this is all a hoax? You live in AZ now... have you seen that the Covid numbers are skyrocketing? Florida through the freeking roof!
  4. Honestly stretching a hockey skate like that is a tough ask. Even if you are successful with the rate kids grow how long would you get out of it? Depends how old she is I guess...
  5. I find rollerblade skating impossible.... I constantly feel like I'm gonna die.
  6. Chirping is a hockey players default.... c'mon! A little good natured debate never hurt anyone.
  7. Bought the Bauer Hybrid two weeks into pandemic... prob won't do shit but I dont think the Concept 2 or 3 will either....
  8. Lost 17 lbs, been walking, jogging and rollerblading... (had to buy rollers... never did that before).
  9. I have to be honest, I find the topic you chose for this thread to be offensive - or at least overly provocative. There is a man behind the site that works incredibly hard for this community and that should always, in ,my opinion, be remembered. You could have just as easily asked the question, "why isn't more information about products being posted on MSH" This would have been valid and far nicer. As many have said the market has changed considerably. The way manufacturers deal with online information outlets has changed as well. I also think the way people consume news and information has changed and many prefer to listen to a video rather than write and discuss. I could get into what that says about us as people (not a good thing) but I will pass on it. Low hanging fruit as it were.... The good thing is we can do things to help.... post good topics. Share your experiences and reviews. Tell your friends about the site and, when the pandemic is over, come to events. In the end this site is what WE make of it.
  10. That's what I'm thinking... and I'd be ok with that as long as overall infection rates are low.
  11. I still hold out hope for this because I think without it hockey might be pretty dangerous until there is a vaccine unless we get tested regularly. And thats unlikely at best.
  12. What have we learned from this exercise children...... it's all personal preference and feel!!!! lol
  13. why not just go with the apx2? I have them. Love them.
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