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    Tbh this thread is starting to sound like feeding the trolls... Simply all be decent human beings, acknowledge that wherever humans are working there are going to be honest mistakes rather than malice, and work directly with those humans in question to address. In this specific case, lets have smu receive his new skates, see what he can work out with Rob directly, have a summary and go from there.
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    As other members have noted, I believe most of your issues to be a result of the Fit center and not the True factory. I have done over 400+ fittings for recreational and professional skaters alike and have had minimal issues, especially in the last 6 months. If you continue to have issues after this pair, please reach out via email to me at info@wsskate.com and send pictures of your skates so I can help to remedy any issues that other Fit centers might not be as experienced with.
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    I'm just trying to help. A simple "No" would have answered my question.
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    What happened here was pure shenanigans, and I won't really get into that, but what I've been seeing is that you ultimately were dealing with a store that didn't go the extra mile. I hate seeing customers having to reach out to the manufacturer for support; a lot of it was because during my hockey retail career, none of my customers had to do that. Luckily for me, I knew the manufacturers and didn't have the time and/or patience to have to go through someone at the head office and wait for an answer. I didn't care. I knew how to get the situation resolved, and I owed that to my customer. The store should be the only point of contact.
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    Ok so if I am going but what your saying above.... I have a top ranked CHL prospect in next years draft. He was custom fitted by Bauer at a cost of 1500.00 tax in. His skates were made a half inch to long and a good half inch to wide. By he theory in your post the bone bruise he received and subsequent 3 league games in his draft year to the OHL and potential revenue to when drafted to the NHL and slippage that might have happened from ILL fitting skates, Bauer should compensate him? They have offered to rebuild the skates no charge but he had to find a pair to wear in the 2 week period it would take? He's declined went back to his Ture skates I repaired and scored and end to end goal as a D on a wrap around. Hes not coming out of True skates. Although your situation is not a good one and everyone has now agreed I think your reaching wayyyyyyy beyond. If you paid for that holder on the old skate Rob would easily send it back. A simple call. But asking for compensation for games lost? For falling? There is no way to prove the skates caused you to fall!!! Let's get you in your new skates make sure your comfortable and I'm sure the SHOP will refund if they took the money or True will refund your Sr to JR differential. If your out steel you purchased? I'm sure Rob wi get you another set.
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    I still laugh at his creation of the word “toemosexuals”......
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    First off, thank you for supporting MSH! We are approaching our 15th year of being the largest resource of hockey equipment discussion on the Web, and we’ve achieved great things as a community. However, one of the biggest things that a community must do is constantly evolve. Nowadays, it is important to be active on social media channels as well as video content; life moves fast and people consume media differently. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with forums per se, but it is time that we evolve into a position that we can offer all of those options. So we’ve designed a new front end that will highlight the content we create, yet provide an easy way to move on to /forums for a deeper dive. We will be highlighting product reviews and articles that will be strictly on this side of the site; posts that we create as well as some of our members’ creations. If you would like to contribute to our article bank, don’t hesitate to send me a PM or email me at admin@modsquadhockey.com. Let us know what you think!
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    Man, these guys absolutely NAILED IT.
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    Yes, True took all the responsibility, but that responsibility should have been taken the day your skates showed up and they didnt even fit your foot. That's where your LHS's lackluster attempt at hoping you figure this out on your own comes into play. I live in a city where the shop I worked at had a very high reputation and if we would have dragged this on to this extent there would have been hell to pay. True took responsibility for their screw up. Your LHS didnt take responsibility for theirs.
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    Good News: For those of you that have followed my post regrading my True Skates I have contacted Rob, who knew of the situation. True initially made the mistakes, but mistakes happen and now I understand. Rob has assured me that this rarely happens, but no matter what, things of this nature would have been fixed, in any event. I am further assured that my skates will be much smaller and narrower, especially to my liking and being shipped out today or tomorrow. I only wished that I had called him earlier, as a few members suggested. He did say to call back and let him know how they feel! Rob was a complete gentleman, just as he was from the time I was first itching to have a pair of VH skates, but just could not afford them at that point. This was prior to all of he changes (True and VH) and with now the LHS doing scans and the purchaser looses touch with the company, or so I thought. I believe most know that I was reticent putting anything about this on our forum, but it just got too much for me, especially after the second pair came, then I waited and waited, so that's why I posted. Lack of information. I will ask Rob when I indicate that the skates are great that perhaps True should disclose everything and give instructions to the LHS to do the same thing, so they can communicate it to the buyer. In this instance the LHS does not have any legal right to discuss these issues. But, allowing the LHS more leeway would help. Now, True calling, would even give more credence to the customers, as they are then actually talking to a person from the real Company and can show they really care, not that they don't, they are very busy, but can probably find one like mine to give a call! Please continue with your orders from True. Everything will be made to you satisfaction or you it can be adjusted, but please do expect a good skate when you order a pair. I now have my full confidence back in True! They have growing pains with staff showing they are getting more orders. More orders = more business = more people = More training = a more solvent company = more Confidence!
