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  • Skates
    Bauer Nexus V-cut Customs
  • Stick
    CCM Tacks and Ultra Tacks 85/75 Flex P46
  • Gloves
    Warrior Alpha QX
  • Helmet
    Bauer Re-Akt
  • Pants
    Bauer Vapor 1X
  • Shoulder Pads
    SherWood 9950 (modded)
  • Elbow Pads
    CCM 6052
  • Shin Pads
    CCM 6052
  • Hockey Bag
    Custom Team E-Lite Bag by JRZ, Warrior Pro, MSH Bag made by Junkyard Athletics, Easton NY Rangers Pro Stock - Used by Dubinsky in 2011-2012

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    Merrick, NY
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    Hockey, travel, golf, exercise, food and WINE!!!!!!!
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  1. I love mine and when they give up the ghost I'll be really challenged to find a skate that works for me.
  2. Thought we were talking about hockey and not trips to the bathroom.
  3. I just find that after a few months the pop isn't the same. I'm not a heavy shooter or anything and it seems odd. Using pro stock True sbp 6.0 sticks.
  4. How long does a stick last for you guys before it loses it's initial "pop."
  5. Oh. I am not looking for anything... just trying to answer the original poster who wanted to adjust the fit of the skate. Eventually tho I will need to replace mine and the issue will be my inside ankle bone which sits very far forward.
  6. @mojo122 Tom, will they make sizing alterations?
  7. Seems like you are not really getting an answer here. To the best of my knowledge the MyBauer customization changes are fairly cosmetic.. .tounge, liners etc... they do not change the fit.
  8. West Side skate shop and paragon sports in NYC. Paragon is not a hockey specialty shop.
  9. Even your hands are too thin!!
  10. I have seen the same thing, albeit to a much lesser degree by us. There are handful or teams and a handful of guys that are like that. There is one team in my division I hate playing against because there are guys who think they are playing checking league and only want to hurt you. And then God forbid you bump them back they act like you assaulted them and then want to fight. Not a good group. The refs are "meh" in terms of controlling play. That said, its not quite as bad as your experience. On my teams we have the same guys, very consistent and we treat each other with respect. I am the captain but lack the experience that others do so I never tell anyone how to play, I just organized things and leave the "coaching" to the better players. I guess my point is you have some options... find a team or league you are happier with for one. You can also find organized pickups.. I fill in on two and they are lots of fun... great guys. Good luck, you are doing this ti have fun and if you are not having fun you really need to make a change.
  11. Thanks... I need to find a place to get sharpened on a Fire ring and try it out.
  12. I've been in FBV for about 7 years now and I think in this regard its more or less the same... way too much is made of that IMHO.
  13. I have considered trying the Sparx Fire..... need to demo it first tho. If I liked it I'd buy the sparx but I havent heard amazing things about the Fire ring and I love my FBV. Hand sharpened by the master himself... @JR Boucicaut
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