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  1. I would agree with Vet88 on the Ribcore. I have them and have a similar foot as your son, maybe not as extreme, dunno. I have skinny, bony feet. Relatively narrow heel, regular forefoot, high instep. They are comfortable but literally the two areas I find lacking are the heel and the instep. Not sloppy in the heel but not locked in. There’s definitely not a lot of wrap over the mid portion of the lacing for me either and i have to be careful not to overtighten even a bit, and i don’t generally tie my skates tight. Bottom line on the skate for me is the padding is comfy but that also kind of makes it feel disconnected for me. I have had them over a year and am looking for alternatives, although not pressing as I am just coaching and won’t play again until summer.
  2. One guy wears an SK600 with cateye cage playing out but thats about it. I used to wear an HT2 until I got something that didn’t have concrete-like padding.
  3. Loved my Cooper SC Pro gloves from high school. Pretty thin palms (not that my brick hands took advantage of them...), classic look, should never have gotten rid of them!
  4. 1- Dunno what the point is, you need to apply force in a coordinated manner, my point didn’t say you need some high level of maximum strength 2- I didn’t say anything about conscious or unconscious, many things are learned consciously and then become unconscious. My point was that ankle control isn’t the sole contributor to balance in a system that has multiple pivot points. That isn’t specific to skating.
  5. Lots of nuance and semantics being argued. Let’s say it’s about controlling a system (the entire body) and that there is a minimum level of strength needed (it may not be that much and is not the sole contributor) paired with coordination of many muscles (the symptom may be unstableness at the skate but that doesn’t mean the solution is local). When i first started doing laces undone, the improvement didn’t come from my ankles as a gross motor skill, but first from the alignment of my body above the skate, literally where my head was which then kind of cascaded to where my hips and knees were. There was lastly though local feedback from my entire foot.
  6. Even something as simple as a foam kneeling pad for gardening works, they are like 1" thick and provide enough squish to be a first step from a hard surface.
  7. Can we have some data to back up the assertion that you can't have weak ankles, or are you talking semantics? We don't say you have weak knees or course, but have weak muscles that control the joint. The ankle is a joint. One point though, there are multiple joints above the ankle transferring the weight of your body to the skate blade. Hips, knees, overall skating posture are all factors that come into play. Just try balancing on one foot in your socks on dry land and bend your knee, hold that for a while and you'll start to feel how many different body parts contribute to balance.
  8. I play with guys with a strict no bullshit policy but stuff happens. I wear these Warrior Bentley pads i got at Dunhams for like $25. Light but enough protection. Got a deflected shot in the chest that left a yellow bruise, would have been much worse without them.
  9. Chick Corea, listened to him first because of his bassist, the great John Pattitucci. 23 Grammys!
  10. I did a few times, but always did it too much and the fiberglass wrap delaminated.
  11. While no matter what the setup, you need enough sticks for people to try, which requires a lot of overhead cost, just an indoor shooting setup with some targets and a speed gun would get people closer to where they need to be than going in blind.
  12. I remember they pretty much put Coffey on everything. You'd have different curves on the same rack of 5030s all marked Coffey. I remember they also used to have a "BC" and "SC" stamped on them and I thought that meant "Big Curve" or "Small Curve". I don't think things were as standardized back then.
  13. Maybe, depending on how big the org is I imagine it would be different, but there are orgs that have reputations as fun places to play, jackasses, etc. Some of that can be taken with a grain of salt, some of it is probably valid.
  14. Maybe it goes in your first category of development but to me it's culture. What does the org value overall? Yes, development but how are kids developed, what kind of atmosphere do they encourage/mandate? Really a very holistic view.
  15. Yeah, I was running 3 kids in a given position but we change every 1:30 on the horn, so can't rotate faster through.
  16. Mini update. Got on the ice for practice today (in-house, big group, many coaches) and one of the guys in charge calls me over. He had walked by during my parent discussion but didn’t have time to stop. He asked me what happened and I told him and he said he figured and had mentioned it to the other guy who runs things. At the end he just said he wanted me to know that they have all the coaches’ backs. Nice to know.
  17. Yeah, I have been looking for a traditional red/white/blue glove and since I really don’t need them that would be a good price. Need a 15” though as well.
  18. Maybe we should give out pool noodles to duel to resolve these existential disagreements....
  19. Yeah, I am the only coach for this team. Sometimes the org that runs the program will have someone who jumps on the bench to help. At this point in the season i am not sure there would be time. We are required to have USA Hockey coaching cert, the age group module, State Police, Child Abuse, SafeSport, and I think one other background type thing and they definitely track it. But it might be a good suggestion heading into next year. Maybe I just put it in an e-mail. Many parents may not know there is an opportunity to get involved since they don't skate/play.
  20. Bauer 100- back then I think they were the second Bauer skate, couldn’t afford the 1000s. Traditional looks. Some basic Graf skate from the 80s, not a 700 series but to me they were awesome. White boot with black ballistic nylon parts. Bauer 7000- first top of the line skate I ever got, skated on it almost 20 years...
  21. I have been thinking about it, and despite the delivery, there is some validity to his point. I made changes to try to find a better solution throughout the season and I’m not going to be stubborn just because of the source. I’ll give it a try Sunday and see how it works.
  22. I think I may combine what I have been doing with Chippa's suggestion. Instead of running 3 wings or centers the whole game, I can use 3 right wings in pd 1, move the extra kid and run 3 centers in pd 2, move him and run 3 left wings in pd 3. Should be a good compromise without too much confusion, provides the same consistency at least within the period for positions. It spreads out the shift skipping. Then maybe I can run 5 D one game and that should be the season. We'll see.
  23. I'll give it a listen, but the last question is a good one. I love to keep up with training approaches etc. but at some point, and I don't know exactly where that point is and it is different for everyone, a line is crossed that doesn't interest me. For instance, baseball has crossed it with too many analytics, launch angle, etc.
  24. Funny I’ve been playing all my life and never thought there was such a thing. I figured they were straight or just a simple left/right curve.
  25. Last year my son showed my wife one of those funny “how to be a hockey parent” videos on YouTube. We went to a little Christmas tournament and immediately after she was like, “that video was supposed to be a joke but half the parents in the stands were acting exactly like that!” @Miller55 Yeah, coaching can be a pain, but I do it for two reasons. One, I love teaching kids and seeing them improve. At this level I get really excited when a player who used to just throw the puck settles a bit and makes one pass. Two, and unfortunately, I would rather coach my son than take a chance he gets a bad coach (plusses and minuses to coaching your own kid) Even today there are guys who don’t get it. I saw a U10 house little league coach reaming his team after they beat us because the score wasn’t worse (it was like 12-2). Sunday before our game I ran into a buddy whose son plays on some grade school team and he was telling my how the coach throws a trash can on the ice for the kids to throw up in and screams and berates them (SafeSport anyone?). These guys think this is just a step on their path to the big leagues.
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