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  2. JR Boucicaut

    Thermoformable Stick Blades - Why Not?

    That CCM Vector stick was completely different from any other stick back then. It was made like a wood stick and had a very thin blade. With the foam-filled blades we have today, I can’t see how there could be an in-store process.
  3. IPv6Freely

    CCM Custom Goalie Skates and Options

    I didn’t think they were doing goalie skates yet. Do you know when they started?
  4. How so? I figured less SKU's for them to manage, lower production costs (more of one thing is easier to make) and less overall on hand inventory, raw materials as well as finished goods.
  5. Who has done the Custom Goalie skate route with CCM? How did it go for you? What are the options that I have to choose from? What sort of options did you go with?
  6. This is where the numbers are pretty much meaningless. Bauer's P88 is a lie 6 but so is the default P92 but their lies are not even close to being the same. For comparison, in my experience, the P90T and P30 have a lie very similar if not identical to the P88. If you line up their rockers the shafts will be almost directly on top of each other. A P92 (the default 'lie 6' P92, not the pro stock P92 Lie 5) compared to the P88/P90T/P30 will be higher/taller. colins
  7. There's only one solution, move off the island, ha! Here are my answers: A. anywhere from 5 minutes to 35 minutes. B. 5 or 10 minutes As an ex-Long Islander I can see where you're coming from. I dread any time I have to go back there, the time it takes to get anywhere just gets exponentially worse each time I go back. (not even gonna bring up taxes, etc.)
  8. I think composite skates’ thermoformability has a lot to do with the whole sandwich that makes up the boot. At least with the speed skate style boots like True where the exposed composite shell resists thermoforming much more than the covered parts, perhaps there’s something about the shell under the covers not curing completely, allowing it to be activated to a pliable state at the right temperature.
  9. GoalForFun

    Supreme adv

    Stopped by my LHS yesterday, manager said they’ve sold all of 6 of the 30 they were allocated.
  10. shooter27

    Thermoformable Stick Blades - Why Not?

    That video was super interesting, but its also super old. Those sticks are very early OPS, circa 2004-2005 and the construction methods have changed completely since then so I don’t know if its applicable to how blades are constructed and shaped today. I’m sure some of the more knowledgeable folks on here can chime in on that. That being said, in the video the blades are dead straight when the composite is layered on to the blade core. They curve the blades using a mold and heat after the composite has been applied to the core. The core is not pre-shaped into a pattern, the entire blade is shaped after being constructed. I’m not sure exactly how composite can be heated and reshaped on skates but not on sticks. My guess is there are differences in the makeup of the composite and the resins used that cause that difference.
  11. Has anyone used the BASE BC14? It looks an awful lot like the P30. Can anyone who has used or has familiarity with both, comment on the differences? I found the BASE curves (including BC14) here in case anyone is looking: https://us.basehockey.ca/collections/blades/products/blade-senior
  12. Yesterday
  13. Might not be a material related to cf. new materials are being developed all the time. Just a matter of when it migrates from one industry to others.
  14. A: 10 minutes. B: To practice is 5 to 20 minutes depending on the day/ice, do this 4 days a week. She flies to all tournaments/games.
  15. caveman27

    Thermoformable Stick Blades - Why Not?

    When it comes to carbon fiber products, the mold or core of the item determines the exterior shape of the finished product. I think the carbon fiber is laid over a pre-shaped blade core. The core has the location of the curve (toe, mid-toe, heel, mid-heel) the amount of curve (1/2", 3/4") toe shape (round, square, in between round and square). The carbon fiber is not bent or cut into the final shape but takes on the shape of the core. Since manufacturers have gotten stick weight down below 400 grams, maybe they could go back to separate shafts and blades to bring back the ability of changing blades and retaining low stick weights.
  16. SkateWorksPNW

    Thermoformable Stick Blades - Why Not?

    Shops would love it, companies would not. It would result in them selling less sticks.
  17. The players still plays organized hockey. Can't cut the cage.
  18. You are thinking of the standard plastics clips. I am referring to these. You can see they allow cage adjustment.
  19. That's dedication, on top of the cost to play already! Do other youth sports have similar issues? Are there more flexible school options for kids?
  20. I bet companies and retail shops would love that. At that point it's just different flex shafts. No crazy curves to carry or left sitting on a shelf in some shop.
  21. Just cut the bars in your line of sight... Easy enough. I know, it's still a modification. Giving the options I'd rather deal with some bigger slots than a janky mount job. JMO
  22. Actually they are to be mounted only 1 way if you read the instructions. What you see out there are people mounting them incorrectly. Hence my story above. The plastic pieces were old mounted the opposite of the intended way and they snapped off.
  23. I know CCM and Bauer make these adjustable pieces for youth helmets to allow 1/8" adjustment up or down. Those might be a more solid option.
  24. That's interesting. Where'd you get the picture from?
  25. Hey feel free to do as you wish. The player injured wasn't even playing full contact. But your a grown person you make your own choices. My issue is telling people on a public forum that a modification that you are offering information on could potentially be fatal. More of a guys let's not fo this it's a bad idea and a himmm for you...maybe there is a better option for you personally??
  26. I don't think it's the Benn Pro Curve because Bauer lists that as a lie 6 and the description says the P90TM is going to have a lower lie.
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