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Found 168 results

  1. Here are some sightings at the dev camps As2 Ribcor The Vapor FlyLite no longer a team GB exclusive Maltese throat guard Easton still getting love
  2. Rhart088

    Painting Helmet Vents?

    Before heads explode I KNOW that painting a helmet is dumb and weakens the plastic and comes off and looks terrible. And I already contacted Bauer and they will not sell just the ventsThis is why I ask. My little guy who is 10 plays rep hockey non contact. Well his regular team due to politics will be taking a year off to move leagues. Due to his regular team colors being Navy and powder blue will not work with the Black and Orange of the team he is playing for this season. Luckily he has a black Bauer Re-akt 75 in all black that we bought this summer for ball hockey. But the coach prefers the vents on the helmet to be orange. Well as he already owns 2 $160 helmets buying a 3rd is just not something I want to do.Sooooooo I was wondering if there was a way to paint the vents orange. I bought some 3M vinyl which works but it's a pain. I was thinking Orange krylon fusion and super light coats.
  3. nutters

    New Vapor sticks.

    Looking online recently at the new Vapor line of sticks and saw how they have kept just to having 4 sticks, as the previois generation did. Today I picked of an equipment buyer's guide from le trio hockey (PHL in the rest of Canada) and the section of Vapors they the 2X stick advertised in the middle of the line priced at $269.99 CAD. I have to ask, was this stick dropped after something like this was printed, or will it be an exclusive to certain retailers? Seems odd that this store is the only place who has advertised the "mid-range" stick. $270 seems crazy for a middle of the pack stick!
  4. teamohiogocincyswords6111

    New mission skates

    Anyone have any info on the up and coming mission roller hockey skate? I'm looking at buying the NLS1 now but trying to figure out if its worth another couple of months in my skates. Any idea on release date, specs ect. Mostly wanting to know any injected lacing with the mission roller hockey skates.
  5. Well with free agency just days away I think this can be started... 2S Pro at Flyers camp https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dgz5v_uWsAg_WLY.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DgzktYgX0AA6V-T.jpg:large
  6. Mass

    Bauer 2X skates

    Hey Guys, Tried on the new 2X skates today(non-pro), and they are very comfortable, have a nice stiff quarter, good heel lock, etc. The only thing holding me back from grabbing them, is the 'Pro tpu Outsole", as apposed to the full carbon. I am coming from the apx2 skates, and before that, the ccm u+cl, so i have been using full carbon boots for some time. Anybody have any insight into the tpu outsoles? I know its basically just a plastic, but its definitely some sort of injected plastic, and is still relatively stiff. Any insight would be great, would be awesome if anybody has skated in the skates, and could leave some feedback, but they're obviously brand new, so might be a long shot. Any info would be great!
  7. How / where can I get a pair of bauer vapor xxxx in 6 3/4? The custom size is the only thing I'm really interested in; no other changes.
  8. CCM Tacks 9080 vs Bauer Supreme S180 Which one is better? and why? please help!
  9. What do people think are the nicest helmet/cage combinations? I'm currently switching between a black CCM Tacks 710 with a CCM FM480 chrome, a black Bauer 4500 with an oreo Profile II, and a black Bauer ReAkt with a CCM FM480 chrome. I'll post photos of the 710 and the reakt when I figure out how to
  10. Anyone know the actual release date for the Bauer speed plates 2.0?
  11. A2rhino