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    I picked up my Bauer custom 2s Pro today, and they are definitely a snug fit. I can see where the forefoot broadens out for my small toes. The fit and finish is first rate. The LHS reckon I should be okay using them at a casual stick n puck session followed by a scrimmage tomorrow rather than getting used to them in a public session. My feet are fairly ordinary - shallow but broad forefoot, narrow shallow heel, thin ankle - and the skates do feel like exo skeletons consistent with a custom fit, snug but not tight. I’m in England and the time between the shop sending the order and receiving them was three weeks and one day.
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    I was a devout heel curve user for decades. Knowing in advance that they were being phased out I transitioned to a P92. As for saucing, if your technique is good you can sauce with any curve.
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    @smu - I really don't understand why it is hard for you to figure out how to use a photo hosting service and just pop in the URL where it's hosted. That all being said, I do recognize the era we live in. I have temporarily given you access to upload photos to MSH's servers so we can put all of this to bed. On your next post, you will see where it says "Drag files here to attach." Right under the text box. Drag your pic there, it will upload. Then click the Plus sign to insert into post.
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    Wouldn’t it be better if smu waited for third time lucky, and then showed us the outcome, rather than reposting the same long story again, and again and again? If it was me I’d have been on the phone to True, and given them a polite ear full.
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    Howdy. It’s nice to be missed ;) Currently, the closest rink is in New Orleans (~2hr drive), so I haven’t laced them up since July. Hope you’re doing well Neo! I’ll try to stop by more often.
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    It is certainly possible to remove the holder, fill the holes with epoxy and re-drill them slightly offset, so this can be fixed. The question now is if it is necessary, if they are only slightly crooked and it is more a mental thing than anything else (meaning they are mounted straight and once in-game you don't notice it), I'd say keep em as they are. I recently moved from Make 2 (2 seasons) to Vapor 1x (1 season) to a second-hand VH skate that just happens to fit me decently, and I love them so much my next pair will be my own custom True skate. Take the "horror stories" with a grain of salt, very few (if any) people reported on issues with the fit so severe as the current case but that one spans the last few pages of the discussion.
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    Finally landed a job in my field. I'm 2 weeks in and loving it. When I got to the age that I was through chasing the dream of playing professionally I made the adjustment of "theres still ways to be in hockey" and now my job is based around it and I couldn't be more excited about where this will go. Anybody with doubts, trust me I was there for a few years. dont lose focus and keep your stick on the ice. bounces will come.
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    99% of the time it's not the tongue that causes the wear, it's how open the boot is at the top and how the shin guards fit. You get one side of the shin guard that just slips inside one side of the boot and this will destroy the lining at the top of the boot really fast.
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    Mack came back for a while a few years ago. As far as I know, he's still in Alaska with like 5 kids LOL...haven't been able to find him on Facebook or anything. Kovalchuk71 is in medical school in Mississippi. Don't know if there's much hockey for him to play there. It's crazy when you think about it - he was 13 when he joined. And here we are, almost 15 years later...
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    Matters for a few reasons. First and foremost is the establishment of credibility in this community. When one speaks to their own expertise and qualifications some support of that is a reasonable request. You have, after all, been pretty outspoken. Second, is the fact that you stated that you were servicing certain teams when typically they are serviced directly through True. This bears some scrutiny and a follow up as to why the teams would use you and not the manufacturer. In the end, the community will decide whether it believes you or not and sharing more information about your store and your expertise can only help in that regard,
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    Restructured the section by radius type. So, instead of making one massive post, you will break down your posts by profile type and your username. So, for example: Quad 1 - JR Boucicaut would be the title of the thread that you create. Any additional comments relating to that profile will go into that thread. Typically with reviews, we only allow the user to post, and not allow responses from others. We will allow responses from others and give the testers the opportunity to answer them.
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    My white whale: Specs-wise, a modified PM9: the heel curve's been toned-down and a toe curve added, with the toe being the dominant pocket; like an X28 Lite. On top of that were optionals I was hoping for but considered unrealistic longshots: a slightly lower lie at the heel (shaved there like the Warrior Gionta) and a squarish toe similar to the old Montreal PC pattern. I've never been able to make moves as naturally with another pattern as with the PC. I may have missed previous chances because this guy was never on my radar in the hunt for these specs... Now to find ice time to try it out and see if the hunt was worth it.
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    Think you're looking into that way too hard. Just because it's at pro doesn't mean it's practical for retail.