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  1. The width of those two models is about the same. The depth however is not. The X30 is deeper.
  2. It is certainly NOT the locker room and it's high time we stopped thinking we are immune or that you wont get it. Stop acting tough, the virus doesn't give a shit. And even if you don't care if you get sick what about the other people in your life who you'd give it to. I have spoken to some travel/junior parents. I can't tell you how many times I hear: "they are your and strong - they will be fine." How f-ing stupid. And then they come to school!!!! And parties. Beyond dumb. I have played a few times in clinics and scrimmages. If I skate I wear a mask. The infection rate is very low in NY but things are starting to get a little worse and I may avoid playing for a while. We can wait. Be smart.
  3. glad you liked it. and a smart move IMHO.
  4. Some might recall I had three stents put in on March 2nd. Been a great recovery - lost 24 lbs and got my Ldl down to 25 - but now I am feeling some "stuff" when exercising. Weakness in left arm and chest "twinges." It might all be in my head because I am insane but after consulting with my cardiologist I am going in for another angiogram next Monday (10/26). Hoping its nothing. this time around.
  5. I have always worn a neoprene sleeve on each knee for support. Its not a knee pad but des provide some cushion. Might want to give it a try.
  6. Yes and it was fine weight wise IMHO but I am used to already carrying around my big fat head! You cannot use it with a visor. It needs to attach to either a bubble or a cage.
  7. UPDATE: Played last night using the CCM and was very pleasantly surprised. I was able to breathe easily and my vision was not impaired. As far as I am concerned it is clearly more effective and my concerns proved not to be an issue. Regarding effectiveness, with all due respect to my friend @IPv6Freely, we should most definetley be talaking about effectiveness. That's the whole point of the product! Now there is no way this is gonna be tested by the CDC or FDA but I do think we can apply some common sense. Neither is an N95. We get that. Neither hermetically seals your face in! But the CCM is surely going to stop more than the Bauer. Frankly, if all players in leagues would wear the CCM mask or other mask then we'd be able to play fairly safely. But... if everyone was just wearing the Bauer we wouldn't be any safer. And that's pretty damming Is the Bauer a cash grab? I don't know.... I don't quite care either. I'm just looking to lower my risk.
  8. I will be wearing the CCM on the ice for the first time tonight and will report back. Other item to note regarding eyeglasses and fog... the CCM does have a moldable nose piece that might help mold things will enough to partially mitigate this issue. Hard to tell because I dont wear glasses.
  9. I found moving to the quad helped me with stability. The result of that was I could get to a shallower cut and with increased glide and helped me get more on top of the ice. I wouldn't go back. Very happy. Everyone has to find what works for them and that's the whole point of the profiles and the profiling project. Try stuff, see what works... etc.
  10. Yes, I think you could probably use the Bauer shield and a mask, or maybe a gaiter. The CCM does seem like a very robust product... pretty darn thick to be honest so that's a good thing as far as filtering goes. The thing about the CCM is it wont shift around I doin't think and a regular mask might. The CCM isn't quite flush to your cheeks tho. Not sure what that means or if its a + or -. I did try using the Under Armour mask last week but it was too thick and wouldn't really fit under the chin cup. Yeah, can't wait to get back to normalcy and see everyone!!!
  11. Ok... two competing concepts for the same issue... Coronavirus! In one corner, hailing from Bauer.. the Bauer Face Shield. In the other corner, hailing from CCM... the CCM Game On Face Mask! Two very different solutions and to me this speaks to the issues we are facing. Below you will find pictures of each but here are the pros and cons as I see them... In the end everyone will decide for themselves what they like better, what their own levels of risk are, etc. Discuss.... Bauer CCM Pros Visibility excellent. Breathability – does not cover the nose. Lightweight. Cons Flimsy clear vinyl. Expected hard plastic. Bottom spaces of Concept III mask remain open. No protection of nasal particles. Only designed for Bauer Concept III mask. Cannot use cage. Pros Covers the nose. Superior protection from transmission Can fit Bauer or CCM masks. Can fit on clear plastic cages or wire cages. Cons Harder to breathe – nose is covered. Impacts lower peripheral visibility. Mask tighter – chin strap may need adjusting. Bauer: CCM
  12. I have the splash guard and it's certainly not what I thought it would be. Envsioned hard plastic. This, as discussed, is pliable, clear vinyl. Didnt bother at all. It fogs but its so low it doesn't impact vision. Doesn't cover all slots but you do need air. I guess I'd say it mitigates "some" risk. I'm begrudgingly ok with it. Hate wearing the plastic bubble tho... oh well.
  13. The only way a mask will work is if everyone is wearing one (unless its an N95). I support mask wearing 100% but there is no way we are getting all players to wear one. I've skated twice since this all started and no, I didn't wear one.
  14. Played two weeks ago ands going again today. Its a very small private rent out with just 10 people. Only shooting, passing and drills. Just getting rust off. No scrimmage. It was really hard when I got on the ice at first... couldn't feel an edge at all. I blame the roller for that. After about 5-10 minutes I was fine. It was fun. Felt fairly safe. We will do it every other week.
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