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    Triggers and JetSpeeds
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    Warrior EK65 spec models, CCM HG12's
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    CCM Tacks 910, Vector 08
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    9K Girdle/Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM U+ CL, Vapor 2X Pro
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    CCM 19K Pro
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    CCM 19K Pro, Jofa 5090
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  1. I'd say less consistency between brands and even between models in the same brand are to blame. Different models have different "fit profiles" but, on the whole, I blame it on overall Quality Control just going downhill like most things now a days (insert old man Simpson yelling at cloud image here). Manufacturers just don't care about quality like they used to in so many industries, including hockey gear.
  2. All depends on the player, some will go through new gloves regularly and others, like Marchand, will seemingly wear the same pair for years no matter how destroyed they are. From what I've noticed, many players have at least 2 pairs they rotate through between periods.
  3. It ain't pretty but it does the job haha. I wasn't 100% sure about it so decided to sew the front one onto an old shinguard strap and attach to the bottom of the velcro area for the thigh pad adjustment. For the back I just picked an area a little to the side that looked like it would hold, so far so good. Only thing I would adjust is make the straps shorter since they sit low right now (have to roll the socks down a bit so they don't sag too much). Untitled by Jon Schusteritsch, on Flickr Untitled by Jon Schusteritsch, on Flickr
  4. A girdle is another option for hockey pants, sort of like naked hockey pants. Girdles are usually a little more form fitting so they move with you better and you need to wear a shell over them (this is a plus since you can have multiple shells for multiple teams you're on, this is also a negative because you can easily et addicted to buying pro stock shells lol). Girdles have been around for decades, prob since 70's at least I'd guess. They're less popular than regular pants for reasons I don't understand haha I've been wearing girdles since the 90's and have tried to go back to pants on a few occasions but always ditched them and came right back to the girdle (pants always felt too bulky and heavy to me). Super Tacks girdle:
  5. From what I recall (I'm no expert so this may only be partially correct) the retail line has a "Team" level which is like mid tier, a few levels down from the top and available in all the usual curves/flexes where as the pro "team" line is made for college teams/junior teams to provide a more budget friendly option just a step or so down from the top of the line that is made to last a bit longer since they're made to be more durable. The pro team ones come in various corves and flexes but many come in a LK/low kick version so a Jetspeed might shoot more like a ribcor. I was on SLS before and there are a lot of the FT3 Team sticks under $100 still, honesty for the price they're a great stick.
  6. I lace to the top but skip the second eyelet from the top. I started this a while ago after skates started becoming much stiffer than they were in the 90's and I felt like I couldn't get enough flex (and skipping the top felt too loose), this method seemed to be the perfect option for me. There was a similar thread on here years ago where it was discussed, many pros use this method as well (Crosby is the one I can remember but I know I've seen others as well).
  7. I hate that CCM started their retail "team" stick, really confused me for a while lol As for the pro stick Team sticks, I've had good experiences with CCM FT3 Team sticks. I got a few for just under $100/ea on SLS a few months back to try a new curve, all were the LK flex which is a pro/team option only, all performed well and were just a little heavier than the actual FT3 Pro I had (also seemed to be more durable towards the bottom of the shaft, didn't chip as much as the pro model).
