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  1. I dunno. We sell a lot of base layers and only brands like Firstar having issues with "grip" separating from the fabric. Never had this issue with CCM/Bulletin or Shock Doctor. I can't comment about other brands as I dont have a lot of experience with them.
  2. If the shavings are removing the sharpie that would be an issue. Not sure what markers you use but the ProSharp marker is not as easily removed. I think their marker is more of a fast drying paint pen.
  3. I think CCM Bulletin makes the best base layer top and bottoms. They breathe nicely, are durable, and have rubber to keep pads in place. Plus they are decently priced.
  4. This has always been my experience as well. The inner portion of the boot will widen slightly as you skate since the foams will become compressed over time. If after skating in them multiple times they don't feel wide enough have your local shop widen them slightly. Its much easier to widen a skate slightly as opposed to trying to make a skate that is too wide more narrow.
  5. If the sharpie is gone then you are making full contact with the steel. This however would change if going from a flatter hollow to a more aggressive hollow 3/4 FIRE -> 5/8 FIRE, for example. This is because the new hollow is deeper than the old hollow. Going in the opposite direction 5/8" FIRE -> 3/4" FIRE once the marker is gone you have removed the old hollow entirely. Not sure why the 3/4" FIRE felt more sharpen than the 5/8" FIRE. Maybe you rolled the edge when honing or something...
  6. Can you take a video of this? I had an issue like this in the past when we had Sparx machines and I disassembled the machine at one point to get a better understanding of how its assembled.
  7. We have plenty of them in stock. Shoot me a DM if you want a pair.
  8. Yes. IMO, it's an improvement on the Ultrasonic, but nothing significant has changed other than the selection of materials and some refinements.
  9. Thats a lot of questions. I align the holder to the center of the boot. This requires drilling many new holes, though sometimes a handful of them actually line up and can be reused. I tend to use a mix of carbon and epoxy to close all holes that cannot be reused before drilling and mounting. Pitch doesn't change. Holder height doesn't change. Steel height doesn't change. Pivot point does change. Since the holder itself is longer even when you mount the oversized holder centered to the boot you are moving the pivot point back.
  10. The same time they release Supreme skates every other year
  11. If you use Flare give a 3/4" FIRE a try. It's quite impressive.
  12. I would normally agree with you but consider how such a significant number of high level players use oversized holders. I find I get better balance and toe snap out of a longer holder/steel combination. I personally tell a noticeable difference between the same profile on a 263 vs a 271 regardless of altering the pivot and balance point to be similar.
  13. I have seen it in person. It's basically an Ultrasonic v2.0 with some considerable upgrades. Changes to the tongue, liner, foams, modified facing to allow for even more forward flexion, and moved to a full carbon boot without CURV.
  14. I think the longer steel changes the balance point but also allows for more of a working area on the blade. It feels more stable overall compared to a 263.
  15. That is the retail skate. It looks very good in person.
  16. I t does not hold an edge better. Less material and smaller edges always results in a weaker edge. Just like edges on a 3/8" ROH will not be as strong as a 7/8" ROH.
  17. They are nice but quite costly. CCM/Bulletin stuff is the best bang for the buck.
  18. Funny story. I am at the shop the other day and we get a call from a younger player, maybe around 11 years old. He says "I broke my stick, it got stuck between the bench door. When the coached closed the door it broke the blade off. My friend told me I can go back and exchange it for another stick." I had to explain to him that the breakage is not a result of a defect and he needs to talk to the manufacturer. I also explained the manufacturer will likely not approve the warranty replacement claim since its not a defect. He was upset by me telling him the facts, that we wouldn't replace the stick for him in store, and basically threw a tantrum over the phone and then hung up. So, when people ask why sticks are trending $300+ I always think back to this young player who will likely submit a warranty claim, which may get approved, and thus stick prices will continue to rise.
  19. We sell Conway+Banks bags and for the cost they are amazing. Hands down the best bag you can buy at the price range. Pacific Rink is too costly. You are paying for a brand name and nothing really special IMO. Never personally used Mammoth, but I hear good things. The new TRUE bags are very nice and are decently priced. Same with Warrior bags.
  20. Great stick but the durability has been questionable. UNLV ACHA D1 teams uses them and those guys are going through them constantly.
  21. Flare edge checker by Blackstone. Works on all skates and steel.
  22. Can someone point out any players that use the FBV in the WHL, OHL, QMJHL, AHL or NHL?
  23. what skate are you looking for and in what size?
  24. Nice! I hate dropping down holder sizes. I usually skate on a 271/272 but recently borrowed a friends skates that are pro stock Patrick Kane and they have a 280 holder. I love the 280 holder on a size 7.25 skate. I might actually tinker with going up a holder size!
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