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    Oooohhh,.... scientific techno balls.... its so shiny !!
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    What is a nano sprinkle? It sounds delicious and something I would add to a cupcake
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    Howdy, This one. You should also spell "resin" and "extreme" correctly in your marketing blurb. Good marketing / spelling is not, of course, a requirement for developing a revolutionary new stick technology. But its an indicator for those of us that have no other information to evaluate by. Mark
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    Well, I am a medic and this is about brain injury! Just trying to get people to understand that hydration plays a huge part of it
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    Not sure that’s the case with Base who is trying to fill that niche already. If they can manage to remake the CNT Stealth however you can sign me up for a 40 pack.
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    Blimey, what a pile of non scientific techno balls.
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    Actually, that's not true......fluid for cushioning (as in hydration and cerebrospinal fluid) and integrity of the organ itself.
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    2 Shots from last nights game here in Doha
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    Another season over. Lost 4-0 in the semi-finals to the first place team that has lost about 3 games over the last four seasons total. Normally that wouldnt be sweet spot worthy but we’ve been informed that they aren’t allowing that team to continue as-is. So this is the last season that will be a complete waste of time.
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    It goes without saying...I am very interested and very late! Please show leniency!
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    I'm not superstitious, but maybe McDavid should go back to the original JetSpeed graphics on his skates for next year. Also, check out Kassian going two eyelets down on his Trues!!
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    As1 is higher and an extra eyelet as well but if I drop an eyelet it feels too unstable. Negative space is similar for me which I'm happy about. In fact the as1 it noticeably tighter in the forefoot and smaller toe box.
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    It's not the hollow but your muscle control. Your muscles are struggling to control the boot so you get chatter and drift. Just keep practicing those T stops with the stopping foot behind the lead foot. Try just feathering the ice with the stopping foot and a perpendicular blade, this helps to set your muscle memory. As you get more comfortable with the feathering, increase your speed and the attack angle of the blade (edge leading, ankle trailing, your muscles will control the amount of stiffness you need in the ankle). Then start to put more weight into the stopping foot. Your weight is in the center of the blade. Also as you increase the weight into the stopping foot, try lifting the toe of the lead foot, this helps with your shift of weight balance back onto the stopping foot. Once you get this T stop, then you start to move the stopping foot out to the side of the lead foot. As you master this the stopping foot can then move forward until you can eventually stop with it leading. It's all about muscle control and weight distribution, especially the muscle control of the leading foot as you learn to do this. As to the 2 foot stop and outside edge chatter, do the above and once you are able to stop with the stopping foot leading your outside edge chatter will have disappeared. 2 foot stops should be driven by the outside edge, not the inside edge. I loath teaching snow plow stops but its a necessary evil to get someone to stop. Once they have the basic idea of a snow plow I never work with that again, it's always outside edge drills like the one above. Not only does it teach you an outside edge but it also works hard on your one foot balance. It takes much longer to master a 2 foot stop this way but once they get there the technique is far superior to someone who started and continued working with just inside edge stopping drills. Once you get the outside edge, then work on your inside edge for stopping. As to hollow, go with whatever you are comfortable with that suits your style of skating. I doubt anyone can tell you what hollow you should be on without seeing you skate. There is nothing wrong with 9/16" or 5/8", both will work equally well if that is what you are used to.
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    Interesting read: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1359835X14002553?via%3Dihub
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    Make me a P46 and I'd be happy to demo it! LOL
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    I once had a coach at a camp, who was the HC for the women's team at a major D1 university, tell the room that all refs are a-hole POSs and should be treated accordingly. We all laughed. Since then, I've come to realize he's right. In my experience, especially recently, good beer league refs are like frickin unicorns, and good hockey directors are like 4 leaf clovers. Sadly the best ref down here is a POS human being (that you'd know from being infamous on GGSU, IPv6).
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    The idea of adding nano sprinkles to the resin has been tried before, not with shabby results, on the Easton CNT Stealth. There was a lot of praise for that stick, especially for its durability, which some speculated was good enough that Easton killed it because it didn’t have the appropriate obsolescence time for its pricepoint. I wonder how this would compare. I’m not into the vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate curves Kode offers, so I doubt I’ll try it (I’m more of a butter pecan or real pistacio guy).
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    But is it Guaranteed Tremendous? NSFW Language
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    Thank you. I am just bitter enough that I will have to keep fighting! I am in a LOT of pain right now.
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    Helmets protect the skull, nothing protects the brain.
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    Bauer puts the next size up on the EE variants.
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    Please keep it on topic, not personal.