    Retirement Sale

    Retirement sale Listed are some items I'm getting rid of due to no longer (per my dr.) being able to play the game. Whatever is not sold here will soon be put on Ebay. Please contact me with any questions. Note that ALL ITEMS ARE CLEAN WITH NO STINK. Buyer pays shipping. Will only ship in the US. If you live in MI. I will allow you to meet me and pick anything up and even check out the sticks I have as well. Gear CCM Supra lower back protection $10 Pro Stock CCM 10K size 15 Habs gloves. Used 6 or so times $50 Jofa Pro stock 9144 elbow pads size 6. Used a few seasons. replaced the middle strap. SOLD tacki mack long grip (new in box) SOLD New Jofa 8k cup. Has been assembled but NEVER worn. $50 Bauer IMS 9.0 HELMET/CAGE combo. Size Med. Used for 1 season. No accidents $80 CCM RBZ Elbow pads, used for one season. Size Large $30 SOLD CCM Crazy Lite pants, used for one season size large $60 New with Tags, University of Michigan 2016/2017 Lowers with thigh pads in. $80 Jofa 6090 16" shin guards. $40 SOLD Blades New in box Powerfoot inserts. $10 SOLD New/never used, Size 280 heel lifts. was going to use these in my old S15 Skates with Tuuk holders. $10 Top blade is a used Innovative Mogilney (Taper blade) curve $10 Sold Next two down are Weight/Vanek (taper) curves. AKA DARBY curves $20ea Sold Next is a prostock Delmore slight to curve (Taper). $30 The last 4 are Vanek curves. AKA Darby curves (Standard). The two DD in the middle are brand new. $35 ea for the two new ones. $25ea for the others Sold Please feel free to PM any questions you may have
  12. Bauer Vapor APX2 blade, P88, New $40 shipped Bauer Vapor 1x blades (2), P92, used. One blade in perfect shape. The other has a few chips on the toe and a knick on the top of the blade. $35 shipped for the good one, $25 for the chipped one Bauer Vapor 1x shaft, 54" 87 flex. Non-grip. a few chips in the paint. Only one tiny knick near the blade end of the shaft. $70 shipped Bauer Vapor APx Shaft 52.5" 77 Flex, Grip. $70 shipped Bauer Vapor APx2 Shaft 52.5" 77 Flex, Non-Grip $70 shipped Discounts for buying multiples. I'll get some pics of the Interested in RH PM9/W01/P45/E4/PP9 sticks/blades or 4 roll style gloves, 14", & XL elbows.
  13. Zackstrom

    Stick Recommendations

    Im an adult looking to start playing hockey after being a big fan for several years now. Ive got some cheap equipment like skates and gloves but cant find a decent stick. Im on a tight budget so the cheaper the better. I dont need anything crazy, just something to practice and use whenever im on the ice. Ive heard wood isnt too bad. I also have seen some stuff about ABS/Carbon Fiber blades. I know abs blades arent very strong, but these “hybrid” abs sticks can be used on ice. Any advice is appreciated. Just would like to know about come cheap options or places to find cheap sticks
  14. Hey guys, kind of an outdated gear topic but anyways. I just joined a new team with ~oilers colourway and I had to buy new pants (couldn't go pro-stock because they don't have the orange stripe ) and price difference not worth choosing a shell. Anyways, the ones that fitted best both my body and wallet were those one95 pants. I therefore wondered what has been your experience with them (durability, comfort) and if there was anything I should be looking out for. thanks a lot!
  15. StacktActor

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Hi all, What does everyone think about the Marsblade holder coming out pretty soon? Think it will be the real deal? Is the Tuuk holder in for massive market share loss?
  16. stick9

