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  1. If those are 10 years old it just shows how much Grafs last. Nice laces too. Those were the "good" Grafs. None of that silver crap on the skates. Yea when I looked at those new Grafs w/ the silver and crappy graphics I was a little disappointed, but then again that seems to be the style that all the kids like now a days; too much silver/white/flashy designs on skates these days for my taste. The laces are new, only been used for maybe 3 sessions or so... they seem a little wider than any other laces I've used and I'm really happy with them, no lace bite at all and they keep the skates nice and snug. Oh and the skates are a size 8 from what I remember for the user who commented that they look small... I think the pic makes them look smaller than they really are.
  2. Nothing new but I was messing around w/ my 50mm lens last night and snapped some shots of my Grafs. They're about 10 years old now and I'm thinking I'll be replacing them in a couple months or so. You can't tell from the pic too much but they're really worn on the other side of the skate, right near the ball of the foot it's white from the outer peeling off, as well as plenty of slices from skate blades and the Tuuk's have definitely seen better days.
  3. I'm on the 'tex, don't post much at all but I lurk every day. I go through phases of lurking and posting, usually just stick to my local forums and the photography forum when I do actually post. It's a great way to kill time at work :lol:
  4. I too would steer customers to some of the local hockey shops when I realized they were looking for anything that was above beginner level equipment (back then I lived near a few that were within 20mins of driving). I'd also steer them to a nearby inline skate shop when they were looking for rollerblades (the guy at the shop even gave me a pack of business cards and a nice discount whenever I needed hockey equipment :lol: ), luckily the management at TSA never caught on... I did get several customers call to give compliments though (which netted me a $20 gift certificate each time :D ). The one thing I don't miss is the parents coming in for skates for their kids and saying they want them to last for atleast 2 or 3 years since the kid is still growing, and then trying to explain to them the reasons a skate should fit properly. It was like talking to a brick wall at times.
  5. Nice, I've been contemplating a pair of Coyotes RBK 4-rolls on monkey for a little bit now, just can't make up my mind.
  6. 2007 VW GTI. Coilovers, BBS CH's, various European trim pieces, some minor engine mods... my daily driver averaging between 27 and 31mpg per fill up (yes I'm anal about calculating it every time). She will turn 2 on Feb 16th and I've just rolled past the 50k mile mark last week (yes I drive a lot). There will be some more mods this coming year and many more miles of course, overall I've been really happy with the car and enjoy driving it every time I get the chance. Anyone else here part of www.vwvortex.com ?
  7. First off, your icon rocks. :D I wish I could say the same about the shops... I have 1 LHS that is 10 mins away (the nearest besides that is over 1/2 hr away and not worth the drive) and it's pretty good, but they don't carry all the brands and therefore selection is limted. What they lack in inventory they do make up for with their well educated staff though so it keeps me coming back. I try to buy as much stuff as possible there but I wish there were some other quality hockey shops here on Long Island... I don't mind paying a little extra to buy locally. A long long time ago I worked at The Sports Authority and saw firsthand just how bad the "sports outlet" style store could be... I worked in the footwear section, which wasn't bad, I was able to help people buy semi-decent skates. Unfortunately they didn't have anyone in the store that knew the first thing about hockey equipment (and of course they wouldn't train anyone either) so I'd end up working that department as well, usually dealing with customers who were told all the wrong information by another clueless employee. So the moral of the story, don't shop at those stores.
