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  1. But as caveman pointed out, a profile centered will have symmetrical curves, move it forward or back and it becomes asymmetrical in different ways. There is no info on what the dimensions of the ellipses are. My question is how much different is this than a multi radius profile? Even with multiple radii the fact that they have to seamlessly blend them creates variable radii along the length of the blade. i am sure we will get more info on what this is supposed to accomplish.
  2. Yep, agree. They don’t really explain it. Just wondering what the actual net effect is.
  3. Makes sense as an ellipse will have a continually varying radius until a certain point with relation to the focal points with the middle a longer, flatter radius. But for Ellipse Zero, it's essentially a circle which would just be a standard radius, so what is the measurement? And for the others, for the actual amount of blade profiled, is it going to really be that different that a similar radius single? Mathematically, of course, but practically will it? What are your guys' thoughts on reverse pitch? I know it is possible but would you ever prescribe it as a general approach?
  4. Is this the official description because it pretty much tells you nothing....
  5. Yeah, some things are subjective but this... I think the tinted visor is hilarious, I wish it had a red LED swishing back and forth with the Knight Rider theme playing in the background... Edit: I just realized what the big deal is. That visor actually acts like a HUD in a jet. No matter what you get a holographic readout of everyone on the ice, targeting information, etc. Every player is networked together. It really is going to change the game. They adopted the tech from the F-35...
  6. Think we are getting to the point of diminishing returns. As has been pointed out, there are so many profiles and no good way to prescribe which is best for any given skater. Since all curves have to blend through an easement, I don't know what the practical effect this will have to differentiate from other profiles.
  7. And his tone of voice was nothing like the response portrayed, it was a helpful, and as you pointed out, valid suggestion.
  8. Apple relegating all Charlie Brown specials to their awful AppleTV+, nothing is sacred....
  9. I liked listening to Doc, sad to see him go.
  10. Nothing scientific but when PA was in the midst of the previous version of restrictions which were inconsistent- % for restaurants at 50% for people not wearing masks but a flat number of 25 for indoor including the teams, coaches and refs whether you were in a small local rink or RMU or UPMC which is 10x as big, either USA Hockey or Mid-Am sent out talking points for the "write your rep" type of campaign where they were citing some numbers like average length of engagement between players is like 3 seconds or something like that. Don't quote me on the details but there was some data they were putting out there. But given that my in-house squirts end up with about 8-9 of them working the puck on the boards at the same time, I think it depends on the level...
  11. Interesting, I just got mine done for the first time at the guy who does all the figure skaters and was recommended by the top skating coach in town. I actually think I can go down a hollow. Besides being smooth as butter, they were a bit more grippy so I could see how the opposite could be true. Watching him sharpen was impressive. I am no guru but what i know is the sound was quieter than when some guys do it which sounds like me using a grinder on a lawnmower blade, it was consistent the whole length of the blade as was the “spark shower”. Not sure if those are valid metrics but the results were.
  12. Yeah, don't mess around. Try on a couple sizes and buy the one that fits.
  13. Regarding pros, since I would say profiling is really coming into the mainstream discussion (and by mainstream still limited to a minority but more than when some people would have their blades "rockered"), I would think that the majority of players and equipment guys are still somewhat rooted in what they grew up with, but that could be changing, seems like some guys are working through the process but I would imagine it is somewhat determined by their EqM and maybe more driven by skating coaches. https://www.vancourier.com/pass-it-to-bulis/a-change-in-skate-profile-could-make-elias-pettersson-even-harder-to-handle-next-season-1.23911267 (My question, was 13' ever a "standard" profile? I always thought in the past TUUK skates were 9' and CCM 11' but of course that was what people would say, I don't know if it has any veracity). Another aspect that I don't think has been tested is how long before steady state is established? Having a bunch of skaters swapping out profiles and running some tests may show quantitative performance data for someone who is new to a profile. What it doesn't show is how performance is affected in the longer term. There may be a learning period where the results are different. An expert skater may take time to really learn the nuances of a profile and the ability to wring every last bit of potential performance out of it. The problem is this is a process that takes a lot of time to collect that kind of data and very structured protocols (with enough participants representing each relevant variable, which also takes time to determine). I've done a lot of usability testing for medical devices which includes a lot of GUI as well as physical UIs so I'm looking at this more as a geek. Testing can really validate or invalidate some strongly held assumptions. Initial performance vs. learned performance, external and internal perception of task performance vs. measured task performance. Not 100% apples to apples here but certainly some applicable overlap I think.
