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  1. Another thing to consider is the new CCM skates have replaceable tongue. Get a great fit everywhere else and maybe swap in a thinner tongue and that may be enough. If I could get a thinner tongue on my Ribcores I think I would be in pretty good shape.
  2. Interesting considering the store he came from charges $25, although I think I've always had them do it when I bought new skates, so not sure if they discount for that or if that is the price regardless.
  3. I have heard good things about his shop though I haven't used him for anything to this point. Sewickly is no closer than Neville for me so I just keep going to Rich.
  4. I think trying skates on is the only avenue, but as others have said, is it really a problem? If he is bulging out the top of a Tacks, I don't know that any other line is going to be better. I have a “tall” instep I guess, where I have a med to narrow foot (with a wider forefoot/toes) and I am above the eyelets in the middle of the lacing pattern in Ribcores. No big deal. I would rather have it fit in the rest of the skate. I only lace snug. If you cranked there you would have issues.
  5. Everything being equal, there is one variable, the shape of the blade, which is promoted to optimize the way you skate, how can you not compare them?
  6. Maybe a bigger sample size before everyone characterizes Bauer's entire NPD team as incompetent...
  7. Agree, don't want Tampa to win two in a row and while most teams probably benefit from cap relief due to injuries the extent of this leaves a sour taste in my mouth. The Cole Caufield story is cool, obviously no stage is too big for him.
  8. I feel like booting out is a problem created to validate a solution, taller steel. You didn’t see Orr, Coffey, or now Crosby “bottoming out” and they were on much softer boots (or the predecessor to the boot in question) and lower blade/holder height. If you are hitting the side of the boot on the ice causing you to spin out, it isn’t the boot.
  9. Yes, the video is showing a way to skip a section, but in the comments, other videos and previous discussions here reversing the order of threading (outside-in) has been proposed as a way to reduce lace bite, even though it is the same lacing pattern just inverted.
  10. Of course they do, why would they waste bandwidth explaining the past? You always argue the present (meaning market the present).
  11. Outside in and inside out lacing are the same thing, you are just threading it in a different order. It still produces the same pattern, only “upside down” and puts the same forces on the skate tongue. I don’t understand how something so simple to understand persists but it continues to pop up when lace bite is discussed.
  12. And some people still pushing “outside in” lacing…
  13. Call it net flex or whatever you want to, but cutting down a stick is going to result, because of the reduced leverage, in less actual flex for a given force applied and therefore less energy stored, and the actual flex is what we care about, not the engineering number (flex rating that he keeps referring to).
  14. You gotta try out curves, theoretical postings aren't going to help. I went from 88 to 28 then had second thoughts. It wasn't until I was able to just shoot a ton of pucks and got used to it and made some adjustments that I got good with it (relatively, I am the definition of mediocre ).
  15. How are people making a determination about how something with perform wrt durability and the manufacturing methods just by looking at it?
  16. 1- HT videos all seem to regurgitate marketing jargon, I stopped watching them a long time ago. Maybe they have since changed and included real evaluation but I have never seen it. 2- Like the colors, black and red, looks like the skate for Team Empire...
  17. 1- My brother plays with those level guys and there are tons of stories like yours 2- There is no way in hell if I was reffing I would get involved in breaking up something more than a little scrum. The risk/reward doesn't even come close to me to being worth it. People don't understand, one stray punch, getting your legs accidentally taken out, falling on your head, etc. can have serious consequences.
  18. A lot of these liner socks are tube socks. No heel. So they basically fit a lot of sizes, you just pull them on. $10 is a lot for a liner sock, Epic sports has tons of these for $2-3 a pair.
  19. He must want to be like Sid and skip the second eyelet...
  20. Nothing i have tried come in low cut because they are all really thin.
  21. I think there is being picky about things that matter and then there is over the top. At this point I only get our skates sharpened by the sharpener all the figure skaters use and who the main skating coach in town recommended. It isn’t that convenient but worth it. People who are better shooters than me can notice more about a stick, so it makes sense for them to be more particular. Over the top is the obsession with things that I am pretty sure people 1) can’t actually tell the difference between or 2) has no actual benefit. Obsessing over how much stiffer one piece boots are and how Bauer is so behind despite the fact that they seem to work fine for a ton of pros and 99% of players probably benefit from something less stiff and that the boot is very likely not the weak link in their skating. Or helmets, moving into complete asinine territory with those....
  22. Definitely shaky but looks like either a handheld camera or the guy was on the camera while on the tripod. You can see the edge of the table moving even before the slight camera move. I can't imagine any reason to design that in. That is why for machinery that spins and needs to produce accurate results like skate sharpeners but also woodworking machines, heavier is better. Guys covet and will go to great lengths to restore old planers and jointers because they are massive and weigh a ton.
  23. They are very moldable when you bake them, but just like wrapping a present if there isn’t enough paper (facing) it doesn’t matter.
  24. I have the Platinum which is a 78K with the 80K tongue (black steel too but that isn’t worth mentioning as an upgrade). My foot is regular to a bit narrow but kind of tall in the midfoot. So I don’t wear high volume skates but my foot sticks out through most of the eyelets. i loved the comfort of the Ribcores I think because they were padded and didn’t feel as stiff. I was coming from 7000s that I had worn forever and was worried about the new stiff skates. After about a year in them I am not as in love with them. Because of the padding they do feel a bit disconnected from my foot. Combine that with not having as much wrap and my foot doesn’t feel “in” the skate if that makes sense. I actually feel fine skating in them as far as performance maybe because I don’t lace high or tight anyway, but that’s just my impression from a feel perspective. As far as flex, they are still stiffer than my old ones but I lace down one or sometimes two so it doesn't matter much to me.
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