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  1. Does anyone know if this is a gen 2 replacement or a cheaper complement to the current model? I havent bought one but really like th fact that the Sparx is almost 40 lbs, hope they dont replace it with something lighter.
  2. Understood, but I find it hard to fathom how someone 6’4” always gets beat up over the shoulder and gets so small. Regardless, the guy is like 2-10 in his most recent playoff games, can’t see how he is a sacred cow for next game.
  3. I'll defer to you on technique as I'm not a goalie. Maybe his execution of the technique sucks, he has gotten beaten there on many occasions and seems to find a way to make himself as small as possible. For me, from that angle and distance, it shouldn't take much technique or calculation. Standing there covering the post a la the 1950s should pretty much convert that shot to 0% probability of success.
  4. On the Byron goal he for some reason moved out like he thought it was a pass to the slot, so then he was sliding back toward the goal mouth it seemed and into the net, so I don't think he really had any lateral pressure against the post. I have no idea what he was thinking.
  5. I hate when people always go after Murray but those last two were on him, the fourth one 110%. It's like he goes into RVH no matter what and has been burned repeatedly by it.
  6. It was rough at first but I am back to my normal mediocre self already! On a side note, our main rink we go to has been very diligent about masks, hand sanitizers, cleaning, and limiting fans. Found out this morning that one guy was banned unless he wears a mask, so while not foolproof, it is a good balance.
  7. Over the course of their life, the difference in total cost per sharpen I imagine will be a minor factor. If the quality of the sharpening is equal the ease of use would probably sway me to the Sparx.
  8. Nice to get the win but no matter who your opponent is, you are playing with fire nursing a one goal lead until the end. Pens need to get in finish mode.
  9. Yeah, I believe only one model of heart guard has any data indicating efficacy and I am not sure how strong that is. I just don’t want it to hurt as much anywhere if I get hit, which has only been once in the last few years. I did break my collarbone in mens league 20 seconds from the end of a game just casually going for a puck to chip it up the boards and down came mr. 250 lb pinching dman who could skate enough to get sped but apparently not stop. Don’t know if beefy pads would have helped, I doubt it.
  10. Business models and strategies aren't the same for every companies, especially when comparing orgs of different sizes.
  11. It was awesome just being able to flip the TV on and putz around the house and have hockey on all day long. The way they have handled it is in stark contrast to what's going on in MLB right now. Hopefully nobody finds a way to screw it up.
  12. N = 1, no control for any other variables, it is what it is as far as any generalizable conclusions.
  13. Too many chances left unfinished and a PP that didn't deliver, not a recipe for success, ugh.
  14. Definitely looking like experience is trumping flat skill so far, at least for coming out of the gate.
  15. Possibly misinterpreted your statement, and I apologize if it came off as confrontational, I was challenging what I perceived to be your argument that since others don’t publish data, why should this company? I don’t know exactly what data is out there for the bulk of the helmets we wear, at least from the manufacturers, but this helmet is telling some story about concussions and using buzzwords like machine learning and advanced polymers. Everything implies they have made a helmet that reduces concussions. Just using advanced materials doesn’t mean performance is better. So, just like some other threads where some of us are asking for a little bit of data before buying into the high-priced new stuff that is coming out, this should be held to the same standard.
  16. Are you specifically asking about mens league? I basically want coverage for random pucks or sticks, that’s about it. I play essentially organized pickup or invite only skates and conduct is strictly enforced, so you don’t have to worry about the guy who thinks this is the Cup at 50 years old. But guys can shoot, had a nasty yellow bruise last year after getting hit with a deflection in my ribs through my pads. I have cheapWarriors from Dunhams.
  17. Honestly, this is one of the things you will learn before you get around the ice once, just how aligned you are over your skate and likely, how you may be aligned differently over each skate. The coordination between every muscle and structure from the bottom of the foot to the hips really starts to get magnified.
  18. All good, that's the story I think a lot of people are interested in. This is a gear geek site with some here pretty well-versed in the ins and outs, so talking about the minutiae is par for the course (some threads get into the 100+ page range). As for OEMs, yeah, but that isn't unique to hockey, established companies always have that advantage, that is why a brand in and of itself has value. Newer entrants always have the challenge of crossing the chasm.
  19. This makes a lot of sense and was something I was missing. Definitely can see how the loading can happen on acceleration when you are on the front of your skates versus steady state striding. As for skeptics and keyboard warriors, many people are curious, some are engineers, some like myself are in product and have a natural curiosity so these types of questions immediately come to mind. This is especially true in a market where equipment prices are through the roof and it is hard to tell if there is actually any appreciable increase in performance commensurate with the increase in price. No offense, just the nature of the discussion.
  20. Yeah, weird at first with no fans but quickly went unnoticed, fun to watch even though the Pens game was fairly sloppy.
  21. Cool, thanks for the replies! All over the map I mean you can have a heavier, stronger skater in a size 7 skate with the same steel and they are going to compress the steel more and get more out of the stored energy effect. A lighter, weaker skater with the same skate and steel won't compress it as much and won't get as much if any benefit. And I would think the flex would change and the steel was sharpened and reduced in thickness.
  22. I get the concept, but leaf springs and diving board flex across their width (thinnest part flexes). It woulds seem that an object is going to deflect where is resists the least. What is keeping this blade from deflecting or twisting? How is it flexing perfectly in one plane along its edge? And looking for some answers on the loading portion still. When we recover and begin a stride, we aren't that forward on our toe, so how is the toe absorbing impact and storing energy in the vertical position? Lastly, need numbers. If everything above proves out (loading, alignment, flex, etc) it is going to be all over the map because there will be so many variables- weight of skater, strength of skater, size of steel, stride mechanic, probably more).
  23. I thought the parabolic steel was supposed to flex in the middle when turning, I don’t recall any spring-like effect claimed.
  24. The steel is the spring so it will return/spring back to its original shape, no external prompting needed.
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