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  1. I went back then the family morning schedule changed and I had to stop. So now I get to get out again after another layoff. Not a bad situation though: -Shanked pass "Sorry, I've haven't been on the ice in months..." -Get burnt on D "Sorry, I've haven't been on the ice in months..." -Catch an edge and look like a newb "Sorry, I've haven't been on the ice in months..." -Sail a shot 15 feet wide "Sorry, I've haven't been on the ice in months..." Eventually that well will run dry and I won't have any excuses, but while it lasts....
  2. It’s not just a simple pricing calculation for one product. They have to have a model where they can offer a product at a price people will pay, have enough volume for it even to make sense, and look at profitability over an entire product line.
  3. Arguing is simply debating, not a negative connotation. This board is populated by a bunch of hockey and hockey gear geeks, creating threads and debating minutiae is what makes this world go round, it's what we like to do here. Participation in any thread is 100% voluntary.
  4. @Miller55 thats is awesome, I had no idea that’s how they used those model numbers.
  5. The "implication" is (you should argue what is explicitly stated vs. what you deem is implied but I digress) is that dropping an eyelet provides forward flexion which is impeded by todays very stiff skate and forward ankle flexion is beneficial to good skating. Period. Other discussions are tangential to that point.
  6. Just because Ribcore is the most flexible of the CCMs doesnt mean they are that flexible, I have them and they are still the stiffest skate I have ever had. Regarding True and fastest skaters, not sure the disconnect. They dont have a large market share so the chance of anyone wearing them is low. And nobodyhas empirically shown they are better/faster that I am aware of.
  7. Sure, but all of these aren’t zero sum. First, even low end skates are extremely stiff. I keep my son in middle tier price point and he still skips the top eyelet. Ditch the waxed laces if waxed laces are causing an issue. All the rest of the things you mentioned are valid but not lacing so tight or skipping is something that can be experimented with at zero cost. Even in big cities, trying to find someone who knows about shimming is a needle in a haystack search.
  8. 1- it would be nice if people would add to the dialogue instead of just the lazy use of emojis 2- I find it interesting since you brought her up that Laura Stamm has been warning of overly stiff skates and their impediment to ankle mobility for at minimum 20 years, regardless of how the approach to mechanics has changed
  9. BenBreeg

    Save the date!

    Hmm, not too bad of a drive and I've never been to one of these... Will have to see if I can make it happen.
  10. I don’t see anyone claiming it is a new paradigm, I think you are tilting at windmills. As long as I can remember people have viewed one of the purposes of skates to do the work of supporting the ankle. Tendon guards used to have eyelets, guys used to tape tendon guards to their shinguards, lace tighteners, etc. The stance of the desireability of greater degrees of ankle mobility is not a widely held view for the general population. Stiffer skates do make the problem worse. How messaging around lacing solutions is doing a disservice is a mystery. You going to convince them to make softer skates?
  11. But he skips the second eyelet and wears a flexible skate. It is data, a study which references other studies and adds to the body of knowledge.
  12. Good article, although the paragraph about motivation to leave the eyelet undone seems out of place in an academic paper. The rationale behind it has zero impact on the data and all of those guys tuck their tongues now anyway. Using vertical displacement as a positive data point at first seemed odd but it makes sense as you can’t push horizontal and there will be a vertical element to the vector which should correlate to acceleration and speed.
  13. In game I can't say one way or another but certainly not as a training exercise.
  14. I used a ref bag for years and hated it. I got the pacific rink backpack a few years ago and love it. Skates go in the side pockets and helmet and gloves inside (you can also clip the helmet to the outside). It has an inner sleeve I put a clipboard/whiteboard in, two externals that i usually have pucks in for stick time, and a small pocket on the flap I keep pens/markers in as well as some extra helmet parts and small screwdrivers. Might be worth a look
  15. Any improvement in Bauer steel for me would be great. Sick of getting my son’s skates sharpened and then after one or two skates there are little burrs and nicks. Shouldn’t be that fragile.
  16. Lace free has been around for a long time. Basically training your foot to control the blade vs. letting the “clamping power” of the skate do the work.
  17. Same as @Miller55, I like the comfort and flex of the Ribcore, but the heel and shallow boot are drawbacks for me. A 100K in the mid-fit sounds like something I would try.
  18. Love Sturgill and Tyler Childress, nice call.
  19. Wow, is this really our only music thread? Anyway, resurrecting. The new Smith/Kotzen album is amazing. Ritchie Kotzen (Winery Dogs, solo, others) and Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden). Blues-based rock, definitely song-oriented, not a shred album although there is plenty of guitar stuff to chew on. They share vocals, Kotzen has a crazy voice, almost Chris Cornell at times.
  20. Yep, the naming sucks, but maybe they should first figure out how to match a profile with a skater so people have a clue instead of creating all these profiles that make peoples eyes glaze over when they look at them. My gut (albeit with no data) says there are only a few profiles that matter.
  21. Distinct possibility, but that says a lot about trying to split hairs with all these profiles. It doesn’t seem like they came up with them through research, but from a theoretical approach and just threw them out there.
  22. So one thing has become become clear, there should be a huge market for helmets to protect against long-term brain injuries similar to what must have happened when your mother dropped you on your head, they should sell by the truckload. Bowing out of this shit show.
  23. @Deker you are literally the poster child for why the internet is such a black hole for mature dialogue. -You know nothing about risk assessment -You know nothing about product management -You know nothing about business cases Yet you keep cutting and pasting the same arguments (feeble as they may be) and now have resorted to name calling because people disagree with you. People who know more than you about the topic. Since you are so infatuated with cups, I assume you wear that fancy carbon fiber one the pros switched to after Molina had his injury? How much of the general sports population wears that? If you are so convinced there is a market for this, then run with it. Come up with a business plan, do some basic prototyping, it's cheap as hell now with 3D printing and there are workspaces everywhere for startups. Throw it up on Kickstarter and follow your dream. Put you money where your mouth is and quit acting like an immature brat.
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