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  1. I have a pair from Kansas City Mavericks. as you might expect, they're not quite up to NHL snuff but still a ton better than Warrior's retail offerings.
  2. there are 2 types of shells, pant shells and girdle shells. most of the time, a girdle shell is smaller and thicker material. you CAN wear it over pants if you size up but it's going to be hotter. even with my girdle, I prefer pant shells because they're not as hot.
  3. I think this is the video I watched that helped me pack most efficiently: the only issue that you might have is skate size but you could always store your skates blade up with soakers if you had to. I don't have a bunch of extra space but really, I was carrying too much crap around anyway. the only time I wish that I had more space is when I go to tournaments.
  4. I'm a 5'2" female so most of my gear is smaller (13" shins and gloves for example) plus I also wear a girdle instead of traditional pants. I'm confidant that the girdle/shell is a huge help in getting my stuff in the smaller bag.
  5. I got a Pacific Rink bag just over a year ago and I'm loving it. at 54, I feel better being balanced with my gear instead of having it on one side (I used Warrior Pro Carry bags for YEARS) and refuse to get a wheeled bag. https://www.pacificrink.com/products/player-bag mine is a junior bag though so a bit different from their main bag. I looked at both but wasn't a fan of those "hideaway backpack straps" on the senior bag.
  6. something about those makes me remember these:
  7. I like the new matte black helmets though I always hated that Easton one from what, 10 years ago? Warrior has one on the retail side: https://www.hockeymonkey.com/ice-hockey/helmets/all-helmets/warrior-hockey-helmet-covert-cf-100-matte-sr.html
  8. I'd be curious if the figure skating community was talking about this at all. anyone who's been to a rink during freestyle practice has seen how many figure skaters are out there jumping around.
  9. I've been hunting a VGK CCM V08 size small for 6 years!
  10. I got one last week off of SLS for cheap ($40) so I gave it a try. I found it to be protective but also super light. one thing I didn't like was that it's not a wrap style. I prefer my Bauer Total One but the Warrior Alpha is good too.
  11. that edge checker, Sparx Beam is fascinating.......
  12. maybe he didn't like that horrendous new CCM logo? 🤣
  13. I've flown to TONS of tourneys with gear. if Southwest is possible, that's your best bet. they allow 2 checked bags per person. my gear is usually around 35 pounds and that includes an extra pair of gloves so unless you're a goalie, you should be well under the 50 pound limit. check your hockey bag and carry on your clothes in a backpack or small suitcase. Pittsburgh and Boston shouldn't be a problem but print out the baggage policy just in case you get an inexperienced Customer Service Rep. of all the times I've traveled with hockey gear, only one time did my bag get damaged and it was strictly the bag ripping and the airline replaced my bag, at FULL retail value.
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