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  2. Howdy, So, continuing to play. I suppose I'm getting better, but it still feels like reaching for that stupid brass ring that's _just_ out of reach. :-) My latest issue is that I'll play reasonably well (for me), and then once every few shifts my fucking head explodes or something and I'll do something like I did tonight... I go down into one of our corners to retrieve the puck, have plenty of time, turn and am looking around for options, and then decide (?) to just pass it right too the opposite team guy at the top of the slot. He of course doesn't want to make me think my gift is not appreciated and promptly buries it in our net while I contemplate just exactly what the fuck my major malfunction is. Sigh. Still having fun. Wish I sucked a little less! :-) Mark
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  4. VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    There are dealers in OZ
  5. Houston, TX + NHL = ??????

    If the team was in Phoenix it would probably be doing a bit better at least.
  6. Houston, TX + NHL = ??????

    Houston is a growing city. It is much different now from when I used to work there in the early 2000's. I definitely think they could support an NHL team. However, I don't think expansion is the answer. I agree with the posters above, move a current [failing] team into that city. I'd suggest Arizona, but it still dumbfounds me how that organization can't get their act together. Phoenix is a large city with plenty of transplants from up north who are hockey fans. They need to add some flashy stars (a la McDavid, Kane, Crosby, etc.) and a do-over on their brand.
  7. Lizard Skin Grip

    they are pretty expensive compared to cloth tape. cheaper than butt-endz, comparable to tackimacs. They're thinner than butt-endz and tackimacs, so for those like me who don't enjoy the glue from cloth and grip tapes rubbing off onto your gloves this is a nice inbetween. i've found that one application lasts half a season to a full season. it seams to be more adversely affected by hot weather drying it out.
  8. Different fit of 2-Piece Uppers

    These were in stock at my local Michael's so added them to a 9k upper. https://www.amazon.com/No-Sew-Jean-Buttons-Pkg-Antique-Brass/dp/B00A2GR71C Completely customizable to fit whichever lowers you prefer.
  9. I've looked through all the old threads, but there isn't a lot addressing the upper section of these brands. I have never worn a 2 piece pant, currently in Tackla 9000z and I have worn 9k girdle before. I love the 9000z lowers but the upper section I always have to re-tighten and there is alot of rib protection. I was thinking of putting in a lacing system or the other option would be to go with a 2 piece. Obviously some uppers and lowers you can't mismatch but tighter in the hips. Comparing: Eagle Aero/PPF, Tackla 5000x, Reebok/CCM 7000 or any other brand mismatched. I've even thought about doing a 9k girdle on the uppers and attaching lowers of the eurofit.
  10. Your current equipment

    After a lot of tweaking, buying and reselling gear, here is what I've settled upon: Helmet: CCM Tacks 310 (blue home, white away with Leafs decals) Shoulders: CCM Super Tacks Pants: CCM HP45X in Leafs old style colors royal Elbow: CCM Super Tacks Shins: CCM Ultra Tacks Pro Gloves: CCM 852s Leafs (also have Leafs Centennial) Skates: CCM Ribcor 66K with Nash Pro Stock blockers Stick: CCM Ribcor PMT Pro, Trigger2 PMT, RBZ 380 CCM LS undergear shirt with the little grippys on it for my elbows, CCM Pro jock, Bauer performance shorts Reebok 3.0 Leafs jersey in black with black Edge socks, or Adidas royal Leafs praccy with CCM Edge socks
  11. Hockey sticks

    Montreal sticks were Finnish as well.
  12. Hockey sticks

    I think the multilam was Torspo. There weren't that many Finnish made sticks, just Koho,Titan, Torspo.
  13. Your current equipment

