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    CCM Ribcor 78K
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    CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D P28 75 flex
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    CCM HG12
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    CCM Vector 08
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    9K Girdle/Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM RBZ 130
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    RBK 8K Pro
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    Easton Pro Backpack

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  1. 2 part question... A.) How far do you travel to play hockey yourself? How far do you live from the nearest rink or rinks? B.) How far do you drive your children to play or learn to play hockey? I know they're similar questions, basically, how far does everyone live from their nearest rink? Growing up in Nassau County on Long Island I was about 10mins away from a rink, I learned to skate and play on that rink, then as I got older I played on a bunch of rinks all between 10-35mins from home. Now I live out on the north eastern end of Long Island and the closest rink is a 45-60 minute drive (depending on traffic, etc). The league I play in plays at all different rinks since hockey rinks are few and far between on Long Island (in total I think we have about a dozen, most of which are in Nassau County which is the western part of the island). Most games I drive an hour plus to play, between 45-70 miles each way depending non the location, all late at night of course since those are the only hours us old folk get. Some drives home I contemplate if the drive is worth it and wonder how crazy I am for doing it, then again I wouldn't trade it for anything. Now that my kids are getting old enough to play I'm faced with that issue as well... they've been doing skating lessons at the closest rink (45min drive each way on Sunday mornings, well 45 mins there and over an hour and half home since all the citiots head to my neighborhood to pick pumpkins and apples and drink wine this time of year). My 9yo daughter seems like she might drop hockey in favor of swimming (yet another hike for us), but my 6yo son is just starting a learn to play program next month and I know he's in it for the long run (they both play roller hockey near home so already have a love for the game). So yea, does it ever get any easier??? Sorry this wasn't much of a question as it was a vent, just wanted to see if I was alone in living so far from a sport that I love.
  2. xstartxtodayx

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Someone on S2K snagged a locker room close up of the skates, I don't want to steal his photo so here's a link to the post: http://www.sports2k.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5078-2019-2020-pro-stock-sightings/?p=364894
  3. xstartxtodayx

    Insole problem

    Superfeet Yellow or Carbon are great, I've had the Carbon Pro for the past 4 or so years in 2 skates and love them. CCM has a new line of insoles called Orthomove I believe, they're similar to the SF Yellow but have 2 or 3 different arch height adjustments (basically an attachment to the arch area to raise it various degrees), I've heard the quality is equal to SF but the adjustable arch option might be good for you to find the right fit.
  4. xstartxtodayx

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    yea, pretty sure the image of him with STX gloves/stick was from training camp, he was also using a Warrior at some point in camp but once the season started he's been in full CCM. From what I can guess you prob. won't see him in CCM marketing since he most likely didn't sign an endorsement deal with them (honestly that additional money would be pocket change to him).
  5. xstartxtodayx

    Photos of yourself

    Teammate grabbed a couple nice ones of me last night with my camera, nice to be on that side of the lens sometimes (I'm a league photographer so I shoot between shifts, I try to teach some teammates how to use the camera in hopes to be in photos but usually the results aren't that great, last night I played with another photographer who knew what they were doing )
  6. xstartxtodayx

    Hockey Central at Noon?

    Have you tried 31 Thoughts with Elliotte Friedman? He's been putting out episodes already has some great interviews. I do HCN during the season along with 31 Thoughts and, of course, Spittin Chiclets... I'm an hour and 15+ away from work so I get some good windshield time to catch up on podcasts.
  7. xstartxtodayx

    SWOT - Super Light Senior Shoulder Pad

    I just checked out their website, yikes. Best part was their Mission Statement, looks like something Michael Scott would write.
  8. xstartxtodayx

    Help EASTON gloves with deteriorating cuff roll

    I had an old pair of leather Sher-Woods that had that happen to the graphics after a cleaning in an early sani-sport type machine.
  9. xstartxtodayx

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    Good to know, thanks! I've never used a full fishbowl so wasn't sure, I just know with cages they have S, M, L and they all fit very different which makes it tricky.
  10. xstartxtodayx

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    How is the sizing on this? I normally wear a large Bauer cage (Profile II and Reakt) and CCM cages never fit right (mediums are too small and larges too long). I see this shield is a one size fits all so just curious how they manage to accommodate all different face sizes.
  11. xstartxtodayx

    Girdle Options

    I picked up a brand new old stock 9k girdle on PSH for $70 shipped a few weeks back (they still have XL in stock), it replaced my old 9K that was falling apart. I love the mobility and protection the 9K provides. Also, you can wear any shell on any girdle, you don't need to wear the PP90's on 9K's, anything fits as long as it has a belt
  12. xstartxtodayx

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    I've seen CCM post about it recently on IG and it honestly caught my eye. I've never been a fan of bubbles but this one intrigues me, wonder how they'd look on a Vector.
  13. xstartxtodayx

    Help with vision in a cage.

    I have a couple of V08's and have used the Profile II's for a few years (I prefer the grey or the oreo one, the bright white I didn't care for). The Profile II fits the V08 great but make sure you get the size that fits your face... I wear a large Bauer cage on my small V08, the cage and helmet don't have to be the same size. I went with the Profile because it was the closest shape to the old Jofa I had in the 90s (CCM makes something similar but their sizing is odd, medium is way too small and large way too big). As for the Reakt, I've been trying one for the past month and a half on one of my helmets and I'm still on the fence... I like the weight (which I really didn't think would be noticeable), and the color since it is less distracting, but it's a slightly different/smaller shape than the Profile (I prefer the Profile shape over the Reakt) and the bars spacing is ever so slightly different than the Reakt so it took me a while to get used to t. All in all I think both are great choices and both fit well on V08 helmets.
  14. xstartxtodayx

    Red Dog Hockey Boost

    That video... wow. Investors? Possibly you!
  15. xstartxtodayx

    Blade pitch question - SB XS from LS Edge w/ Step

    Nothing yet, JR said mid-August so I'm figuring another week or two before they get out to resellers and then the public (me).