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    As we are in our 15th year of existence (3/20 being the official date), we will be using this logo to commemorate it: It will also be featured on SummerJam and Winterfest jerseys on a patch, and we'll also have a t-shirt. Absolutely crazy that we've been around so long. Thanks goes to everyone who has helped us out along the way.
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    Here's the breakdown of what we're going to be doing.
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    You sure ask a lot of questions for someone who purportedly knows all the answers.
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    Got the job, starting after WF.
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    Tbh this thread is starting to sound like feeding the trolls... Simply all be decent human beings, acknowledge that wherever humans are working there are going to be honest mistakes rather than malice, and work directly with those humans in question to address. In this specific case, lets have smu receive his new skates, see what he can work out with Rob directly, have a summary and go from there.
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    I wanted them to use this kind of glove color setup:
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    Closing in on pair #900. Should hit 1000 by the spring!
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    It doesn’t matter. You obviously didn’t comprehend my post. You shouldn’t have been carrying the water for this; your LHS should’ve. Especially when you said you trusted them. They got a sale with minimal effort on their part. You’re supposed to take care of the customer pre and post-sale.
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    I, for one, don’t care how many jocks you laundered at Donald Duck University. There are many people on this site who know a lot more than you. You’ve talked to reps who sell products and technology, I’ve talked to the people who designed those products and technologies. I’ve sharpened the skates of players with their names on Lord Stanley’s Cup, but I dont feel the need to be a prick about it. Theres no need to come here looking down your nose. Contribute all the useful knowledge you have without belittling those who disagree.
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    I could see where small Cox could be a problem.
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    As other members have noted, I believe most of your issues to be a result of the Fit center and not the True factory. I have done over 400+ fittings for recreational and professional skaters alike and have had minimal issues, especially in the last 6 months. If you continue to have issues after this pair, please reach out via email to me at info@wsskate.com and send pictures of your skates so I can help to remedy any issues that other Fit centers might not be as experienced with.
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    I'm just trying to help. A simple "No" would have answered my question.
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    First off, thanks to CCM for the free hat and Nicholas G for posting this thread. Previous hats: old 59/50 fitted wool cubs hat from 20 years ago, free Nike mesh hat for my job, old Exxon hat with a cool band patch on it. I don’t wear hats much. Overall 7/10. Decent hat and serves its functions. I wouldn’t wear it while playing, but is great for wearing to rink or to weddings or court hearings Fit: 6.5/10. Ccm Jetspeed hat sits kinda high on my head. I wish it was a slightly more shallow, and my head circumference fits between two snaps, so it’s either too tight or too loose. Would be helpful if it had the Boa style adjustment like the Warrior Alpha helmet. I do prefer the snaps over the “fitted” style, as this accommodates a variety of head shapes. Looks: 8/10. Red and white is a nice combo. Basic CCM is subtle and classy, and makes me feel ok about being free advertising. I don’t love the mesh back, but don’t hate it. I think the Jetspeed logo on the back would be better in red, to match the front of the hat. Brim has a gentle curve I like, probably most similar to the old Easton Iginla. Top of the brim is red and bottom is white, reminiscent of “Oreo” type cages. “Snapback” style creates a classic look. Protection: TBD. I haven’t worn it on a sunny day yet, but looks like it will keep the sun out of my eyes. VA Tech ratings aren’t available for this yet, but I suspect it does not protect from heavy impact. (I know, I know, that study has flaws...) Intangibles: Doesn’t really fit well with my glasses or sun glasses, so that limits when I can wear it. I LOVE the old “block” style CCM logo, but this newish logo is ok. With the resurgence of the Tacks name, would be cool to see some branding with the classic logo.
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    Forgot to take a picture of my awesome cake day presents. Decided to go back to the Covert line of sticks from the Alpha, and from the Covert QRL gloves to the Alpha Pro gloves. Haven't used the stick yet but the used the gloves last week in a game and they were amazing, felt broken in right away, and had so much more mobility than my QRL's, which now feel very restrictive. Wish I made the switch sooner. Also, another little treat, which I will not be wearing on the ice, a USA 1960 Nike replica throwback jersey. All in all, makes turning 32 pretty good.
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    The member in question has been suspended indefinitely. There is no place for this behavior on MSH.
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    Got accepted into my school and course of choice. Even got offered a (partial) scholarship, but that goes a long way towards helping me finance this Master's. Going to be starting a whole new chapter of my life come January!
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    Could you please use multi quote instead of posting six times?
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    What happened here was pure shenanigans, and I won't really get into that, but what I've been seeing is that you ultimately were dealing with a store that didn't go the extra mile. I hate seeing customers having to reach out to the manufacturer for support; a lot of it was because during my hockey retail career, none of my customers had to do that. Luckily for me, I knew the manufacturers and didn't have the time and/or patience to have to go through someone at the head office and wait for an answer. I didn't care. I knew how to get the situation resolved, and I owed that to my customer. The store should be the only point of contact.
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    We're waiting for more templates to be able to accommodate all skaters as well as finalizing the protocol on how users will discuss their findings. Once that happens, we will open up the section and have any prospective testers ask to be admitted to the program.
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    I'm glad for you that they finally did the right thing. I just hope that replacing this one stick at about $50 wholesale cost to them does not cause Bauer to go Chapter 11 again.
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    His wicked snapper is probably because he has good mechanics.