    Starting to settle on my gear finally! Helmet: Bauer 4500 + VR903 Shoulders: CCM U+ Pro or Steeden padded shirt (Rugby padded shirt) Pants: CCM HP35 Pro Stock Shins: CCM Ultra Tacks Elbow: CCM QuickLite Gloves: *Retail; Bauer 1X Pro. *Pro stock; Bauer MX3, CCM HG12 and CCM HG50XP Skates: Bauer Vapor 1X + Superfeet + Powerfoot Inserts Cup: CCM Pro Jock Lowers: CCM Performance loose fit pants Uppers: Bauer Training Shirt - Short Sleeve Bag: Warrior Pro Sticks in use: I'm taking a break from P28 style toe curves, I'm also back to using shorter sticks and going back to basic blade patterns. It feels good going back to basics. Warrior Alpha QA/85 flex/W03/Retail height. Bauer 1S/87 flex/P88/Retail height. *Previous sticks now taking a holiday* Bauer 1S/77flex/P28/retail length +2" plug. Euro "17 Bauer 1S/87flex/P28/retail length +2" plug. CCM Reckoner Pro Stock/LK-no ribs/85flex/H11A/retail length +2.5" plug. Euro Bauer 1S/95flex/P88/retail length +3" plug. CCM Reckoner pro stock (LK-no rib, 90flex Kreps), CCM Super Tacks (85flex, P29), True 5.2 (95flex, TC3 and TC4).
  14. Photos of yourself

    ^^off the viewfinder, still here(traveling in Denver), no computer.
  15. Photos of yourself

    Smooth and unassuming backhand.
  16. Trying to adjust to a new stick after 5 years

    What is the stick you stocked up on? Your difficultly, or lack their of, will have something to do with what you move to. Or it's all mental (personally, I'd never admit to this...)
  17. Last week
  18. Sorry to bother, I saw your Easton mako sprung frame conversation you did and I was wondering how you got them on their. On mine the raised vents the mako has preventents the chassis from going on straight. Did you shave down the chassis or vents at all?

    1. althoma1


      I had them mounted by a good LHS (Just Hockey SFS). The vent area was not shaved and there is no lift. They're 8EE Makos with the small A6 Sprung chassis. The chassis is mounted as far back as possible toward the heel. I have had two pairs of Makos converted with no issues. 

  19. Home Sharpening Tips and Techniques

    Hello everyone, I'm curious as to what I'll be looking for when this wheel needs to be replaced? Here are a couple shots when the guard is off and one where the guard is flush with the machine.
  20. 2017-2018 Gear Sightings

    Couldn't have been worse than whoever was actually in goal.
  21. 13th Annual MSH Winterfest

    Nice work!!!
  22. Bitcoin

    In what way? It’s just like stocks.
  23. 13th Annual MSH Winterfest

    I bought the blue stick new (it’s a Sher-Wood GS350 totalhockey SMU) and had the folks that do my helmet stickers print the vinyl for me. The application could have been better (my wife helped me with the one on the back side so it’s actually better) but it’s not bad. As for size, once I got the stick I measured the length between the white stripes and created the art from the Winterfest logo file. That’s where the snow and trees come from.
  24. 2017-2018 Gear Sightings

    Don't think it hasn't been thought of! http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/25/sports/hockey/charles-b-wang-the-islanders-unorthodox-owner.html
  25. 13th Annual MSH Winterfest

    So you ordered an overlay for a stick you already use? Are they custom made and to size? It looks perfectly applied. Edit - I see the bubbles and alignment now that I zoomed in. Still, very cool.
  26. Bitcoin

    That’s what I am using to track it. Seems super easy to use. Although I’m a little unclear on how selling works.
  27. 2017-2018 Gear Sightings

    Hell, these days goalies don't even need to be able to catch a puck with their glove. They just gotta make sure it doesn't fall out.
  28. 2017-2018 Gear Sightings

    Back when goalies had to rely on positioning and reflexes, as opposed to being 6'6" with giant equipment. I'm waiting for some GM to figure out he can just strap the pads on a Yokozuna that just blocks the whole net.
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