  8. They're beautiful but they just don't go w/ anything I have or I'd be all over them... doh!
  9. I play ice hockey, mens league only at this age Helmet: CCM Vector 08 (maroon) Visor: Oakley Pro Modified Aviator Shoulders: Bauer Flak (don't remember the model but they're from a year or two after they started branding them as Bauer) Elbows: CCM Vector 08 Shins: RBK Fitlite 4k Knee Brace: CTi2 Girdle: Some older Bauer pair, don't remember the model Cover: Tackla black long team issue from college Gloves: Graf G700 black/white 14" Skates: Graf Supra 705 Sticks: Easton Synergy SL Forsberg 85flex cut doen abour 2-3" Easton S11 Heatley 85flex cut down the same
  10. :D it rocks, I've been having a lot of fun with it so far. I'll make sure to chronicle any additional equipment purchases I make from now on :lol:
  11. I haven't posted in here yet so I have a bunch of pics to post, I'll use thumbnails to make viewing easier. I've played for many many years but took the past 2-3 years off due to moving (far away from any rinks :( ) and then being involved in a bad car accident which lead to months of PT and eventually shoul;der surgery and a few more motnsh of PT... but finally I am back playing hockey. As a result I had to get a few new items so I'll just post the newer stuff... oh and this gave me a chance to play w/ my new 50mm F1.8 lens I got for my camera Just picked this up and used it for one game so far, I love it... CCM Vector 08 helmet w/ oakley pro modified aviator (my old visor got ruined when I tried washing it) elbow pads, CCM Vector 08, real comfy and fit great My old Sher-Wood gloves were moldy from sitting in a basement and just really worn so I replaced them w/ these Grafs, I like them a lot so far And lastly the sticks, the Synergy SL is my first OPS and I picked it up over the summer for $80 and fell in love (replaced a few Z-Bubbles I've been using since they came out), I added the S11 just a few weeks ago and tried it out once so far, it'll take a little getting used to
  12. Thanks. Here's my latest, done yesterday by Miss D'Jo @ Lark Tattoo here on LI. It's my "Suicide Homer", pic was taken just after I removed the bandage and washed it so it's pretty swollen.
  13. I have an appointment coming up this Sunday that I'm pretty excited about, I made it back in the spring/summer so I could finally finish the sleeve on my right arm. I'll be getting a suicide Homer down on my inner forearm/wrist, it'll be like a suicide king (king of hearts) but it will be Homer Simpson dressed as a king and instead of a knife in his head he'll have his head tilted to the side and have a blue crayon in his nose (Simpsons fans will understand the crayon reference). I had some other Simpson's ideas but this was the one that will work the best with my arm... the other ideas included a dagger through a pink frosted donut with a banner that read "for those I love I will sacrifice", or a "love thy neighbor"piece w/ Ned Flanders, but I have 2 banners on that arm already with words so I thought I'd go w/ something simpler (a heart safety pinned on my elbow that says "heart means everything", and my "poison free" high school Marge which was posted a page or so back). I'll make sure to post some pics when it's all done.
  14. I grew up there and lived there for 26 years, moved a little further east now but still have lots of ties to Wantagh. I'm an original Baymen alumni ;)
  15. It all depends on the girl and on the tattoo's ;) some real nice tattoo's on an ugly girl isn't going to make her less ugly, and some horrible tattoo's on an otherwise hot girl is going to kill whatever she had going in the looks department. I prefer some tasteful tattoo's and usually some colorful ones and the girl has to be good looking to begin with... half sleeves are nice as well as some leg work and even a chest piece, tramp stamps and back of neck tattoo's do nothing for me.
  16. This thread needs more pics, so I'll contribute a few of mine. Most recent, h2o quote "one life one chance", done by Civ (of the Gorilla Biscuits) at Lotus tattoo "Lucky" on the top/outside of my skinny calf, done by Jay Cavna at Lotus Tattoo. Bottom half of my legs will eventually be covered in traditional style pieces with traditional filler mixed with random little things. "Poison Free" Marge, done by Miss D'Jo at Lark Tattoo. It's a take on the old Sailor Jerry "Poison Girl". Blin-koi, done by Miss D'Jo as well. Again a Simpson's take on a classic tattoo design. This pic was before my arm was fully finished and it appeared in a magazine a few years back as part of a feature on Miss D'Jo. Skull & crossbones are cool but a skull w/ hockey sticks is better... oh and a gold toof doesn't hurt either (which my artist said she wanted to do so I had no choice :lol: ), done by Miss D'Jo, pic taken before full arm was done and it now has 3 small cars from my shoulder surgery. Miss D'Jo was actually born and raised in Montreal and moved down here to NY just a few years before I met her, she grew up playing hockey and is a huge fan so she was psyched when we discussed this idea. Chest done by Jay Cavna at Lotus Tattoo (now owns a shop called Sanctity Tattoo in Arizona), it's a historical/treasure style map of Long Island w/ points of interest. Wantagh is where I grew up and lived for 26 years so "home is where the heart is" even though i don't live there anymore. Well I have a lot more, including a full oriental sleeve (without Simspon's references) on the other arm, but I don't have pics handy. There's also more to come in the future, I have an appointment w/ Miss D'Jo on the 17th that I've been waiting for since June to add another Simpsons themed piece to finish my right arm completely.
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