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    VH Footwear customs
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    Warrior QRL
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    Eagle PPF customs
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    CCM V08, Bauer 7500 cage
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    CCM SuperTacks Girdle, CCM 9K shell
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    SherWood 5030
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    Jofa 5070
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  1. Looks like they are dry rotted / brittle from age. The crack across the arch makes those irreparable.
  2. Why would you not want to maximize fit? Even if they feel good now, it's a noticeable difference after baking.
  3. Elbow pad is upside down. Must have been hittin the pipe with Goldberg.
  4. Why would a company want to undermine their own steel sales ?
  5. I'm curious how this will affect True skates going forward.
  6. He's not quite dead yet, but I'm going to go ahead and just put this here : Shaun Weiss (Goldberg from Mighty Ducks)
  7. Or Barge cement thin leather over the wear area.
  8. This. JR does great work and it supports the site.
  9. The 3175 is a really old shin guard (coming from a guy wearing 20+ year old 5060's. I'd be concerned about the plastic dry rotting and being brittle. Have you tried on the APX2's?
  10. No particular order 1. Micron Mega Air 10-90 - Cool looking and comfortable skate 2. CCM 852 Tacks - think Niedermier's model 3. CCM PRO Tacks 4. Bauer One90 - went from pro stock CCM tacks to these felt like they weighed about half as much. First skates for me that gave me a "holy sh!t" reaction first spin on the ice. 5. VH/TRUE - first skates that truly fit my feet
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