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    Exciting: Finding Eagle/Warrior/MIA/TPS gloves from the mid to late 2000s, or heel curve sticks that aren’t made anymore. Not exciting: The latest iteration of a P92 stick with a new paint job and gimmick taper.
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    Hey everyone! My apologies for not updating sooner, but I'm happy to let you know my True skates adventure has finally come to a close! After sending in photos of a plethora of issues to go along with the wrong size holders, they immediately sent me a prepaid label to send them back. It was the first time I've ever dealt with basically overnight international shipping, but holy cow they weren't messing around! They asked me to document everything I saw wrong and wanted fixed and they'd have none other than the mythical Rob sign off on them before they were allowed to be headed back out the door. Needless to say, they killed it. Every. Single. Nitpicky. Thing. These things look great, and fit even better. They now have the tan clarino pro liner that feels incredible, the ankle is nice and tight and my heel is basically vacuumed in place. Nothing extra taped in the toebox, as there's literally no room for it. They then basically sent them back on the same rocket ship they went to Winnipeg on. I actually missed the first delivery attempt because it was less than 20 hours after I received shipment notification. Here's my final assessment: Do they have room to grow? You bet. Are there flaws? Of course, it's a handmade skate. Was I probably a giant pain in their ass? Absolutely. But for a grand, I think you get the right to be a little. Would I do it all over again? WITHOUT HESITATION. The area manager of Pure Hockey offered to let me walk away from True and move to CCM or Bauer customs, but it honestly never even entered my mind. Never would I imagine CCM or Bauer would pay attention to this level of detail to make the consumer happy. Regardless of how big of a pain I was, they were always courteous, understanding, and most importantly, willing to make absolutely everything right for me. That can't have a price placed on it. The skates are an absolute pleasure to be on as well. I won't say they make you a better skater, but they certainly make it so much easier to focus on technique and less on what your foot is doing as it rattles around inside a boot. Oh yeah, they also threw in another pair of holders and steel for all the trouble, just in case down the road I need them. The new boxes are much sturdier too! And there it is. The adventure comes to a close, and I couldn't be happier...not could my weird wide-forefoot-with-super-narrow-heeled feet.
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    Wine...... we haven't met yet. If we had you'd understand.
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    We've already read about the story about 10 times now.
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    I treat the unofficial "1-man" system the same way we are called to approach a 3-man (1R + 2L) as the ref (wear the bands/swimmies haha). That approach is, to put it simply, to trail the puck and keep the action in front of you. Obviously there are unique situations and you have the help of the linesmen but the overall ideology can be applied to going "solo." Keeping ahead of the play takes away any accountability for the trailers on both teams.
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    Most consistent results that I've seen is with a very slight knee bend. I don't consider the pencil test to be the be all end all requirement for determining whether or not it might cause lacebite down the line. I think it's okay to be a little over the top but would be concerned if someone was busting out. As for the 9D, tight is good. Ideal fit is just touching the toecap when kicked back and laced up. With that fit when you go into a deep knee bend you toes should come off the toecap. What I've found is that a high percentage of adult players have been skating in skates too big all their life and now when they get anywhere near the toecap and a perfect fit it freaks them out. My suggestion is to try on the 9 again along with an 8.5 and 9.5. Bottom line is to go with the fit you prefer.
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    That’s the ugliest skate I’ve ever seen. I guess it works if you play for Calgary though.
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    OMG, they're hideous. Yellow AND red accents, really?
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    If the sharpener doing the FBV is competent, you’ll be fine. Do note that profiles should be refreshed often. Most people think it’s an “one and done” deal.
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    I asked for one; never got it. At least they'd allow me to post it; other brands don't. So yes, working hard to ensure 2019 wasn't like 2018.
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    We work with every brand in this regard. Actually getting ready for my first meeting of the year as we speak - driving to Warrior HQ. While it may seem frustrating as an end user, I believe we do the right thing and go through the right channels here at MSH. Last year was a bit tough in regards to the info we could put out. Hoping for better success this year.
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    Picked up some step blacksteel. Will be interested to see if it feels any different than v-steel.
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    I have acquired the correct pads. They turned out to be from a Hallman USA chest protector.
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    Just do like most Refs in our men's league when there's only 1, skate blue line to blue line and make sure you stay on the side the score keeper sits so you don't have to skate to far if something happens...
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    Season has 1 more game and the playoffs yet. I am not looking to get money back. I was hoping there was something we could do to help prevent this from happening in the future to other kids. My son will be fine as we have talked about it and he said he won’t let a bad coach keep him from playing. I have contacted USA hockey about the situation and the adm regional manager is supposed to contact me tomorrow.
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    Yes we do. In fact I am calling you personally tomorrow at 3am!!
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    Then again, emotions can run high (especially when losing), and in the heat of that moment it is easy to chew out someone else about something minuscule (that you wouldn't usually care about) when you are unhappy with your own performance. So I'd stay on the side of "these things happen" and wouldn't give it much thought anymore, and just assume the other person won't as-well.
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    This is a question that takes trial and error to answer. Check out the ProSharp Project right here on MSH and if you put in the time I am sure you will find what works best for you. http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/forum/191-the-prosharp-project/
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    Was about to delete your post until I saw the "have them in the marketplace" bit...
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    I'll admit to NEVER even thinking about what brand a puck is, so what makes some better than others? Serious question. Better flavor? Dave
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    I have the digital 2019 catalog if you need it.
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    Howdy, So, got back out again this morning. This time with the guy that offered to coach me some. It was definitely nice working with him. On positioning, one thing he said really helped me... Basically that I should be thinking like I'm a 3rd, really conservative, defenseman (2 ref system, btw). So I'm down at home base, then as the play transitions out of the zone, I follow the play up, staying even / slightly behind the defensive players. As we get into the offensive zone, then I stay on the neutral zone size of the line and wait for play to transition the other way. When it does, I try and stay even or slightly behind the defenseman again until I'm back down at home base. It's not exactly that simple (I assume) since I may need to call zone exits in the offensive zone and zone entries into the defensive zone, but the concept helped me for sure. Also worked on just dropping the puck. I probably spent five minutes throwing pucks at the ice after the game and just that extra bit of practice helped. I think as part of my warmup routine when I'm reffing I'm going to drop a few pucks just to try and get into that same groove. Worked on signals some as well. The guy helping me is pretty particular on signals that aren't lazy or "happy" / "excited". I would say that when I play games I don't see refs that are that diligent about them, but its still good for me to learn. Anyway... It was a good morning. I feel like I'm slowly learning some stuff and working on building my skill set. Hopefully as I get better I won't need to think so consciously about some of this stuff. Mark
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    Definitely interested! My wife loves Chicago so she’d even go with me this time!
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