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    CCM U+ CL
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    Bauer Nexus 8000 75flex Pm9
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    Bauer One.8
  • Helmet
    Warrior Krown pro-stock with VN Liner
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    Easton S19
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    Mission Fuel 90
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    Reebok 10k (2009 version)
  • Shin Pads
    Easton S19
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    Reebok canvas "pro series" bag

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  1. What don’t you like? It doesn’t seem “big” like other other helmets people don’t like.
  2. I have one of the original 5.2 pros in my basement, which is pretty normal basement temp. - Its grip feels the same as when I bought it, so I’d think it’s more the heat than the time. - I wish the blade wasn’t shot, it was one of my favorite sticks. (I had a brand new 5.2 and brand new nexus 8000 stolen from a rink when I left them there after a game. Every True stick thread is total trigger warning.)
  3. Here’s a link the the VA Tech Helmet study thread, so people can rehash the same debate over and over in that thread, rather than this one.
  4. Welcome back to the game! Another vote for the p88. There’s really only 3 curves widely available at retail now on most sticks- p28, p92, p88, unless you’re buying the $300 flagship stick. The other two curves are hellishly open, compared to what you’re used to. If you go with prostock patterns or curves being phased out, you end up chasing them. Whatever stick your trying, start with stuff that initially retailed about $150 or more. You can find stuff on sale or prostocks for cheaper than that. But, if your initial one-piece experience is with a retail $75 stick, it’s going to have some combination of poor blade feel and/or poor balance.
  5. Feels like you would be wasting the moldability and fit of the Trues by not baking them. They’ll fit better and feel better if you bake them. When baking skates was first a thing, it helped break-in the skate, where traditionally you had to wear skates for hours and hours to make the more comfortable and form to your feet. You would have people arguing that if you don’t bake them, you’ll extend the life of the skate. But, with modern materials, that’s no longer the true at all. Especially on other forums *cough reddit cough*, you’ll see bad, outdated advice that baking skates will decrease their lifespan, or if you just toughen up and skate hard in them, you’ll break them in in some more desirable fashion. You have nothing but to gain by baking them!
  6. Obvious advice, but if you can, try on a bunch of of 14”s. Where that extra inch is added and measured and how it feels can change between models. If you wanna get nuts, here’s a thread where people talk about cutting the bottom off of shin guards to address the same problem you are having.
  7. I’d worry about heating and bending shin guards. If the plastic gets weak, a lucky shot could break the plastic and break your shin, which will cost a lot more than buying new shins trying to sell off the old ones. Worst case scenario, but....
  8. What do you mean by “space between inside and outside eyelets?
  9. For older stuff like this, you can check out the catalogue collection on this site. Also, I think Ice Warehouse typically has good descriptions of stuff, so you can google “icewarehouse 16K shinguards” and see their YouTube review and read the archived webpage.
  10. I have the QLT 290s, predecessor to the Jetspeed line. I play D in a B-ish league with a lot of guys who played D3 or club hockey. So, I’m getting hit by shots from people who have a general idea of how to shoot. I’ve never gotten hurt through the front padding/plastic blocking a shot. I don’t intentionally put myself in position to get hit on the back or side. Those areas have less padding (vented hard plastic on anterior sides, padded foam on interior sides). You’ll definitely feel a shot in those areas. The stiching on my straps is garbage. I’ve had so many rips/tears at anchor points. They’re probably 4 years old at this point, so I expect some wear, but these starting ripping after a few months. As mentioned, above, I find the padding in the knee cap lacking. Maybe it’s compressed and packed-in over the years? But, overall protection from shots has been great, and I’ve never had an issue.
  11. Here’s the thread where he sews in padding: I don’t know the names of different foams. I cut up a pair of padded shorts that people use for snowboarding and mountain biking. A quick goog tells me it might be EVA foam. It’s just soft foam padding that’s like 1/4 inch thick. If you have access to a Goodwill or Play It Again Sports, they might have something used that you can butcher and harvest. Mine is not sexy looking, but it does the job. Last week, I dove to try to clear away a bad rebound (fail, goal against), and landed directly on my knee that historically gives me trouble. It didn’t bother me at all, and I didn’t even think about it, until this thread made me look back on if this padding is helping. I wonder if d30 padding is light and fancy and SCIENCE, but ultimately not as good as just old fashioned soft foam.
  12. Yeah, it should be super easy to punch. Also, with the increase moldability of skates, I’ve found that both Vapors and Supremes now accommodate my accessory navicular with no issue, when they didn’t seven years ago. Spots that feel tight when initially tryingn on, may open as the boot forms around your foot Your shop didn’t suggest or offer punching, and let you walk out the door with those skates...is there any where else available? I assume if you’re driving three hours there aren’t a lot of options, but can you drive three hours the other way?
  13. If you like the Tacks, the solution might be to add extra padding to the knees. I added padding to the knees in my shins. (QLT 290s which I like well enough, but seem like shoddy construction and have been slowly and continuously failing at all the seems). Theres a thread where SkateworksPNW shows off his work where he sewed additional padding into shins and it looks really nice and professional. I cut up foam padding and used looped over packing tape to a fix it right behind the removable liner. I don’t notice it at all when dressing or playing, but it’s much more comfortable when I fall.
  14. I thought a lot of recent discussion in other knee pad threads was people didn’t like the Tacks because they had fairly poor padding in the knee area.
  15. Is anyone else a little cynical that this allows CCM to just stamp “Step” on what is now their mediocre stock steel, or change the production process of Step, so it is more “cost effective.” I know it’s a case of wait and see, and none of us on this board are in a position to predict what the end result of this will be. But, anecdotally, throughout my life, when I like independent company X, and they are acquired by large corporation A, something in the quality/price/output/ “je ne sais quoi” of X tends to suffer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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