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  2. BenBreeg

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    I love Doc, McGuire, not so much.
  3. BenBreeg

    Wearing a Mask in Beer League?

    Unfortunately, there are many who fit this description.
  4. psulion22

    Was this a dick move or not?

    Agreed. Nothing good will come from a faceoff with 10 seconds left in a lopsided game. My league used to have running time in the 3rd if the score was a 6 goal differential, at the discretion of the losing team. This past season they took the choice away and it runs now regardless because they said they had more fights, injuries, and suspensions at the end of these kinds of games when the team elects not to run the clock, than any other time. Now they just want to get the game over with as quickly as possible.
  5. chippa13

    Wearing a Mask in Beer League?

    Anyone who carries anything over to the next game in beer league doesn't understand beer league.
  6. chippa13

    Was this a dick move or not?

    Its beer league and the game is over. The guy going hard with 6 seconds left on either side in a 6-1 game is just looking to start problems.
  7. Today
  8. YesLanges

    Was this a dick move or not?

    If you just change the gender of the genitals in your question, the answer is yes.
  9. chippa13

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    Really unfortunate that now its the Emrick and McGuire show the rest of the way.
  10. NiCnoK

    Vintage skates pro stock

    Nice try!
  11. roadrunner

    True A6.0 Tapered Shaft 75 FLex

    True A6.0 SBP Tapered Shaft. Used for one game of shinny. No damage, grip, 75 flex. Cut down 2 inches to 53”. $75 USD + $20 Shipping to Canada or USA
  12. stick9

    Quad 0 - stick9

    Steel: Tydan Edge 246mm Hollow: ¾ ROH About me: Skating in general has never really been an issue. I’ve always been able to get to where I need to be. I started skating a young and grew up on a lake, so plenty of ice time in the winter. There are some aspects of my skating that could be better. I have had issues with decreased agility and lack of overall stability in the past. Normally I rotate two sets of steel. The first set is stock Bauer LS4 profiled to a Quad 0 by Shayne from Pro Sharp, the second is stock STEP Edge. When I started this program I purchased a set of Tydan from the pro shop here at MSH. The stock STEP profile is my control set. Review: I’ve spent more time on this profile than any other, except maybe my control set. I’ve been using the Quad 0 since before this project began. I had been on my new skates for about six months. Coming from a larger skate with a bigger holder, I missed some that extra steel on the ice. Dropping down in size had a positive impact on mobility and acceleration but the shorter steel lacked the overall speed and stability I got with the longer steel. I ended up talking with JR about possible profiles. He put me in tough with Shayne from ProSharp (we live in the same town). When I tried the quad 0, every aspect felt better. Getting in and out of turns was easier, front to back transitions were easier, I felt more agile in tight spaces and overall straight line speed was increased. I demo’d some other profiles that day. Everything felt better than a stock profile yet nothing felt quite as good as the quad 0. The quad 0 is like a catch all. It does a lot of things really well and seems to appeal to a lot of different players. Mobility: 4 Stability: 3 Speed: 3 Acceleration: 4 Other profiles on deck: 9 | 50mm | 10.5
  13. Wicked3Aussie

    New Bauer 2XRs?

    I hope the quality is an improvement over the current 1X. Mine we’re fairly disappointing compared to how bulletproof the 2016s were.
  14. RickDC

    Was this a dick move or not?

    I think if there's 6 seconds left and we're in the oppositions zone, I wouldn't want to run the clock. I'd rather have 6 seconds of trying to make it 2-6 than just giving up. If it's in our zone, I'd chat to a team mate and ask them should we run the clock, if they shrug, then yes.. but then there's the danger that the ref would just drop the puck and then we're caught in a scramble - it's happened ;-)
  15. IPv6Freely

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    I use NHL.tv so was able to watch the Sportsnet/CBC broadcasts. I’ve never heard of the guy you mention but I usually avoid NBC like the plague. Happy to see the Blues moving on. I honestly didn’t care who won this series but once it was clear St. Louis was dominating I was more than happy to get behind them. They’re a great story this year, and considering the laughs Bozak got from just about everyone, including me, when he said he joined St. Louis to win a cup, I’m rooting for him too. Binnington is obviously also a great story, as is their rise from last place back in January.
  16. IPv6Freely

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Welcome to the club!
  17. STEP_Official

    Ask STEP!

    We are hoping to have the STPROXS in 230, 220 and 215 out this summer ready for next season (Northern Hemisphere) .
  18. bgspillz

    Warrior Fantom QRE

    Great......I'm sure there will be plenty on eBay for $600+.
  19. Just received an email with a coupon code for $100 off. That just pushed me over the edge. Machine ordered. "SPARXSUMMER100" for anyone else interested.
  20. Mnhockeycoach99

    2019 Gear Releases

    Does anyone here have information on the new Bauer Supreme equipment being released at the end of June? I'm specifically wondering about their high end breezers. Thanks, Mnhockey
  21. JR Boucicaut

    11th Annual MSH SummerJam

    Yes, there are slots still open. We sent you an invite. The skate is Saturday AM. We normally have a dinner/out on the town Friday night and Saturday post-game. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/summerjam
  22. It's funny, someone on another forum made a thread asking how to deal with an a-hole around the Seattle hockey community. https://hfboards.mandatory.com/threads/question-for-older-players-about-handling-a-serious-problem-player.2637201/
  23. BenBreeg

    CCM Pro Stock Help

    I would email PSH. One, they will be able to help you with fit and two they may not be so strict about returns, never know. Hockey Monkey also has pro stock pants and allow you to return for credit.
  24. Mlxg

    Is this a real CCM PMT trigger 2

    Man, this is my stick, and as I've been telling you it's a true Trigger at least; whether it's a Reckoner or ASY, I can't say for sure. I don't see why anyone would dress an original Trigger ASY as a T2, and I think if Darren Dreger wanted a Reckoner, he'd just get a Reckoner dressed as a Reckoner... If you really want, tomorrow, I can try to dig up a photo of the sticker (Hockey Shop guy took a photo of it). I'm pretty sure it said Trigger 2 on it but I threw it away when I taped the stick. Honestly, what does it matter? Just buy it, try it out, and if you don't think it's a real Trigger 2 for whatever reason, you can return it to me... The differences between the RCR, ASY, T2 PMT and even the T3D in terms of play aren't really that large IMO.
  25. Here’s my rig: https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE4MDQzMDE5Mjc1MDUxNjkw/?igshid=1wc0gotvo7i4b This gets full ice coverage from center ice. I’d like to augment it with behind the goal cams too but this is a lot easier to setup and tear down quickly and the batteries never die. I use FCPX to sync the videos and then multi-cam clips to pick which camera shot to use. For example: I shoot in 4K for both cameras so I can do the zooming/panning/cropping in FCPX and still get decent output when exporting to 1080p.
  26. SirJW

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    Kenny Albert, did a great job calling the series for NBC Sports. Too bad he's done for the season.
  27. Jbear

    CCM Pro Stock Help

    Here's me...I'm 5'9, 180 and 36-37 solid build. I'm trying to figure out which pants are best for me and which size. I'm looking at CCM HP30, 35, 45, 70, & UCLP. I'm a large in a traditional fit, but I like the tapered fit pants I'm seeing. If I go that route, should I get an XL? ProStock.com does not allow returns, so I want to do my best to get it right. Anybody have a preference among these pants you would care to share? Anybody prefer Warrior (with a size suggestion)? Thanks in advance!
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