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  2. New true sticks?

    How dare you /s But this begs the question. What's the deal. Your answer implies 2 things; a) all the big online retailers have them but aren't listing/advertising them, or b) they didn't order them. There's absolutely no info let alone buzz. Hell, IW already has video reviews on the the upcoming Tacks skates and Jetspeed sticks respectively and they're not even available for pre-order. Maybe they've got a glut of last gen stock and want to sell them first? I dunno, but in this day and age of social media and online presence, when a product is teased and there is NO info 3 days after launch date something's amiss.
  3. New true sticks?

    Dealers that submitted their bookings on time according to our deadlines have the new sticks.
  4. New true sticks?

    You got me. I had knee surgery and am taking care of myself. I totally confess.
  5. 2017-2018 Gear Sightings

    How long has Atkinson been in branded “Verbero” mitts? Just noticed them in some game action tonight.
  6. New true sticks?

    Almost 3 days and no response from an otherwise active rep for True. I bet something fishy's going on.
  7. Easton stick has been alive?

    Exactly. And he doubts the answer b/c it didn't come directly from Easton. Why bother asking us at all then?
  8. D Zone system (beer league)

    Doctor prescribed and supervised NutriMed for 20 weeks. 5x shakes a day, zero food. Have to do weekly classes, blood draws, blood pressure and weight check ins to make sure it stays healthy. This is so far (started Feb 28). Under 60lbs to go, which will be 80 lbs total less than I was at Winterfest.
  9. D Zone system (beer league)

    wow... may I ask what you are doing? I did Isagenix and it was amazing... gotta get back to it.
  10. CCM CL500 Stock Info

    Looking for information on an old stick I found in a LHS. Found a CL500 (not the U+ model) in a Nugent Hopkins curve. It looks like this. https://goo.gl/images/aASYS8 I’m curious if anyone knows the flex point on it? thanks in advance
  11. Gear For Sale

    How tall are the Tacks sticks? Do you have an idea of how stiff they feel? Is it the normal Tacks flex profile, or is it the LK that you see floating around?
  12. Easton stick has been alive?

    There have been photos floating around of Bauer sticks with “GX” and “HTX” on the name bar build code.
  13. Stick lines with smaller shaft dimensions?

    if Phil Kessel can use an intermediate, so can Gaudreau. seems weird so much effort would go into a senior for him
  14. I just picked one of those off HM last week. I love it. I've considered buying a couple more since it seems like something that no one makes anymore (senior length, inter flex). But I'm brand new to hockey, so I'm not sure if I even know what I like yet.
  15. Yesterday
  16. D Zone system (beer league)

    I should be about 80lbs lighter by then so maybe that will help.
  17. D Zone system (beer league)

    Lunges, squats, dry land training with sprints and shuttle runs! I expect you faster than greased lightning by SJ!!!
  18. CCM glove sizing

    I wear a 15" in both Supreme and QLT.
  19. 2018 Olympic Pro Stock Gear

    Hockey Monkey has the CCM HT12V pro stock helmet, rebranded Reebok 11k. I know what you mean about sizing, the 11k VN is the only helmet I found to fit my massive brick like dome without pinching.
  20. Nexus 1N Shins good w/ knee brace?

    Personally I'd go to a store, with your brace on, and try a few on. Before I totally tore my ACL, and had surgery to replace it, I too wore a custom carbon fiber knee brace (I think it was a DJi). This was some 10 years ago and I'd remove the knee padding to accommodate the brace (my brace had an optional knee pad which I'd wear for mtn biking and snowboarding, I'd keep it on and it would give me that added protection from removing the existing shin guard padding). One thing I've noticed since then, newer shin guards have much less, much thinner padding in the knee area, so you might not have any issues (gone are the days of thick donut pillow around the knee, everything is so thin now).
  21. Stick lines with smaller shaft dimensions?

    Warrior makes a rounded shaft that feels tiny, In my opinion, compared to the normal squared shaft. I got a pro stock QRL that ended up having the rounded shaft (which they didn't mention on PSH) and it always felt way too small for me. I also remember hearing on their Full Circle podcast how they used that rounded shaft for Gaudreau to give it the smallest dimensions possible in a senior stick.
  22. New true sticks?

    Big buff - Dustin Byfuglien uses a 2 pc as well. I am sure others do too...usually a good tip off is when they are painting the blade and lower hosel. I know some do that to "tidy-up" a rough stick...but almost all 2 pc users mask their sticks this way.
  23. Mid Grade Stick Recommendations

    Never used either site but I'll give it a try. I hear mixed reviews of how durable pro stock sticks are. I'll check out sports2k and see what I can dig up. Thanks.
  24. Stick lines with smaller shaft dimensions?

    Surgeon RX2, 2.1, Or anything in the Int QR Line
  25. Stick lines with smaller shaft dimensions?

    I remember seeing it on HM - I'll check to see if it's still there and what curves are available. Thanks! EDIT: It's only $30, but only in lefty. Thanks anyway.
  26. it was the t90 "slimfit"
  27. Stick lines with smaller shaft dimensions?

    There was a sher-wood like a few years ago with a smaller shaft. I really liked it. I don’t remember what it was called though.
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