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  1. Exactly. If they identify a problem and can fill a void, fine. I think True has an opportunity delivering their top-tier retail skate at a super competitive price point but as far as other equipment, I don't see the opening. I can get clearance, pro stock, etc. that is more than sufficient. Red ocean is what I see.
  2. You can drive the car before purchasing so a little different.
  3. I don't get that site though. They have 8 sticks, nothing in stock. Or you can order 5 at a time, mix and match specs. A few months ago it looked like you could order singles but that disappeared. I think for most people you can find a $150ish stick that is a good balance. I'm looking forward to seeing what the FT3 Team is like.
  4. That would be interesting. I like my Ribcores, wouldn't mind a smidgen more snugness in the heel and more wrap on the instep but not a deal breaker. Maybe I could rationalize custom one-piece Ribcors....
  5. Yeah, not going to wear one of those, hopefully the manufacturers don't push to mandate. I imagine they tested it but seems like it would retain moisture and cause more fogging in the clear shield.
  6. Agree, I am a 32-33" waist and swim in any large sizes I have ever tried on. Definitely medium.
  7. so...lots of obvious truths in the article but what wasn't mentioned was what consumer persona they are targeting, what the vision is, what the gap they hope to fill is, and how they are going to fill it... Disruptive...in truth not a marketing buzzword but it has been commoditized as to have become meaningless...
  8. Don’t want to derail, but depending on your leverage you can certainly control this. I can’t imagine if CCM traced complaints to stores that didn’t feel like baking skates they would keep them as a top tier (or whatever it is) dealer. Other industries that have contractors/partners deliver their products have various arrangements to ensure quality.
  9. Dunno, but if that is the arrangement then I am sure they ensure shops have them, others can provide first hand info. Whether it is providing them or mandating them. If you put all this R&D into moldability you can’t have it fall short because shops don’t want to perform what seems to be a valuable step. Not saying the responsibilty is to buy it, but they should ensure the customer walks out the door with the skate fitting to the standard they are selling.
  10. Responsibility? True is responsible for the performance and fit of the skate for the end user, that they are relying on supply chain to provide some of that value is fine but ultimately they need to ensure the QC no matter what the arrangement.
  11. Now that I actually think about it, nothing really. The Nexus gloves have carried on the Cooper BDP legacy and I love those. Everything else from a skater’s perspective to me has moved on in weight and protection so I won’t pay just for the novelty of the name.
  12. No, it won't! LOL, if someone wore one of those they were typecast as "the kid with the weird helmet".
  13. SK2000 and SK600 were the Coopers I remember. Would love some gloves though.
  14. Maybe, but even just lifting at the gym for me it gets bothersome. I have enough problems breathing without a mask due to an influx of younger players and a few guys who recently showed up way above the regular pay grade I am used to playing with!
  15. He’s still the coach and they have been losing, what else is he going to say?
  16. Why do you think so? I don't read it as such. Interestingly though, that the Pens have had some success on the d-side as far as players go and Gonchar is gone. But it seems pretty obvious there was a big void when Tocchet left.
  17. Yeah, I am not looking to buy but just that philosophy irks me.
  18. Lame, makes my hour drive to Ko Sports (Source for Sports franchise) all the more worth it when I need anything more than tape or just browsing to kill time.
  19. Sullivan may have been stubborn on some things and I agree on most of tour points but this series should not have come close to needing to be a coach’s duel.
  20. I think assclown Don Cherry did but that was just because he would always pick them. PP was anemic at best, Justin Schultz was worse, and him and JJ couldn’t get the puck out. Guentzel and Malkin are my biggest disappointments.
  21. Me neither, I think Schultz is the main problem of the pair, he looks horrible.
  22. Maybe it doesn't apply as much but when you have something spinning/vibrating, the weight of the entire machine dampens it and reduces wobble. In woodworking the better equipment weighs a ton for this exact reason, sometimes guys will search out old vintage machines from the 30s and 40s because they are even heavier. Not sure how that comes into play here but you do notice the higher end sharpeners also seem a lot beefier. I could be wrong but that is where my head is at.
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