  14. Nothing is a panacea, but the Q0 solved some issues for me coming from some random profile some guy with a Blademaster put on my skates. I know there is one study which resulted in 9/10 being the ideal profile (I dont want to misrepresent it, would have to search but one of the members is affiliated I believe) but I don’t think the body of evidence supports broad conclusions. It could be that being on the wrong profile by a long shot could hamper your skating but once you get in the vicinity then good enough is good enough. Until you have studies with enough power accounting for all relevant variables then I am not sure it will get to the point of confident conclusions. One thing I found interesting is that when talking to a guy around here who I was steered to by the best skating instructor in Pgh, who is the go to skate guy for figure skaters, he still just had a 9’ bar, did “forward pitch” as an option, and rounded toe and heel by hand. Could be he just hasn’t adopted the newer approaches or that the work they do placing the blade on a figure skating boot is seen as the dominant variable. Just a point of information. it is not feasible for everyone to work through all the different profiles, and qualitative self-reporting doesn’t tell the whole story. Some things may correlate, some may not. Feeling faster may not be faster, feeling more agile may not necessarily show up in the end results, that is why many more structured studies need done IMO.
  15. Pierre Kezdy, bassist for Naked Raygun and Pegboy, two of the greatest punk bands in history, NRG probably the greatest IMO. Been listening to them for over 30 years.
  16. Pretty much sums it up. The fact that Murray apparently wasn’t happy about “not being appreciated” doesn't speak well of his mental toughness. Pens don’t have a lot of money, not sure Fleury even at a discount would fit but might work if they could swing it. I can live with DeSmith as #2 and see how it goes.
  17. Lots of interconnected pieces. You said you found out the cause of your hamstring pain, what and how did you determine what it was? Skating isn't a real balanced activity and can affect muscle groups in various ways. There can be a causal chain and finding the root cause of something can be a process. Definitely starting with the basics mentioned in this thread would be good, strength, flexibility, and mobility. You can focus on the areas you are having trouble with but should it should be a whole-body process. Foam rollers and lacrosse or tennis ball rolling are great rehab/prehab activities. It can be tear-inducing but worth it. Also, you said you are working out. What are you doing? What does your week look like between practices, games, and additional workouts? Lots to consider. 16? Wait until your are in your 40s or 50s, stuff hurts and the only reason is you are in your 40s or 50s!!!
  18. Need to quantify how fast they are actually doing it as well as the amplitude of the movement first of all. Since it is a function of multiple variables, you of course can improve speed by training speed, but it will plateau as strength becomes a limiting factor, and you can increase speed by increasing strength until the CNS component would become the limiting factor. What the coefficient of each of those two variables is, I don’t know but strength is an important component based on physics alone.
  19. The actual motor control, or coordination of the movement, is an additional factor in applying the vector, not the development of the vector itself. Its holistic movement, strength applied rapidly in a coordinated manner, three components. The beer leaguer may have the strength, probably hasn’t developed the speed because they may not practice, and by virtue of being older learns coordinated movement much slower than a kid.
  20. Speed is power. Power is the application of force measured by time. Speed training starts with developing strength then training the CNS to optimally deliver that strength via inter and intra muscular coordination. So you need to build strength before you can maximize power and speed.
  21. Pretty solid job by the NHL coming up with a plan and executing on it. That was a really cool tournament.
  22. Yeah, I used to be a catcher and am double jointed in my glove hand thumb. Every once in a while I would catch it wrong or get a foul tip and my thumb would really get beat up, not fun at all.
  23. I don’t think the premise is bogus at all, I just question the price when with a little thought I am sure DIY solutions would work.
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