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  1. The Easton Pro 10/Pro 15 pants had a spine protector that would move with you when you leaned forward. Like Marka said, they're heavy but very protective. From what I recall the weight difference wasn't that vast between those and the 9K
  2. Recently retired player Stephen Johns asked for lace-bite remedies on twitter today (amidst his inline skate trek across America) and it's interesting to see the many recommendations, especially from some pros
  3. I really appreciate the support, guys. The amount of friends, memories and knowledge that I have from MSH is unreal. Much love and respect
  4. +1 Forward blade profile with some Stable 26 socks could help
  5. Definitely classic Slavic and Scandinavian visages respectively
  6. Jarda is in the not-givin -an-f phase, I think he just doesn't re-tape often
  7. Not so much of a new gear sighting but it's a trip seeing Jagr using 1) white tape 2) a Pastrnak style tape job
  8. P30 is more readily available than the P46, which seems to be on the way out.
  9. A few years ago some of the bigger online retailers in the States were carrying the CCM one, I bought one in 2016 for $25 as a backup for the older Reebok one that I use... I guess that like the Jofa designs that were basically the same at retail and pro-stock, that these don't do well at retail. Which is a shame because as many have stated above, it's a very simple, comfortable and protective piece of gear
  10. I met Benn during his rookie season in Dallas after a practice; and being a gear nerd, asked him what curve he uses. In a very enthusiastic, Spicoli-ish manner he replied "Sakic!" I think it was his sophomore season that the hook started to show up
  11. Would definitely purchase either a Jagr pro or a Benn pro. Would be awesome to have a toe curve with a square-ish toe available (besides the P10)
  12. Getting your steel profiled for forward pitch, or adding shims between the skate boot and rear tower of your holders
  13. Beagle with some interesting FrankenVapors
  14. Jags used the Supreme One90/One95 sticks heavily during their run, I feel like I've seen people describe the feel of the XCore as comparable to the One95?
  15. I'd also love to see some photos of the TC1, I've had a hard time coming across images of it from the time the A series came out
  16. Cannot wait to pick up an A6.0 tapered blade in the tc4 pattern
  17. Flip12 and myself in Copenhagen (he's the tall one). I've had the pleasure of meeting JR and playing alongside IniNew for a few years but this is my first transcontinental MSH hang :))
  18. From the looks of it/description of less rocker, it sounds almost identical to True's TC3 pattern
  19. I've used the Gionta in the past and currently use True's version of the E28/W28 (very similar but True's has more of a kink than a gradual curve as has been pointed out on the board in the past.) The Gionta has less loft, less toe rocker and is a little bit lower of a lie. You can see a comparison photo of the Gionta and True TC3 curves (albeit not the greatest photo) here http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/66112-true-a60-hellavaanguard/?p=1002665
  20. Is it just me or do the 180 skates look much deeper than the 170s? I'm in a pair of One100s right now that fit great aside from a little lack of depth... I've been wanting to move to a skate that is not as stiff and had been thinking of moving to the one.7 although with the 170s already having the edge holder I'm giving these heavy consideration. I suppose the best thing is to wait, but I wear a size that most stores don't stock and would have to special order any way... does anyone have any insight into the depth of some of the mid/lower models of the Supreme line?
  21. I'm in Košice, Slovakia with my girlfriend, visiting her family there for the holidays. Yesterday her grandfather showed me his old skates, not sure of the make or anything but he said they're at least 50 years old. It was my first time seeing ones like these in person, they were in great shape, the steel was still sharp too
  22. It's interesting to see the softer flexes having slightly shorter lengths, I use intermediate sticks but prefer 55 flex, the length that they're putting the 55's at is pretty much perfect for me. I really wish the DT4 int would be offered in 55 flex with the W28 pattern, I've been wanting to try it/Easton's E28 (use a BC10 Russell pattern at the moment) and Dagger tech. I might give the Senior dt4 75 flex/W28 a look and see if I could make it work since it comes a little shorter.
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