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  1. Yup, those are 17" shins there buddy. Hope you can get your full refund and return.
  2. Everyone I know who had it had already sold them and gone back to tuuks and XS
  3. Yup, that looks like the reason for the crack My customs did not have that gap. Not sure about other retail models
  4. Like others have said, I wouldn't be too concerned. But I would be a bit annoyed honestly. I wonder what caused that. I have never seen a skate break from an inline puck. Too light. Dented chassis, sure, but to me that looks more like the plastic toe cap isn't completely tight to the carbon mold, so when the R1 was mounted, it might have squeezed the area where the carbon and plastic meet around the rivet. If there was some play there, most likely the torsion of play caused that small crack. But that's my theory based on one picture, so take it with a grain of salt
  5. I'm about to buy one of these to keep myself safe for the next time I open this thread...
  6. I absolutely do not think that. I was suggesting that Deker give it a shot of he is concerned enough.
  7. Well, so far it doesn't look like people are going nuts buying up all the old Jofa 390s. I think that might be at least a crude market indicator. Yes, it is their money. I don't care if they waste it, but they didn't become a successful company by making bad decisions. I wasn't saying that they shouldn't do it; I was saying that they won't... Because it's not a profitable enterprise and, like it or not, they are a for-profit corporation. And how long did it take from Masterson until helmets were required? And how much longer until they actually were worth anything in terms of protection? 30+ years later, and now over 50 years later and they still haven't made a perfect helmet. My point is that these things don't happen in a vacuum, and they don't happen over night. Do you understand how difficult of a process it was too get helmets into the league? And then to regular their quality? And then visors? You're dealing with red tape out the wazoo, and players and agents, unions etc. I agree, it's unfortunate, but it takes a long time and a lot of money, effort and yes, aggravation, to get anything done in the real world. If you like Jofa, I'd suggest you buy it now, because you're gonna be waiting a very long time for Bauer or CCM to make one like it... Regarding Timur, it's terribly sad what happened. We can speculate, but we don't really know what would be. Like the old saying goes, "if I had eggs, I'd have sausage and eggs, if I had sausage..."
  8. Seriously brah, you sound like a little kid. In real life, even if having earflaps on hockey helmets might offer more protection, Bauer and CCM and not going to just start doing it to prevent a very uncommon mishap. More likely, if you really want something, is to create some sort of clip-on after market device to protect that area, and then the small niche market for people who want it will be able to put it on whatever helmet they want. However, even with that, I would not quit my day job in the hopes of making a living selling hockey ear protectors. There just is not a market for it. It would cost a ton of money for companies to try and generate a market for it. So just go on sideline and buy an old Jofa 390.
  9. I saw pj kavaya the last time he was in the states and I don't recall him on the R1s. Maybe in Europe he's on them...? Anyway, I've definitely seen a few pairs in the southwestern tourneys, but not anywhere near as many as kryptoniums. I have a teammate on R1s and he likes them, but last week he cut hard and a huge chunk of the upper plastic piece cracked off. He was able to post the rest of the game and they're under warrantee still, but it's not fun to see, and who knows if that could have broken in a different spot and taken him down hard. I recall that with sprungs Kieth says to make sure to hydrate the plastic so that it stays strong. I wonder if the same might apply for R1s. We're on the desert in Phoenix AZ, so I try to take care of the sprungs. Not sure about the Marsblade plastic polymer, maybe it dries out and becomes more brittle
  10. Hyperlite. I think it will release in June
  11. Nobody is saying they are opposed to it, just that they don't expect to actually see this happen. BTW, you can just wear a ski helmet if you are concerned.
  12. Dang, I pay 11 for a green biscuit and 10 foot the ones that you can play with. They're so much more fun than any other puck. Want to try the hoplite though
  13. Lol we were way too poor for gimmicks back then. Rubbing alcohol ftw. Btw, on topic for this thread, in update from my last post for labeda asphalts, I've been able to try tricksters 84a and they're pretty good but not really worth the extra guap, and also Konixx rockets 2x or whatever they're called, and they're also great, little bit more rebound than the asphalt, similar durability, I prefer the color too lol. Never tried revision asphalt but heard good things about them
  14. I'm right handed so I can't say about shooting, but Laine is a heel curve with a toe kink
  15. Labeda gripper yellow are 80a and would probably work well for you. Konixx Pure +1 is officially 76a. Smooth concrete outdoor rinks tend to be super dusty usually, which plays a big part in the sliding out. Ime there is no wheel that prevents that. We used to rub the wheels down with alcohol which helps them grip a bit, but you have to do it every few shifts really.
  16. Didn't realize that, because the first gen RBK pads sold in US were chinese made but looked like the white and blue pros. In that case do your thing. I don't see what the issue would be with swapping a liner
  17. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/hockey-helmets/2101484-jofa-used-small-helmet-w-cage Might be a serious rush for these bad boys.
  18. Never did it, but your swapping pro pads (7k pro) for retail Chinese pads (fitlites). The 6ks are good pads, but I don't see why you're choosing them over 7k pros
  19. Nice. I got to try a PXB a while back, Giroux pro which is not my curve (his is like Patty Kane, basically a Bauer P10) but despite that I liked it. I was not overly impressed with the shooting as I think, like you mentioned, the Jetspeed is nicer to shoot. I dont like a super pingy blade, but felt like this was way over the top, even for me. The only other True twig ive used was the old 6.0, so I can't comment on AX9 similarities. I will say that the puck feel was not amazing imo, it shot hard and was easy to load, and it was very light, but did not feel drastically lighter than anything else out there. I considered buying one, but will be traveling a lot in the next couple months and not playing very much.
  20. its uncommon, but not problematic. they probably got some demo pairs to use for trying on. the newer ccm tacks can get a good 7 bakes before any breakdown is possible.
  21. Do you really believe that CCM is going to try to force McD out of his jetspeeds? They're gonna lose him to Bauer then, if that's what he likes... Thanks for clarifying. This looks pretty bad on the part of True. I was a huge fan for a long time, but lately it's been iffy. Hope they realize that if being good to customers got them to where they are, they should probably keep it up if they want to keep going. I assume you don't want two sets of holes, but if you have them just attach the shifts and then have your shop swap them, you won't have two full sets of holes because there are a bunch of holes that do match up to the shifts, probably about 5 or so. If you're that concerned, you could fill the old holes with epoxy to seal them. At the very least, selling the shift holders and steel should cover the cost of a decent chunk of the swap. Depending on your financial situation it might be something to consider. Did they ever? No. But did True? Yes.
  22. lol i just googled it and found your old thread on here.
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