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  1. Might not help much, but even thin cotton is a little thicker than a synthetic. Try some Pearsox Ultralites. They are about the thinnest I have found. You can get them from Epic Sports for like $2-3 a pair. Just watch the sizing, I am 6'3" with an 11.5 shoe and I can wear either youth or intermediates. Very cheap experiment. My foot looks similar to yours, sticking out right at those 3-6 eyelets, maybe a little less extreme though.
  2. Alexi Laiho, singer/guitarist for Children of Bodom, 41 years old. Ugg.
  3. Just go to an orthopod and let them figure it out. Lots of possibilities can get thrown about on the internet but nobody here is going to be able to diagnose from a description of tight, hurting thighs.
  4. BenBreeg

    Happy Holidays!

    Totally missed this when it went up! Best wishes to you too, JR, I appreciate the site and all the contributions from members. It’s one of only a few daily must-reads for me.
  5. Maybe clear this with the parents first, sounds a little extreme. I agree with Chippa, this might not be the best situation. It isn’t the end of the world if he doesn’t play up, no matter what everyone thinks is best. Lots of time to grow at 13.
  6. As much as I like traditional skates the flag skates look cool IMO.
  7. It is what it is, at least it looks better than some of the Euro teams where it’s like they slapped a sticker on the front of helmet seconds before they went on the ice.
  8. Honestly, I don't free skate much either, just if I take my son, but literally within one lap the first time I was finding out a whole bunch of things. Even occasionally done I think it helps immensely, the feedback seems magnified.
  9. As someone who has pronation, realize that shimming is addressing the problem at the symptom, not necessarily the source. You can end up pronating on a skate as a result of things as far up as the hip or it could be knee valgus. The biggest improvement I saw for pronation came from making sure I had the proper arch support (this won't fix the core problem but you don't want space under your arch to encourage rolling), unilateral leg exercises, and the biggest contributor was no/low laced skating during public skating. It is eye-opening how much you learn and the feedback you get when the boot is not clamped onto your foot.
  10. Well, it makes it less valuable to the consumer, and really to True, if people can't take advantage of it because of it's limited duration.
  11. At the Tier I AAA level, it's not like putting someone on D will hide things. There is a ton to actually learn about playing D. It may not be the solution, especially if he's panicing with the puck. That isn't a recipe for success as a defenseman either.
  12. Introvert playing with older kids and not having success has to be tough. Maybe playing with his own age group is an option.
  13. Interesting article and I believe you should always learn as much as you can about a topic, but basically no data in the article. Nothing about rates of infections vs. other sports, no controlling variables. I honestly have more contact with people in the grocery store than at the rink. Our main rink is a ghost town, parents have to be in and out if they need to help their kids get ready, they have to wait in the parking lot, one fan per player. Our other rink has more people but we get dressed out in the main area which is huge, are dressing in 10 mins, on the ice, and gone in 10 mins after. Lots of things need taken into account.
  14. What everybody else said but to add, this is AAA hockey and everyone including his teammates are seeing a kid who doesn’t perform play on the first line. Hard to argue it is making the team better and it is sending a message to other players who are probably putting in just as much effort as him. Does he have a history of playing well in games? Do you know his past coaches? It’s one thing to keep a player in a spot to work through a slump because he has performed before, a different thing if he hasn’t. Sports psych, depends on the kid. Just like anything, the kid has to recognize the issues and want to work through them via that avenue.
  15. That’s a good offer and since I am thinking about these skates one I would take advantage of. Problem is Covid is running rampant and lots of people aren’t on the ice. They need to extend that offer well into 2021.
  16. If that is the issue, the blending, then why not just redo the Quads and change the easement between sections? That is not enough of an explanation IMO. Solution in search of a problem?
  17. When I was playing up until about 4-5 weeks ago, no. I haven't gotten any info like that from adult skates or heard anything like that regarding youth leagues.
  18. Hope you have a quick recovery! i am not playing right now, I am limiting my rink time to my son’s activities. I am not shutting down but try to relegate risk to the most important things, and I would rather he play than me.
  19. David Prowse Met him and Peter Mayhew at a con about 25 years ago. Have a signed pic from both.
  20. Medium. I am 6’3” 180 so thin and tall. They are fine for both length and snugness.
  21. Yep, wish I was set up to take advantage of it before it ended.
  22. What Mojo said. It’s not like they have a scalloped profile where each radius butts against the other on a quad. There is an easement between each radius. Don’t have an engineer tell what an ellipse is! Tell me how an ellipse benefits my skating. There are too many profiles IMO. The only way that works is if you have a very educated buyer or consistently educated retailer to guide that buyer to the right profile. And given how expensive profiling is if you were to try out a bunch through trial and error, the chances of landing on an optimal choice seems very low.
  23. It could, but that is not what the engineer showed (why they had an engineer explaining it is beyond me...). He showed a centered profile. The video basically explained what an ellipse was, not how an ellipse profile is supposed to benefit the skater.
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