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  1. Will also echo the I don’t have a go to brand for anything sentiment. Which is different than “other,” because other implies “my go to brand is XXX but not listed.”
  2. I wish he’d just make a p88 curve. He’s got 69 slight variations on a p28 in stock. Am I that wrong to think him making an easily purchasable p88 would just be printing money? Unless he’s trying to drive people to the custom ordering.
  3. Between racism and the need to constantly start petty arguments about everything, some new people don’t fit this board and I hope they can change or they get asked not to post here.
  4. Are those labeled as being from PSH?
  5. From my experiences in lockerooms, lots of guys think of profiling essentially as: guy A: “my new steel is so tall and I keep catching the her and toe” Guy B: “the shop can grind down your blades to match the weird messed up shape of your old blades.“ They know the new steel has too much heel and toe for them, but rather than making any adaptations or learning what profiling actually is, they want the new $100+ runners to be shaped to the same ugly banana radius the shop mangled their old blades too. It’s like they have just enough info to completely confuse and misunderstand what it actually is.
  6. Are the holders a 1/4” taller? Or just enough so that you notice it in your stick?
  7. Imagine having the extra time and disposable income to buy $1k+ custom skates you don’t want or need or even like just to endlessly complain about them before you get them, ignore advice to help them fit, and assert a bunch of unfounded assumptions, all so you can make some protracted internet argument, while lashing out at people offering advice and saying “you guys are all True fanboys, Bauer skates is the best 4eva.” It’s like when a child throws a tantrum about not wanting to eat a food that they’ve never even tried, but in those cases the child didn’t go out and spend a bunch of energy getting that food.
  8. That lack of attention to detail seems pretty on brand, considering how awful those CCM stamped eyelets are. Those things have been terrible for over a decade, and they’re still sold on skates.
  9. Admittedly I don’t stare at NHL players ankles much (I’m a butt man), but pretty surprised that he tapes his ankles. Or that anyone in the NHL tapes their ankles.
  10. This kinda depends on where your pants sit and the ratios of body parts. I’m 6’2”, 185 and wear medium pants with the zipper extension undone, and I’m happy with the length. Currently in HP31s.
  11. Thanks! You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.
  12. It was the same company. Well, the same company made the buttend that flexed, and made one that was angled. Those seemed like a neat idea. I think they presaged the modern era of whippier sticks, and sticks like the G3 that had multiple flex areas, especially up higher. It was just such a commitment. You had to cut an extra 4-5 inches off of your stick. Plus, the retail versions had, to me, a huge knob that I didn’t like. The owner used to post on here and was making custom ones for people. I have a retail one somewhere in my basement, if anyone wants it.
  13. You’re right! In my mind the Vform thing was a CCM concept, but it wasn’t.
  14. These are riveted on, remember the ones that had something marketed like “quick change chasis” and you could take the whole chasis off and flip it to the other skate, for a lazy wheel rotation? (unless I’m confusing two CCM in-line bizzaro chassis)
  15. How do the CCM 4R2 fit compared to other CCM retail gloves? I’m generally a 15” in a lot of retail gloves. 15” jetspeeds fit me perfectly. 15” tacks fit me better than 14”, but I think are a touch roomy in the fingers if I’m being a diva about it. I assume I’m a 15, but I slide down to a 14” in coverts and catalysts. 15” in Bauers. The store I popped into didn’t have any 4r2 in stock. Yes, I should just stay in Jetspeeds, but I have some Xmas money burning an hole in my pocket and aesthetically like a pair of 4r2 I saw online.
  16. I feel like the number of people who both post on this forum and get the oblique death metal references have to pretty small.
  17. Those battery powered heated skate blades that were super heavy and had dubious science behind them. Roller hockey, but those Mission skates that didn’t have traditional grommets and had hiking boot style quick tightening nylon pull throughs (there’s gotta be a name those that I’m blanking on). It was like Mission had a cool idea and did no longer term stress testing and everyone’s “eyelets” ripped out in three months.
  18. At this point, it feels like companies are just rolling some various number of dice, then whatever numbers come up, making it a profile and marketing it as some mix of speed and agility. It’s like making a D&D character, but for skate blades. I’m getting elf/mage/warrior/thief for my next quad profile.
  19. It was a limited release only available on some SMU sticks at some shops. I can’t find a curve chart that shows it. They also had an MC2 that was a pm9 clone.
  20. True’s ic curve was an iginla clone. Can you use a p88? It’s not drastically different than the iginla and is more widely available. Chasing the Iggy is gonna get tougher and tougher as the seasons go by.
  21. For my powerfeet, I just put doubled overbasic packing tape on the back. Easy to remove and put back and reposition, and if the adhesive wears off, I can afford to reapply the tape.
  22. Ok, do I need the drill going in forward or reverse, and am I going from the front or back of the tendon guard? Thanks!!
  23. My tendon guard is like that first pic. Looks like the screw broke, so the tail end of it is sheared off in the tendon guard. Im not a particularly intuitively mechanically inclined person, but I can do the stuff with directions. How do I get the small piece of screw out of the tendon guard?
  24. Skates have changed so much in this time. You’re better off just trying on a bunch of skates and seeing how things feel. And, try googling “Easton s12 skates modsquad,” and you can find old threads discussing them and what other people moved into. i know those are both kind of non-answers, but I don’t think you’ll get answer like “s12s feel exactly like xyz.”
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