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    • JR Boucicaut

      Stick Long-Term Reviewers Wanted   01/07/18

      We are accepting Long-Term Reviewers for a manufacturer. The category we are testing are sticks (player) Requirements: Must be Members+ 0% Warnings Must have experience with high-end 2 user-submitted reviews Please PM me with your name, age, location and playing level, and a short blurb about how you would be a good candidate.

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  2. Custom Skates / Ice to Inline Conversion

    You can't post them directly. Use an external hosting site and then post the URLs. tinypic.com is one example of a free image hosting site. There are plenty of others.
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  4. Custom Skates / Ice to Inline Conversion

    don't know why I can't post photos here?! ... does anyone have instructions?
  5. Custom Skates / Ice to Inline Conversion

    My first conversion in 2016 Bauer Vapor XX with Hi Low Chassi in size 11,5ee-slightly too small My second rebuild 2017 Bauer Vapor APX2 with Hi Low Chassi in size 12ee- Fits perfectly, but is now for sale. My third rebuild 2018 CCM 50k with Hi Low Chassi in size 12ee- fits perfectly, my first CCM skate.
  6. Steel length and holder size

    I believe Bauer uses 272mm on 7.5EE skates and 263mm on 263mm skates. You should be able to use 272mm holders on your True/VH skates. Here are a couple discussions about using longer steel:
  7. Steel length and holder size

    I’ve decided to go the customer route and order a pair of VH skates. I’ve historically worn a 8ee supreme with the 272 steel. Last summer I opted for Blacksteel and it is was by far the best decision I made as far as replacement steel goes. As such, I want to keep in that steel moving forward As far as my VH skates go, I am opting to just get the boots and add edge holders. When I was last in my LHS I hopped on the Bauer scan machine and it put me in a size 7.5. That said, the steel and holder are then a 263 vs the 272 that I have skated forever. my question is this, will I notice it going to a 263 from a 272 steel with a half size smaller boot and (assuming VH puts me in a 7.5) could I still use a 272 holder / steel? What are any potential drawbacks / benefits of one size over the other in terms of feel or performance?
  8. Wheel Help

    I just played again yesterday and noticed that my right rear wheel chunks less than my left. I do know that there's a difference in ability between my right and left, so you may be on to something here too. I have the Addictions too, but I'm too afraid to try them out for fear of destroying them =(
  9. Sher-Wood Stick Lines

    Probably just random. My 2015 and 2016 1X's were reasonably durable. The 1X lite didn't last very long, but it felt solid and felt like a further evolution of the vapor line, which I love. I feel like overall it was the best stick for me. The EK365 working so well was a bit of a suprise.
  10. Saucing on Ice vs on training tiles...

    When was the last time you polished/pledged your dryland tiles? Could be the reduced friction on the ice is affecting your sauce technique.
  11. Thanks for chiming in. I actually use a shortened stick when I'm in sneakers so that the stick is the same length relative to my height. If I'm on roller blades, I use the same stick that I use on the ice.
  12. Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Got my two free grinding rings thanks to my referral code, and they sent me a couple extras! 1/2” is my normal goalie skate, 3/8” is just to give it a try.
  13. learning hockey at an advanced age

    Thank you for the advice and words of encouragement. Cardio I’m working on for sure. It’s a challenge up here in NH it’s been below zero everyday except for two for two months. But it’s getting better every time I get on the ice. Thank you again everyone.
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  15. learning hockey at an advanced age

    Welcome. I signed up here exactly 4 years ago, shortly before getting back on the ice for the first time in 24 years at 52. No doubt, the first time was brutal; but it comes back. Just go to sticks & pucks a couple of times a week and you'll be ready to play again in a couple of months. Everything comes back except for the speed and reflexes that you'd have lost anyway just by virtue of aging. If you haven't stayed in shape in the interim, you should just start working out and doing some cardio. That's something I never stopped doing and I know it would have been a lot harder to start playing again if I had. Been playing in a 50+ league, sticks & pucks once or twice a week, and doing clinics whenever I can ever since.
  16. learning hockey at an advanced age

    I recommend not responding to a 9-pg thread based only on reading the first post on P.1. The guy has come a very long way and has posted videos of his progress all along.
  17. Saucing on Ice vs on training tiles...

    Are you using the same stick in each scenario? If so it could just be the height difference between being on skates and not while using the same stick length. That would also change the lie of the blade on the ice compared to off skates, since the added few inches of height would change that angle if the stick length remains the same.
  18. Old School to New School

    Following the various tips and advice I had a fairly decent hockey practice session on Monday night. I adopted the miss out the second to the top eyelet method and it kinda worked although I did go for a medium lace tightness and taped my tongues with shin pads behind them. One thing I would say is that for the first time in 30 years of hockey I had an incident whereby I could have easily "gone over" on my ankle and it spooked me. I have never had such a feeling of exposure in leather skates in my life and it was only my ability on the ice that saved the moment. I've taken the decision to play 3 months in the new CCM Jetspeeds and if I'm not totally comfortable I'll simply buy some leather dubbin, buy some new laces and go back to my "old school" Supertacks. It's as easy as that 👍
  19. Wheel Help

    I started spending more on wheels and found that I was also getting better durability for the higher price point. I play on Ice Court and was getting 1 may 1.5 seasons out of cheaper wheels. Switched to Addictions and i'm 7 months strong on them (playing 1 - 2 nights a week). Probably wont be thinking about new wheels until the end of this current season.
  20. New mission skates

    I have NLS3's, bought them this past July.
  21. Warrior Holiday 2017

    Howdy, I can't imagine it has any effect on performance and on my 3rd ice time there was only a tiny rattle. I'm guessing its done "de-sharding" now? :-) If it keeps doing it or gets worse or I feel something maybe I'll get in touch (yes, in the warranty period), but pretty firmly in the "kinda annoying, but whatever" category right now. Thanks to Warrior again for a great sub-$200 stick! I even like the looks too. :-) Mark
  22. Sher-Wood Stick Lines

    How did you like the 1X lite before it broke? and do you think its suspect to break or just a random occurrence?
  23. Just another question of Hollow

    I’m sure that several local sharpeners use 1/2” as the standard. I’ve witnessed several people just ask for a sharpen with no specifics and an ex pro hockey player I know does the same. He seems to know nothing about RoH. But he is a first rate skater. That said, that may be specific to this region. 1”? Wow. That is almost flat, the actual depth must be less than one thousandth of an inch.
  24. The Venting Spot

    That's where I'm at right now, I currently have 2 jobs to gain experience, however one consistent job with the same hours would be much more manageable while I try to get my life in order haha
  25. Yea I'd second this. Also worth noting the new Optik series has much smaller palm sizes compared to previous Brian's models, by design. The rep told me that almost every custom order that wasn't for a pro had the intermediate palm option, so they finally decided to just make that the default size. It was very noticeable when I wore the Optik glove at Winterfest. Not that the Optik is in @jlird808's budget either, I just figured I'd mention it.
  26. The Venting Spot

    While you may not want to settle, I would recommend that you take an "add some experience to your resume" position for a year or two. It is always easier to find a job when you have a job.
  27. The Venting Spot

    What do you do and where do you live?
  28. The Venting Spot

    Electricians are expensive.
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