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  1. 7s also fit a half size down. My guess is you would take either a 7R or possibly even a 6.5R depending on how you fit the Makos. I took 9.5 Mako, 9 Supreme and 8.5 TFs in both TF7 and TF9
  2. Bro.... Don't even. You came to the wrong place if you're gonna come here and knock wood end plugs...
  3. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/hockey-bags/player-bags/3203880-warrior-new-pro-hockey-bag-senior-32-navy-blue-ice-duffel-equipment-size-hd-sr Recently replaced my Easton pro bag with a Warrior pro bag. Got the one above, although I recall paying $45 so I bet if you offered him that he'd take it. If you're in NY the shipping will probably be about 10 bucks plus tax. You're looking at under $75 total for a bag you already know you like. It's a steal really. Also, if you don't think the mesh pockets will hold up you can just sew in canvas or some heavier material.
  4. They're nice but fairly shallow. Fit like a Vapor with a wider forefoot and the wider Graf toe box
  5. Thanks Craig... Just gonna go ahead and +1 the bubble wrap and garbage bag with tape
  6. I found Base blades to be very poor in pop, feel and durability. Went dead on me in a few games. I think the Kane pro is a bit different from Shanahan, but I can't say for sure as pshs is always out of stock lol
  7. Didn't realize they had it on my Bauer and pshs
  8. Where's that? Unless you're referring to Base hockey, in which case... Yeah
  9. There's no issue with using 280s on an 8.5 skate. There are advantages and disadvantages, but it's mostly preference
  10. Apx2s were tech mesh then? Vapor skates never fit me so I never paid much attention and still don't. Anyway, if they're the same as curv then I don't see why they'd be stiffer than anything current. As stiff, sure, but unless it has to do with design, why would they be stiffer than ultrasonics?
  11. Forget the Synergy, the Shanny curve!!!
  12. Never wore apxs, but they're made of tech mesh, which is objectively less stiff than curv composite, and definitely less stiff than carbon curv.
  13. I took them off my og rbk ribcore. Couldn't really figure out how to adjust them to my liking. I probably still have them in an old bag of hardware
  14. The point of lateral support is correct imo. Good technique makes lateral support relatively unimportant for skating, but hockey skating doesn't happen in a vacuum, so that lateral support definitely helps for collisions and potential injuries. Those are not usually the result of poor technique, but of contact and accidents. Regarding the hinge on a boot, Graf 707s and Ultra G7s offer the same thing without looking like absolute dust... For those who are interested.
  15. 100% agree. They could have done a lot. Their custom program is epic though
  16. Right. I hear that. My point was just that Graf still has all the lasts, but the only skates that are in production are the ones posted above, so if you want something else you have to order custom or take a chance with an old stock pair on eBay or something, without trying on
  17. Possibly, but it's also proportionate to the forefoot. So the 0 heel on a 709 is not the same 0 heel as a 703. Meaning that 0 is a standard heel, and will be proportionate to the forefoot fit, so the 0 heel of the 709 is a drop deeper and a bit wider than the heel of a 703. This is one of the reasons that Graf had a hard time selling, because the only way to know the best fit is to try on a bunch. That means stores have to carry all of that stock. Your other option is to go Grafs customs and get sized by a very good pro who has a lot of experience with Graf. There's one near where I used to live who was excellent and put me immediately into a 707, which was a great fit for me.
  18. This is mostly on point. The basic principles of Graf fit are the breakdown of the numbers. If it's a three digit number, the first number refers to the quality of the skate line. The higher the number the better quality skate. In addition to this, any skate that begins with a G is equivalent to a 7 and would be a top of the line skate. I believe there is such a thing as an F, and that would be a drop below top of the line. So a 7/G would be a top end skate, a 6 or 5 or F would be a lower level skate. This number has nothing to do with fit. The second number is the heel fit, with 0 being standard and then increasing fit a wider heel. The final number is the forefoot fit, with 3 being the narrowest and least coming overall and 9 being the widest and deepest overall. In addition to all of this, there are 3 width options: Narrow, Regular and Wide. So the numbers are basically the fit profile dimensions, and then they can take those same proportions into 3 different widths. So you can have x03, x05, x07, x09, x35, x55 etc. In terms of fit, and the x will vary depending on the level of the skate. And then you can mix in the width options. The peakspeed line fits like a 735 imo. 7 would be top end, 3 means a bit wider heel, 5 is a standard forefoot width. The depth is a bit more than a 703. This will fit similar to a Vapor in a wider width than D. The Classics fit as above. The G9000 I don't know about because the only way to see them is to special order from Switzerland. My shop offered to do it, but only if I guarantee that I will buy them. Obviously there's no chance I'm going to buy a skate sight unseen, so yeah, can't speak to that. G7 is the same fit as a 707. I would say this is like a Supreme E or EE, where a 709 might be closer to a Nexus. The G7 has a comp quarter package though, inline the 707 which is the standard leather style. If you're in a Vapor D then you'll probably do best in a 703, assuming the Vapor is a good fit. You might also like a 735 or a 705.
  19. While you might be right technically, I think practically you will get the same effect and any decreased support in either plane is going to be negligible until the boot starts to break down. Granted, it will break down faster this way than if you wouldn't crease it, but I don't think there will be any appreciable difference practically speaking. Anyway, I don't advocate either of these, personally I just drop eyelets. I don't find there is much loss in lateral stability. If you are very concerned, you can try Graf 707s, which are a bit better than the Langes but have a similar idea in practice. While I'm a big performance over style guy and think the idea of sacrificing performance for looks is absurd, I don't think I could be seen in those Langes.
  20. you could get the same effect by creasing the boot at teh spot where the hinge is and then just lacing up.
  21. I have a feeling there's a lot more "4500 or die" type guys out there than guys who will drop 4 bills on this helmet. When they come into stores I would definitely try one on though
  22. Honestly, just get a pair of rec skates. You'll look like a duster, but if the pain is that bad who cares. Edit- roller is just way better than ball hockey. It's worth looking like a scrub
  23. Never wore the volts, but they look similar. Tapered means it gets narrower at a certain point. Anatomical means it follows the natural contours of the foot very closely. That would mean that since most people have high arches and their foot is narrower in that area, the skate will be narrower in that area, which is probably not good for you.
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