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    CCM Jetspeed FT490
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    Triggers and JetSpeeds
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    CCM HG12's, Warriors w/ HG12 cuffs
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    CCM Tacks 910, V08
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    9K Girdle/Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM U+ CL, Ultra Tacks
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    Super Tacks, UltraSonic, 19k Pro
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    CCM 19K Pro, Jofa 5090
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    Easton Pro Backpack

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  1. He does not have access to a shop that can do that for him which is why he's looking for alternatives, such a s shims.
  2. Picked up a pair of Warroad socks on their BF/CM sale... overall a really nice quality sock, material feels great and they're a nice height stopping just above mid-calf on me. Unfortunately they're thinner than I prefer so I don't think I'll be using them much. They're very thin, prob half the thickness of the Aycane socks, so if anyone likes really thin socks I'd say give the Warroad ones a shot.
  3. I was curious and googled, he uses Flare blades along with a few other NHL'ers, didn't see anything about anyone using XC Blades. edit: the page listing players on Flare: https://flareskateblade.com/#testimonials
  4. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/gloves/5264981-warrior-new-navy-covert-qre-pro-stock-gloves-colorado-avalanche-murray-13 Saw these the other day, if only I had a team that had that color scheme.
  5. lowered price, just added a couple new sticks to my collection so need to move these so the wife doesn't get suspicious
  6. Ever tried an HG12? The cuff is a funnel but is only connected with thin fabric which allows a ton of motion that regular gloves can't really do. Warrior makes some pro-stock Covert's with the HG12 funnel cuff which fit slightly wider than the HG12's and all of the Warrior versions I've had were even more mobile with the cuff (Karllson, Bogosian, and Daley are a few that use/used this style that I've had over the years).
  7. I tried searching but came up empty... does anyone else have issues with rivets not staying tight on their FT4 pro skates (or any of the one piece CCM skates for that matter?) A few months ago I picked up a pair of nearly new pro stock FT4 Pro skates, they're awesome and fit my foot like a glove. The issue I've noticed is after a month or so I found about 4 loose rivets, I brought them to the shop and they tightened a total of 10 between the two skates. I've skated maybe a dozen times since then and last night I blocked a shot off the ball of my foot and it popped the closest rivet out almost entirely (rear front rivet). I've maybe had one or two loose rivets in all my years of playing before now (I started skating in the early 90's) so this has worried me a bit. I'm curious if the one piece boot design makes it harder for the rivets to hold? Or maybe when these were assembled they used the wrong size rivets? They do have an upsized holder (271 on a 7.5 skate but this is how they came from CCM since they were custom), not sure if that plays a part. I have a game tonight so I'll play with one less rivet tonight but I'm wondering if I should have them throw copper ones in this hole (and the other rear holes for the front section)? I was always under the belief the copper ones held better (but was never sure why they only used them in 2 of the holes). Anyone else have a similar experience or any insight?
  8. I was in 7.5 Ribcors and Jetspeeds with 263's for a while and loved them, then I got a deal on some FT4 Pros in the same size that had 271's. I had them profiled the same but they just felt longer than I was used to, then I had the front/rear blended more and I found the sweet spot. Flash fwd after using the FT4's for a couple of months and I had some loose rivets right before a game so I went back to my old Jetspeeds with the 263's... I could skate but they def felt shorter and I didn't feel as stable or as fast, next game I was back in the FT4's with 271's and everything felt so much better. So, if I were in your position I would go 271 on the AS3's, it's not much larger physically compared to 263 and doesn't look out of place on a 7.5 at all (not that aesthetics is really a deal breaker but I know we're all concerned at least a little bit lol).
  9. I keep hoping Aycane runs a sale soon so I can pick up a couple more pairs, they're def my favorite out of what I have.
  10. I've heard great things about those, they're made by Currex and still produced just without the CCM branding.
  11. I tried speed plates in the past and hated them, so I get where he's coming from. The stock insoles are basically flat so any stock one would be similar, like someone said above, a shop might have some laying around. The other options are aftermarket... Superfeet are very popular, they'll cradle the heel more but also give a slight lift to the heel (which may help or hurt depending where the pain spots are), they have the traditional yellow and also a carbon pro which I've found lifts the heel slightly more. CCM has their orthomove (I think that's what its called) which is a slightly more subtle version of the Superfeet Yellow with less heel lift and slightly less heel cradle). If you just want some basic stock footbeds I might have a pair or two, I'm a 7.5 skate so with some trimming they should work, just pay for shipping and they're yours.
  12. I can only speak to how it compares to the P28 and it's slightly less open than a P28, otherwise it's pretty similar curve wise but with less rocker and a more square toe. There's another thread discussing this curve so you may get more responses in there.
  13. So far so good. Coming from an older Easton backpack (which was really just a normal hockey bag but with shoulder straps) this one has much more room to it. The build quality seems really good, the zippers are all really heavy duty but not the smoothest so while they feel really strong they are a bit of a chore to open/close at times, I'd rather have this than zippers that are easy to open/close but feel like they'll fail at any moment (which was the case with my old Easton). The skate pockets fit my size 7.5 skates pretty well but I can't imagine they'd work well for people with large skates. There's plenty of room in the three other pockets, I use the one larger one for tape/wax and scissors, one small one for powerfeet inserts and a screwdriver, and the other for extra laces and misc. bolts/j clips/etc. Coming from a bag with just a mesh pouch for stuff I almost feel like I have too much storage now lol. The main compartment is large which is awesome, tons of room to put everything in, the one downside was it had a pretty strong chemical smell when I got it which lasted about 2 weeks, luckily I keep everything in the garage otherwise this wouldn't have stayed inside the house. The shoulder straps work well but I have 2 gripes... first, I wish they were a few inches longer since with a hoodie, or even a coat, it can be tough to get the second arm in at times even when extended out as far as they can go, a few more inches on the adjustable straps would be awesome. And second, the shoulder straps are connected at the top in like a semi circle that can dig into your neck/shoulders, I wish they made the straps more separate and maybe slightly wider... I'm not a huge guy by any means but it almost feels like they designed this for a kid with how the straps are. Oh and the water bottle holders, these are something I didn't really care about but I've found them useful, I stick my normal sized gatorade water bottle in one and then my small pre-game drink in the other, so far so good, if they rip I'll just go back to putting the gatorade bottle inside the bag (I don't fill it up til I get to the rink so it's empty) and carrying the pre-game drink. So overall I'm really happy with the bag, for the price it's definitely worth it (I got mine from the company through sidelineswap when they ran a 10% off sale, it worked out to be almost $10 cheaper than direct from their site after shipping and taxes).
  14. Agree with everything that has been said so far but also wanted to add to make sure you're not relying on just the straps on the shin guards to hold them in place, many times they can shift and therefore not protect as well as they should. There's a reason so many players use tape on their shins (and why so many of the pro shin guards don't have straps at all), once you find a pair that fits her well make sure to get some tape to go over the socks to keep them in place (I prefer clear as it has a little stretch/give to it but cloth tape works too).
  15. yea I agree... I only buy baselayers I can find on clearance, last set was some Nike Pro stuff that Kohls of all places had for about $30 for the pants and $25 for the shirt, I really love the pants but not crazy about the shirt (good thing I have a stack of "league champion" dri-fit shirts from our league since that's the prize for winning ).
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