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  1. Who runs the league?!?!? Kids should be in the correct tier, teams should be even, lines even should be managed for in-house. My son plays in the most organized in-house program I have ever seen. 1- There are two main people in charge, great hockey background, great with kids, super organized practices 2- The kids are put in the appropriate tier, teams are balanced with 15 kids, 3 "lines" which indicate their skill, kids practice with kids of similar skill, not their team 3- Line 1 goes against Line 1 of the other team 4- If you are missing kids subs are assigned by the people in charge, not the coaches 5- If you are still short kids for the game, you can have any player double shift up (Line 3 player can play on Line 2), players can double shift down but sometimes you are told only certain ones from Line 1 can sub for Line 2 and when subbing down they are supposed to play D and get the puck to the "native" line members, you can never sub a Line 1 on LIne 3 6- Shifts are a minute, change on the horn EVERYTHING should be about maximizing EVERY kids' development and enjoyment of the sport, period.
  2. I would say it is what it is, that is what you are going to find in E league. Probably time to give D a try and see how you do. Even if it's a little fast at first you will benefit and probably get better faster.
  3. Count me in, I would have a built-in excuse every time I fumbled a puck!
  4. I like the red and white Jetspeeds, but those ones look like those Eastons from the late 90s or whenever.
  5. Another question. Once profiled on a PS machine, the toes and heels need blended. I think PBH and JR have discussed this here. Last time I got my son's skates profiled (at KO) the guy did the profiling and another employee did the sharpening and they got their signals crossed and they didn't blend them. You could visibly see it. They apologized and acknowledged it and fixed it no issues. But how do you do this going from a PS to a Sparx? I thought this blending was a hand operation.
  6. Yeah, I guess it might be a Pure “policy” at this point? I go to Rich on Neville Island. Was in the other day and was paying attention to how there is a steady purr when he runs the blade down the wheel, the sparks are consistent. Then I was at RMU and the pro shop kids were sharpening and and it was night and day. Sounded more like a guy doing body work with a grinder, loud when they first made contact, less loud as they did the length of the blade, much louder overall than Rich. That may just be me but seems there are two different skillsets at work. Oh, and he is still $5/sharpen.
  7. On spittin’ chicklets Crosby said dana heinze’s (eq mgr) worst job was continually repairing his jock from juniors that he insists on wearing….
  8. Do we really believe that the fastest skater race was the impetus for an equipment change from a player like him…?
  9. Wow, forgot about that. Yes, there was a Rupp’s. Used to be a bunch of smaller stores. The Penalty Box, House O Hockey, MVP, probably others in the south of the city.
  10. Got an e-mail from KO Sports that the main store was changing ownership. Was hoping it was to another private individual but it is actually going to be a Pure Hockey. KO was. Source for Sports store so we would get SMU skates and sometimes other equipment. They had new old stock and the store itself is huge. Staffed primarily by adults, did profiling, etc. Was worth the planned hour drive a couple times a year. What a disappointment.
  11. Email them, they have been pretty responsive to me in the past with product questions.
  12. Crosby still uses them as well.
  13. Thanks for posting, will start immediately.
  14. Their protocol is online. I have seen arguments against their protocols (on here in the past) that were directly refuted by their published methodology, so I would advise you investigate yourself and make up your own mind. It's also something most people don't know exist, so it's probably more of an academic discussion anyway.
  15. And honestly, that’s fine. People like to rag on parents buying their kids expensive stuff but not sure where this equipment police mentality comes from. I mean, this is a board full of people obsessing over the minutiae of equipment, and plenty of people playing with equipment they don’t need or can’t come close to wringing the potential from. Whatever makes people happy, it’s just a game.
  16. The digital weaving factories are pretty much centered in China and for the most part assembly lines are shared unless you are massive (Under Armour) so it's affecting everyone.
  17. I wear cheap synthetic t-shirts on top and just Shock Doctor short bottoms, that is plenty warm even in cold rinks for me, and I don't like the cold. A buddy skates with regular cotton sweatpants under everything, I can't imagine how hot that must be... For the most part, synthetics are going to wick similarly to one another, there ARE ways to weave them that can change this but I would wonder if the higher priced stuff actually incorporates that.
  18. Not sure how ice time is or your desire to organize, but I only skate in organized pickup. One of them is structured where you pay for 6 months, he has a call up sheet, two full lines every game, teams and lines are assigned to make it even, and there are always goalies. The other is a little looser but usually have 14-18 guys. If someone is a jerk they get uninvited. It is just as fun, the skates are fast, especially in the summer when all the young college kids come back. Something to think about, you will eventually get a group of like-minded guys to play with.
  19. Yeah, on the ice it was the same, puck just kinds of comes off the blade really hot without much effort or concentration on my part. Definitely stayed a bit lower. Backhands are a little more challenging, both off the shooting pad and the ice. Unfortunately it didn’t improve my decision making, fitness level, or executio so, a little disappointed in that….
  20. Picked up a JS Team P90TM yesterday. Only had a chance to shoot about 20 pucks off a pad but for me, there is a huge difference between this and a 28. I had used an 88 for years then switched to 28 last year. I like it for stickhandling and passing. For shooting, yeah, you can kind of shoot it off various places on the blade, but if I got my hands right, good bottom hand pressure, puck closer to my body, and the puck in that toe pocket, the shot was ridiculous. Unfortunately, the margin for error for me was very slim, and in real play that rarely happened. Even with the limited time yesterday I love the 90. Was able to shoot the puck from various parts of the blade with consistent results, hands didn’t need to be so far forward and on top of the puck. It just performed well so far from my natural shooting position, I didn’t feel like I had to adjust to the stick. Skate Sunday so will get on the ice early and see how it goes there.
  21. Prices seem to be pretty much in the same ballpark across manufacturers. So...I'm looking at the consumers. This isn't like price gouging people to heat their homes where they don't have a choice. There are plenty of options. Very few people need or can wring out the marginal improvements of high-end sticks and skates. Costs have nothing to do with how things should be priced.
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