  8. I own both a Super Tacks girdle and a 9K girdle (had a couple 9k's over the years). Personally I feel the Super Tacks is more protective than the 9K and lighter. The 9K feels way more mobile out of the box where as the ST took a good season or so to really break in and loosen up fully (even now after a couple of years it's still not as mobile and free feeling as the 9K but this is prob die to the added padding so it's not a bad trade off). The ST has much better tailbone protection (it has awesome padding there), much better spine protection with the adjustable spine piece where as the 9k has virtually no spine protection. Both the ST and 9K have height adjustable thigh pads which are both very similar padding wise, the main difference I found was the ST pads look like they were made for skinnier legs (overall sizing on the ST is way smaller than the 9K). Hip protection is about equal but I give the ST the edge since it seems to cover slightly more area than the 9K. Kidney protection - the St goes a bit higher than the 9K. convenience - the 9K had the built in sock velcro which I loved, no need for a garter belt or jock shorts, the ST doesn't have anything like this which I think was an oversight on CCM's part (I ended up cutting a garter belt and sewing it to the shorts part of the ST girdle so I have a built in garter belt, I use a CCM Pro jock so it was either this or wear a separate garter belt which I was getting tired of). Overall I prefer the Super Tacks girdle and after a little back and forth I haven't worn my 9K since well before covid hit. One thing to keep in mind though, any girdle or pants won't give you total protection in the butt/hip area, there's always going to be spots that will hurt like hell if you fall just right (and then you'll always happen to fall on that same spot for 3-4 games in a row because why wouldn't you? Never fails haha), so if you want to protect those in between areas you might want to add a pair of padded shorts underneath like others have mentioned.
  9. My first thought was the 70K made to look like the newer models, I know a few of those guys never really wanted to move on from them (or whatever the model before 70k was). As for Mac.. he's still using the old school Ribcor stick with the multiple ribs which is like 6 gens old by now so you never know
  10. Starting to wonder if just buying a sheet of grip tape from a skateboard shop would accomplish the same thing at a fraction of the price.
  11. Just noticed some shot blockers attached to the bottom of Goodrow's shinguards, I don't remember seeing those earlier in the season, I'm guessing he has a blue and a white set for home/away. You can also see some of the design he has on the skate skin shot blockers where it says Goody and has the Liberty logo.
  12. CCM kind of messed with their numbering with the 100k... they went from 70k to 80k and then jumped to 100k as the top of the line Ribcor skate, so the 90k is really the new 78k which is why it's not a one piece and doesn't have the full tech of the the previous top of the line model. Granted the 90k is prob a step higher than the previous 78k but it's still one level down from the top so they had to hold back on some of the fancy options. I found this out when looking to upgrade my 78k's, I thought I found a steal on 90k's but then realized they were essentially just a newer version of what I already had (I completely jumped ship and went with a NOS pair of Jetspeed FT490's that I found for a bargain and have come to love).
  13. Another vote for P90TM. I used P28's for a number of years before switching over. I never cared much for the P92, found it to be too big of a hook, preferred the open toe of the 28 more so. The issue with the P28 was how open the toe was, it made for awesome shots when you got it right but it was very unforgiving if you misfire towards the toe. The P90TM is slightly more closed at the toe which, for me, made all the difference in being more forgiving on misfires (also I found it was better for backhanders, much easier to control backhand shots and passes than the P28 was). I now have a bunch of P28's I need to figure out what to do with and have also been trying to decipher pro stock listings for P90TM's since it seems to be a crap shoot between what they describe and what it'll actually be lol
  14. Owen Power in CCM mitts but Bauer everything else, figured he'd be in all one or the other since they tend to sign these young kids to sponsorship deals pretty early on.
  15. Anyone know if, all things being equal, different CCM skate lines have a different pitch to them? I have been in Ribcor 78k's for the past few years and they've been breaking down and feeling a bit too soft so I wanted to try something different and found a great deal on a pair of NOS Jetspeed FT490's. They are night and day different than the Ribcors in construction, weight, and stiffness but same skate size and runners so I swapped my existing Step Steel over to them and skated a couple of times. First time I used CCM Orthomove insoles, they felt like they propped my heels up too high in the boots and leaned me forwards so I went back to my old Superfeet from the other skates, feet felt better positioned with the heel ever so slightly lower so I picked up a new pair of Superfeet. Last game my feet felt better in the skates but I felt as if my blades were shorter and I was tipping forward a bit so wondering if the Jetspeeds have a different pitch perhaps? Both skates are 7.5, 263 XS holders, Step Steel with Quad .05 profile. I'm tempted to go get the stock steel profiled to something that might be a little longer up front but not sure what would give me a more balanced feeling, I'd rather experiment on the stock steel than eat away the Step Steel I have. Any suggestions?
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