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    Completed my very first open water swim race today, a 1/2 mile distance, and officially DID NOT finish last, placing 14th in a field of 21. (21 almost entirely wetsuited participants, minus me and one or two other people). I was also faster than I anticipated, making the distance in a cool 17:29.6, more than two minutes faster than I've done in a pool. I think I might now be addicted, and can't wait for my next race.
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    My skates finally, after some fiasco with the holders and steel. It's finally done, had a game last night and it felt incredible. Halfway through the game I felt confident enough to loosen the laces even more. Credit where credit is due. The guys that I originally sent these skates to have the holders switched, mangled the job (bent the steel as well as a result). But Joe from B-Sharp in Ottawa was able to fix these up better than before, he actually called TRUE to get my scan and their build papers, and consulted with them on how and where to mount these properly, got me back on the ice the next day. Above and beyond work.
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    Some updated pics. I ended up rebaking them in the oven at home since my lhs didn't have them nearly hot enough... Pretty sure they had them in the oven no more than five mins. Anyways, I also put my speed plates in and they are good to go. Fit is perfect. No issues with the heel lock and arch on the right skate like I had with my first pair so I guess it was due to my poor lunge stance in my first pair. Overall pretty happy with how the SB 4.0s turned out as they look pretty clean Imo. As for the tab I ended up just using epoxy to adhere the velcro tab directly onto the underside of the toe box. Doesn't looks like it will loosen as it's really bonded on there.
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    Nearly a year later, and I ended up waiting until this past April for my loop ileostomy closure. At six weeks, I started doing stick and puck. I have gone twice and am already wanting to graduate to drop in. Now that I have no more bag, getting dressed is considerably easier. No more extra equipment or anything. Now just to get some reps!
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    How many people are buying new skates every two years though? Most players I know who wear TRUE skates specifically buy the brand because they know the skates are built to last. The durability of their skate has been tested and proven at all levels of hockey.
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    Happy birthday to me!
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    The grey clarino doesn't soak up as much moisture and is noticeably thicker than the tan liner. This is why when you see most of TRUE skates being used by professionals they almost always have the tan liners. It provides much better grip locking the foot into place. I usually don't recommend the fabric liner. While it does promote good foot lock and does a great job wicking away moisture, the skates become very heavy and take a long time to dry out fully. It's also not as durable.
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    Looking forward to the day this flips to the Sweet Spot. To quote a song which probably quoted somebody else, "The only way out is through." Hang in there.
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    FFS another thread about Chinese junk sticks?
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    I went in for my latest drain upsizing yesterday. they decided not to give me any antibiotics after I went home. Keeping fingers crossed I don't end up in the hospital with another infection next week. since both times after the PTC drain, I've ended up in the hospital for at least a week. So the plan is they'll do one more upsizing in two weeks. Then they'll leave it in for three months ( there goes my summer) before permanently removing the drain altogether. So I guess if everything goes right I might get to skate again this year.
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    If any of you have been thinking about this and need the extra push, here’s my push: DO IT!!!! I use the coating on my runners and the Overdrive blades I sell. I have two pairs out in the wild and am VERY happy with the performance and aesthetics. As far as the performance on runners- I can’t get a burr, even when running my Sparx on a 10 run cycle! Step Black does leave a sliver of metal that is easily removed. There is magic in that coating, and I will be recommending sharpening customers buy the Step polished steel and having Monty coat them. As far as service goes- Monty runs a ship like I do: reasonable wait times, always hitting the target within a day on either side. He lets you know what is going on, and I have never had to chase him down. There is a reason why he is touted on this site, as this is still the gold standard of hockey fora. In short- Monty offers great product with service to match.
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    Ha. Guess I opened myself up for that one, didn't I?
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    Find a local tailor/sewing shop, or someone with ties to the team that can sew, and work a deal to sew all the patches on all the jerseys. Include that in the cost of the patches and collect all the jerseys. Don't leave it to people being lazy.
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    I’m at the ER and I’m going to be admitted. Most likely the doctors from interventional radiology will change out the drain tube today or tomorrow.
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    I'm curious as to what the ratio is if a store offers all three brands. Might have to place a few calls.
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    Can anyone verify these wildly unrealistic deals that are too good to be true? The misspelled spam email I got felt kinda dicey, but I don’t think you’re allowed to lie on the internet. I have some money to burn. Just made a sweet deal with a disposed Nigerian prince, and he’s about to wire me a bunch of money now that he has all of my banking info.
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    China doesn't recognize copyright laws or trademarks. When companies like Bauer or CCM shift their manufacturing to China, the factory sells the gfx/design specifics out the back door to another factory down the street. Same for jerseys/apparel. They clone whatever is popular and will sell. If you order these you are getting a composite stick from a factory that probably makes sticks for other top tier manufacturers, but the shaft/blade construction can vary a lot from the original stick. It's a roll of the dice. colins
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    I actually like the 11' single radius profile and our store does quite a bit of them for players who prefer a single radius and dont want a combination radius. However with that being said, if you are open to a combination radius you might like a 10/20' or the Zuperior or Quad 2 profile. Here are some example profiles:
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    Plus, think of the weight you’re reducing!
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    TRUE designs skates for your heel to sit much farther back in the boot. When you are in a hockey stance it locks in. If you try to stand upright it will sit a little outside of the heel cup.
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    I went down half a size last time I got skates and ended up with smaller steel. Ended up with a similar issue, on my toes more and less stable. I simply went to a larger profile radius, 12' with a +1 pitch, which evolved into a 13' radius and a neutral pitch. You can probably get things sorted by tweaking your profile.
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    Looks nice and clean. I'm about to drop off my skates for the holder switch to SB4.0 as well this afternoon.
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    It's pretty amazing (and not in a good way) what that kind of recovery and the drugs that come with it can do to your head.