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  1. @Deker you are literally the poster child for why the internet is such a black hole for mature dialogue. -You know nothing about risk assessment -You know nothing about product management -You know nothing about business cases Yet you keep cutting and pasting the same arguments (feeble as they may be) and now have resorted to name calling because people disagree with you. People who know more than you about the topic. Since you are so infatuated with cups, I assume you wear that fancy carbon fiber one the pros switched to after Molina had his injury? How much of the general sports population wears that? If you are so convinced there is a market for this, then run with it. Come up with a business plan, do some basic prototyping, it's cheap as hell now with 3D printing and there are workspaces everywhere for startups. Throw it up on Kickstarter and follow your dream. Put you money where your mouth is and quit acting like an immature brat.
  2. You literally either don’t read or I don’t know what, but people gave their argument why companies probably won’t, because they don’t see it as pervasive enough a problem to warrant it, and that is what drives product decisions, how much more clear can we present this? You disagree, fine, quit restating the same effing question and acting like nobody else has informed opinions.
  3. Let me start by making a statement, take it how you will, but it is not an attack. You need to learn to argue the points people are making, not what you think you are hearing. NOBODY said a rule change would have prevented what happened. NOBODY said they are opposed to helmet companies making helmets safer. Straw man arguments just lead to people not taking you seriously. What WAS said: There are multiple ways to address most problems. The difference between no helmets and today's helmets is huge, but we are close to the point of diminishing returns. Concussion research evolves but they still don't know everything. Helmets have probably hit the point where they have done all they can to help mitigate, which is not much since many (most? don't have data) concussions aren't from direct impact. What WAS said: Someone who works in a field that uses data and probability feels that rule changes would have a bigger IMPACT (he didn't say it would have prevented it as you accused him of) on many high-risk scenarios. Argue your points as vigorously as you want, but argue against what people are actually saying.
  4. Twice that we have ever heard of given the millions of times a puck is shot/dumped/deflected/etc constitutes practically never in my book and probably anyone else who actually objectively looks at risk through a rational lense. i didn’t comment on what i WANT helmet companies to do, I have no reason to want them to do anything. My comment is about what is going to drive their product decisions. Unlike concussions, there is not a problem the market sees that would warrant a new product to solve. You can’t eliminate risk in many cases, you decide how much residual risk you are comfortable with.
  5. What does that have to do with the point I made? Did they choose what helmet he wore? We live with risk every day. Some mitigations are mandated by the government or a league, some are left to the individuals. Unless they think people will buy them, why in God’s name would they make one for a situation that practically never happens?
  6. They are free to do it, but there has to be an assumption someone is going to buy it. Most people seem to feel the current helmets offer sufficient protection.
  7. Those are great! Forgot about the Titan Turbo..
  8. Thats incredible news @dkmiller3356! Congratulations!
  9. And why in reality, profiling isn't really innovative for the general population. People don't have the money, the time, or the expertise (nor is it being provided by the LHS) to actually find a profile that optimizes their performance.
  10. There is, and it's the only way that matters, they determined that overall not providing the holder is better for their business.
  11. Patents would be contested in whatever court has jurisdiction. Some countries have agreements so that you don’t have to file in a hundreds of countries. I do not know all the details of those arrangements, pretty much limited to what I know from some of my experiences with patent stuff with work. This is one of the big gripes the US has with China and some other places whose governments don’t enforce IP. We used to have people knocking off disposable parts of medical devices. They were so efficient they would occasionally get shut down and pop back up within weeks.
  12. They probably know their customer to the extent that they know exactly how many people request other holders vs. just going with theirs, which we don't. Product managers make decisions like this day in and day out that will piss off some people but since they should know their business, don't have any effect on their overall success. I am constantly getting feedback from people internal and external about what I should do with my products, many/most of them don't have the big picture.
  13. If you come up with IP, and get a patent, that doesn't mean that patent can't be challenged if it infringes. They can't review every single patent against infringement at the time of filing.
  14. I would agree with Vet88 on the Ribcore. I have them and have a similar foot as your son, maybe not as extreme, dunno. I have skinny, bony feet. Relatively narrow heel, regular forefoot, high instep. They are comfortable but literally the two areas I find lacking are the heel and the instep. Not sloppy in the heel but not locked in. There’s definitely not a lot of wrap over the mid portion of the lacing for me either and i have to be careful not to overtighten even a bit, and i don’t generally tie my skates tight. Bottom line on the skate for me is the padding is comfy but that also kind of makes it feel disconnected for me. I have had them over a year and am looking for alternatives, although not pressing as I am just coaching and won’t play again until summer.
  15. One guy wears an SK600 with cateye cage playing out but thats about it. I used to wear an HT2 until I got something that didn’t have concrete-like padding.
  16. Loved my Cooper SC Pro gloves from high school. Pretty thin palms (not that my brick hands took advantage of them...), classic look, should never have gotten rid of them!
  17. 1- Dunno what the point is, you need to apply force in a coordinated manner, my point didn’t say you need some high level of maximum strength 2- I didn’t say anything about conscious or unconscious, many things are learned consciously and then become unconscious. My point was that ankle control isn’t the sole contributor to balance in a system that has multiple pivot points. That isn’t specific to skating.
  18. Lots of nuance and semantics being argued. Let’s say it’s about controlling a system (the entire body) and that there is a minimum level of strength needed (it may not be that much and is not the sole contributor) paired with coordination of many muscles (the symptom may be unstableness at the skate but that doesn’t mean the solution is local). When i first started doing laces undone, the improvement didn’t come from my ankles as a gross motor skill, but first from the alignment of my body above the skate, literally where my head was which then kind of cascaded to where my hips and knees were. There was lastly though local feedback from my entire foot.
  19. Even something as simple as a foam kneeling pad for gardening works, they are like 1" thick and provide enough squish to be a first step from a hard surface.
  20. Can we have some data to back up the assertion that you can't have weak ankles, or are you talking semantics? We don't say you have weak knees or course, but have weak muscles that control the joint. The ankle is a joint. One point though, there are multiple joints above the ankle transferring the weight of your body to the skate blade. Hips, knees, overall skating posture are all factors that come into play. Just try balancing on one foot in your socks on dry land and bend your knee, hold that for a while and you'll start to feel how many different body parts contribute to balance.
  21. I play with guys with a strict no bullshit policy but stuff happens. I wear these Warrior Bentley pads i got at Dunhams for like $25. Light but enough protection. Got a deflected shot in the chest that left a yellow bruise, would have been much worse without them.
  22. Chick Corea, listened to him first because of his bassist, the great John Pattitucci. 23 Grammys!
  23. I did a few times, but always did it too much and the fiberglass wrap delaminated.
  24. While no matter what the setup, you need enough sticks for people to try, which requires a lot of overhead cost, just an indoor shooting setup with some targets and a speed gun would get people closer to where they need to be than going in blind.
  25. I remember they pretty much put Coffey on everything. You'd have different curves on the same rack of 5030s all marked Coffey. I remember they also used to have a "BC" and "SC" stamped on them and I thought that meant "Big Curve" or "Small Curve". I don't think things were as standardized back then.
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