    SOLD - Stick sale, RH 75-77 Flex

    Clearing out the sticks that are no longer in use. They deserve a good home. CCM Tacks (first generation) 75 Flex P19, measures 56” from heel to end. Lightly used with basic scuffs and such, $50 shipped. I have a second if interested. Bauer 1N (2015) 77 Flex P92, Non Grip, measures roughly 56” from heel to end. Stick was barely used as I didn’t really care for the non grip. $90 shipped. Bauer X:60 Pro Stock (Weal, G15F) 77 Flex P92, measures roughly 56” from heal to end. Moderate use, still plays solid, no cracks. $50 shipped. Bauer MX3 Pro Stock (D. Shore, W04J) 82 Flex, P92 measures roughly 56” from heel to end. Heavy use, some cracking at the toe, still plays well. $45 shipped. Ill package the two pro stocks for $75 shipped if interested. Shipping to continental US only.
  17. I'm a beginner ice hockey player and I am looking to get into roller hockey as well since a lot of the best players at my ice rink play both in the same week. They say transfering back and forth between both improves your ice game. Mainly stick handling, positioning and endurance (since roller teams are usually smaller and only have 8 skaters you get more playing time). Also I've been invited to join my colleges roller hockey club for next year. I own a pair of $99 Tour skates with all 76mm wheels that are 82A. I use them for practicing outdoors at the tennis courts with a green biscuit. I've read on some old threads that rockering your skates can make them feel closer to ice skates. However, others have warned not to do it because you lose the competitive advantage of speed. If I only plan to use these skates on the tennis courts with a Green Biscuit is rockering them ok? Also how should I rocker them use a 72-76-76-72 pattern? When I put my inline skates on I have a hard time turning like I do on ice and I can't seem to stop. Regarding Indoor roller hockey, I was planning on buying Bauer Vapor X500 skates with 74A wheels since the indoor rink is sport court. For Ice hockey I use Bauer Vapor X500s. I see that Bauer and Mission skates come with a "Hi-Lo" chassis compared to a straight chassis. What's the advantage of the Hi-Lo chassis? Does it help with turning and making the skates feel closer to ice?
  18. I've been skating in Bauer one nines for several years & have never been particularly happy with them - first time in twenty-five years of playing that I ever experienced lace bite, despite having almost exclusively worn stiff, top-end skates. It was a problem when they were new and now has become a big problem again as they're breaking down, but almost exclusively in one skate. (I assume I'm overcompensating for the boots getting softer by tying them too tight). I did the pencil test early on, and I don't think it's a volume issue. Also, skate stiffness had never been an issue for me, but the current pair is the first full-composite skates I've worn, so I realize that might be a part of the issue. That said, the fact that the lace bite has persisted even as the skates have gotten softer/more forgiving makes me somewhat skeptical that I could remedy the problem by just dropping down a rung on the Supreme ladder. Over the years, I had liked the Supreme line, and my previous two pairs of skates before these were 8090s and Graf 705s, both of which I had liked a lot. When I bought the one.9s, I tried on whatever the current Nexus was and found it too wide in the heel. I remember liking the Vapors, but for some reason which I have since regretted, went with the Supremes. I'm looking to replace the one nines, and I'm trying to figure out if my problem was a poor fit or whether I just miss the old material skates (which, would, I guess, mean I'd be in the market for a pair of older model Grafs?). I realize that fit and feel are highly personal, but I want to make sure I'm trying on everything I should when I hit my LHS/going about this right. My current skates have been a real frustration, and I want to make the most informed decision that I can. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.
  19. Hey Guys, This is my first post here, so please let me know if anything I've written can be found elsewhere. I was looking for a pro stock pair of hockey pants, but i dont have the ability to try them on, so i am relying on your guys advice for sizing and which model. I am searching for a tapered fit pant, but i am always running into sizing issues. I am 6'1 and 175 with a 32 waist. The problem I am always running into is length with adequate sizing at the waist. I know that they make extensions, but what i have noticed with the extensions is that it drops the entirety of the pants and it feels like it does quite fit right on the hips. I tried out a pair of X900 Medium with the 1 inch extension, but the interlock waist system felt so awkward. I am currently in a pair of CCM QLT Large, but they feel big all over except for length. What pro stock pants would you guys recommend? I have have been looking at nexus (i know that they have a wider fit, but i saw they made a "tall" version), vapor pants, warrior covert or hustler, hp30, hp45, hp UCLX. Would you recommend a Medium with +1 (does the +1 mean the legs are extednded or you can drop an inch at the waist) or maybe Large? I am not too familiar with the different model numbers with CCM and the HPs. I was thinking about these: https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/pants/314705-bauer-dallas-stars-pro-stock-vapor-pant Thanks in advance!
  20. Long time lurker finally posting for advice! I'm in the market for new skates since my current Vapor X:20 skates size 7.5D (comparable to today's x400) are starting to present issues. Specifically, the interior foam that wraps the heel and ankles are really flattening out and I'm feeling my heel rub up and down. I'm suspecting that this is the reason for the bauer bumps on my heels (slight bruise with a blister forming under the callus heel skin). I've never experienced these issues until around 2 weeks ago. I went to a store and tried the Bauer 3D Skate lab. It recommended a 7D Supreme - most of my foot measurements were medium or between narrow/medium. When I tried the Supremes on, the length was perfect but it was 'meh' in terms of comfort. Understanding that skates feel different after baking, trying on ice, and breaking in, I don't want to dismiss any option too early and would like your recommendation on what skates I should try. If I had to describe my foot, I would say it's definitely a size 7 skate in length, standard forefoot width (I recall slight pinching for a few months when I initially broke in my Vapors), low instep (to this day I've never experienced even a hint of lace bite with my Vapors), and normal arch. When I measured my foot at home, my length was around 26cm (10.2") and forefoot width 9.5cm (3.7") for a length/width ratio of ~2.75. I'm not sure whether I have a narrow, narrow/medium, or medium heel and that's the main challenge (I stupidly forgot to note this measurement from the 3D Skate Lab and it's far away so can't go back). I really want a new skate that will have tight heel lock with padding that will keep the lock for a long time. Vapors are supposed to have the tightest heels and I still ended up with heel lock issues, but that could largely be because of the skates being low end and used quite a bit over the last year (around 10 hours on ice per week). For the new skates, I definitely want a stiffer boot that will last the next 5+ years. In addition to Supreme S180, I'm considering the Jetspeed FT1, Ribcor 70K (the only other skate in 7D I tried in store and they felt comfortable, not sure because of ideal fit or because they're more cushioned/roomier than the Supremes), and the Super Tacks. I don't know how an ideal skate should even feel in-store (is it actually good for there to be some tightness?). I am a long-time Icewarehouse customer so I plan to get 2-3 skates to try and return the ones that don't fit well.
  21. Bauer is running a series of polls all month on Instagram. Voting on a bracket they made up of various sticks. It disappoints me classics like the xxx and one95 have gotten no support. Has anyone else seen this on Instagram?
  22. penguinpelts

