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  • Skates
    Bauer Nexus V-cut Customs
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    CCM Tacks and Ultra Tacks 85/75 Flex P46
  • Gloves
    Warrior Alpha QX
  • Helmet
    Bauer Re-Akt
  • Pants
    Bauer Vapor 1X
  • Shoulder Pads
    SherWood 9950 (modded)
  • Elbow Pads
    CCM 6052
  • Shin Pads
    CCM 6052
  • Hockey Bag
    Custom Team E-Lite Bag by JRZ, Warrior Pro, MSH Bag made by Junkyard Athletics, Easton NY Rangers Pro Stock - Used by Dubinsky in 2011-2012

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    Merrick, NY
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    Hockey, travel, golf, exercise, food and WINE!!!!!!!
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  1. Going to add to my list... a couple of years a go I moved to Step steel and on @JR Boucicaut 's advice moved to an FBV that was shallower then my ROH. Then with the ProSharp project moved to a Quad1 profile and went even shallower. The new set up has really helped my skating and stability. So while it's not an old piece of gear I wish I had back which was the point of the thread, it one of. - oof not THE best things gear wise I have ever done. PS - the sit on a pair of JR Boucicaut customs too!
  2. I had a pair of grey/silver Easton stealth shoulder pads once that were near perfect and I dumped them way before I had to. Wish I still had them. Fit perfectly and low profile,. Tank like protection. God I wish I had them back.
  3. Ok... kind of corona bored with no hockey so let's just have some fun with this.... What is the one, single favorite piece of hockey gear you have ever owned and why? It could be anything from a stick, to a helmet, gloves or skates. It can be new or old and lost but you still wish you had it. Just that one, perfect piece! GO!
  4. You can a have a stiff blade that isn't pingy tho.... the Easton Stealth was a pretty pingy stiff blade and the puck used to bounce off for me. My Tacks and True blades are stiff but receive a pass nicely. I find the advantage to a stiffer blade is obviously accuracy in shooting but in all honestly I get more feedback from the puck and thus feel and receipt of passes has improved. Just try some out in warmups from other guys...
  5. Hey, thanks for making yourself available to us. Here's my question... I play in a division that is really a notch or two above my ability levels. I'm the captain and the guys are my best friends but the truth is I often feel overmatched and I head into the game feeling nervous and that does not help me at all. Do you have any tips on mental game prep when you are "playing up?" Thanks a ton!!
  6. Yea took a bit but HM finally restocked the Bauer shell so I jumped on it. Thanks!
  7. Cool to see this thread come back... I find myself in an interesting spot... I keep looking at EBay and Sideline swap but I never buy.... I looked for shoulder pads for a bit but couldn't find anything else I liked more. Repacked a whole bunch of sticks this year tho. The mot fun I had was when one of my teams git new jerseys so I went all out on new shel, gloves and helmet. Oh, the joy!!! I guess in terms of protective I am just satisfied. Sad. Ironic isn't it....
  8. I have exactly the same problem. My solution - after 10 years of trying every pad on the market - was a frankenpad! I took the silver Sher-Wood 9950s and had Farrell like pad cubes sewn onto the back. I think they were Farrell... maybe some padded pants and shorts and shirts, I don't actually remember.. I also attached a belly pad from some other pads I had because they ran a tad short. The caps drop nice ands low and the Farrell padding does a nice job absorbing impact. When these wear out I retire!
  9. The toe box is plastic and is malleable. I have had it compress from blocking a shot just like you did and the toe box was fine afterward. I don't know if higher end toeboxews are better than lower end skates but my gut tells me they are the same. That's a plastic part that is interchangeable and easily mass produced.
  10. Good to hear the success stories. I worry about the long term future....
  11. Pretty much. Good thing i was proactive. they tell me i can return to hockey.
  12. Followed up with a cardiologist due to family history. Two bad tests led to an angiogram that picked up blocked arteries. I am now the proud owner of three stents and a Lipitor prescription. Oh joy.
  13. Restricted or not, at age 52 my toe isn't flicking anywhere!!
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