    Straightest Blade today

    I saw some older threads that have been archived so I wanted to ask you all again: what's the straightest blade you can get today? Is it still Crosby? I did see Iginla's curve from a few years ago was pretty straight, but those are harder to find retail. I've been using a Bauer PM9 mostly, but is there anything straighter than that?
  23. Siponarius

    The Search for Skates

    So, the question everyone always asks "What's the best skate for me?" Background: I had ankle surgery back in 2010. At the time, I was wearing Supreme One60 9EEs. My ankle had been swollen, and after the operation, had gone down. A LHS had set me up in Nexus Elevates (a SMU in 2012 which are Nexus 400, with some upgrades from 600 and 800) in a 9.5D. Been wearing them, and still are wearing them, they are awesome. But I've put some miles on them. In 2015, I was at a LHS a few hours away, putzing around, and expressed an interest in some new skates. The guy there was super knowledgable, and tried to put me into some Nexus 7000s. Something didn't feel right, so he tried to put me into some Jetspeeds (This was right after they switched from RBZ to Jetspeed, so he was under the impression they were still a wider skate). He tweaked them a bit, shims and what not, felt awesome. Sold half price since had over stock. I get home, get them baked at the local sports store (whom suck) and went out for my first rip in them...felt ok. After 2 or 3 skates, because unknowingly how narrow they were and the baking... it changed the fit, and aggravated the injury I had had repaired in the ankle. Puts me out for the entire season. I give them to a friend who plays Junior, and he loved them, so at least they went to good use. Fast forward to last Christmas, I notice an online store is having a Boxing Day blowout, and they have Nexus Elevates on sale, which are now a version of the N7000 with some upgrades from the N8 and N9000s. I order the 9.5D, because I think "Hey, self, it's the exact same line, what could go possibly wrong?" Ended up with another injury, couldn't skate that season as well. Fast forward to now. I finally have a change to bust out my new skates. Throw them on. Go for a skate. What the serious hell? These feel nothing like my old Nexus. I go to stop, fall over. My ankles wobble in them. So i switch back to my old pair, everything is good. I start doing some research here, there, and everywhere. Find out in 2014 with the Nexus 4000-8000 line they changed the way the boot is built and it doesn't fit the same as the old one does. Peachy. So I'm stuck with a set of skates way too big. Not a big deal, I'll sell them privately, but would still like to get some new ones. Also on the boards here saw some posts from a fella who indicated the newer nexus boots 'point up', and if you're used to the older ones, need to be shimmed in the rear. Which is weird, I guess. So the big question (after a long story) is: what fits like that old Nexus line? I did get a 3D Skate Lab scan done, and they said either Supreme 9EE or Nexus 9EE. Is the solution just to go down that half size and go wider? I tried both the S160 and S170 in store, and even in 9EE they don't fit right. Tried the N8000 in 9EE and it felt close, and I suppose I could get a few punches done, but is that the solution? I did find a pair of RBZ 9EE on clearance online that I ordered (and can return) to see if they would fit. Sorry for the long story. Any help would be appreciated!
  24. darkhors

    Bauer Re-akt 75

    I finally switched to a new helmet and after using it for a few months, figured I'd give a review on it. Old Helmet - Nike/Bauer 5500 Med. New Helmet - Bauer Re-akt 75 Med. Fit - This was a major factor for me. Since my Nike/Bauer was getting old, it would move around on my head and I had to readjust it from time to time on the bench. So it was important that the next helmet I got fit properly. The 75 fits perfectly and I really like the padding that they have inside as it cradle's your head without having any pressure points or excess movement. The helmet just feels like it's part of my head and not something that's sitting on top of it. I use a Bauer Hybrid combo face shield and it fits the helmet well. Once I'm snapped in, my helmet feels like a part of me and that was a necessity. 10/10 Protection - I can't say whether or not this is going to protect me appropriately or not, but I will say that the padding in this helmet is 100% better than the 5500. It has a good mix of the high density foams and mid density foams that make it comfortable and give's me the "feeling" of good protection. N/A Weight - It's not the lightest helmet out there, but I would say it's average. It doesn't feel heavy on my head and the hybrid mask is a bit heavy too so that adds to the entire helmet. That said, once I strap up, the fit of the helmet doesn't make it feel heavy on my head. 8/10 Durability - So far no issues at all. I've adjusted the helmet to where I need it and I haven't had to think about it again. All the moving parts work as they should and the Bauer adjustment wings are easy to use when needed. As of now it's top notch. 10/10 Intangibles - For me the biggest intangible was ventilation. There were good reviews on it, but you just never know until you're out there sweating in it. I couldn't be happier with it. The vents work well and it allows for good airflow. It's heads and tails better than my old 5500 and I can actually feel the wind coming through at times. I never feel hot in this thing even with my hybrid shield. Sweat is also not an issue. The padding actually does a good job of absorbing the sweat instead of just letting it run down your forehead into your eyes. The other intangible is the price. At 119.00 I feel this is the best bang for your buck helmet that you can get if it's the right fit for you. It was also rated one of the better helmets for protection in the Harvard helmet study (take that FWIW). 10/10 Conclusion - I tried on a few different helmets before buying this one such as: Bauer IMS 11.0, Warrior PX+, Krown 360 and the CCM Fitlite 300 and the Bauer just fit the best. It doesn't sit too high on my head, it vents well and feel like a part of my body. For me, I don't think I could have found a better helmet for my head. I didn't try on the Re-Akt 200 because I wasn't about to spend $300 on a helmet, but I still feel like this helmet is right up there with it and again, for the price it's hard to beat. Overall Score: 38/40 - 95%
  25. theinfamoust94

    Supreme 1S Skates fit?

    Hey Guys its my first time on this forum so if I'm posting on the wrong page please forgive me. So for the last while I keep using the same pair of NikeBauer One95's that I got on consignment that I got from a hockey shop I worked at in Edmonton. After using them for a long time, they started feeling really soft and I always needed to re-tie them multiple times during a skate, so I figured that it was time for a new pair. Since at the time I was very stubborn to staying as a Bauer guy and like getting top of the line equipment (I know its overkill for what I do and way too expensive), I wanted to get the Supreme 1s's since supreme pretty much keeps their boots the same in lines of fit. Anyway I bought a pair last May while living in BC knowing they were really stiff skates. When at the store, the sales associate had me try the old Jet speeds since they were on clearance. To be honest, I really liked them, but knew that I'd be thinking of the Supremes all the time if I got the CCM's. After a few months, I couldn't get fully comfortable in the skates. Usually the way I tie my skates is looser around the bottom of my feet because they ache regardless of how soft the skates are and then I try to tie the ankles up as tight as possible. In these I just can't get the ankle to where I want them and feel like I'm going to slide when I wear them. I almost felt like I'd get tired sooner when wearing the 1S' then when I was just wearing my one95's. I decided to start wearing my old one95's again and I felt like I liked them more than the 1S'. It's been a couple months since then and now my one95's are even softer and worse. I'm considering what to do when it comes to my skates. Currently, I'm living in Southeast Idaho with plans to move to Edmonton in April. My friend in Edmonton has my 1S' from when I visited and has been trying to sell them for me on kijiji, but we haven't been able to get a decent price since I paid 1100 for them after tax. I've heard that CCM has really picked up their game in skates so I've been thinking about trying on a pair of Tacks, but I don't exactly want to be tied up in two expensive pairs of skates. Any recommendations on what I should do? Is there a way to make the supremes fit better or a way to soften them quicker? I've baked them twice already but after the second bake it almost felt worse. One thing I've heard about the supremes thats a problem is the insanely stiff eye-lets. Is getting the tacks worth it since its supposed to not be as stiff and they have normal eye-lets on them? Should I give the 1S' another chance? Is there a way to solve the discomfort? Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.