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    Since you seem insistent on leaking our POP catalog for 2020, you should probably take note that on the bottom of every, single page it says **ARTWORK NOT FINAL. These are placeholder, mockup images my friend. The stick you saw from the AHL player is a graphic sample. Those have been circulating amongst the pro ranks for a few weeks.
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    Interesting talk with the man behind the custom pro CCM gear
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    Cool so we get to hear the story just one more time.
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    My 40 and over team had a practice last night for an upcoming tournament. A couple of guys brought their kids (PeeWee/Bantam aged) as we were short. I brought my 11 year old son. It was my first time skating with him in an adult full on scrimmage. We had a blast. I told him I waited 11 years for this day and it was worth it. He played great- fearless in the corners and carrying the puck up ice. Had about 10 shots, about half really good scoring chances. So much fun.
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    And now Stanley Cup champion.
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    Hey guys - Steve from Sparx here! Its been a while since we have been on here.....did we miss anything? We have addressed this 40 vs 60 pairs of skates per ring several times, but let me explain it again. When we originally launched our product, we recommended four cycles per skate (hence that is why there is a circle around the No. 4 in the keypad). As a small, new company with no machines out in the marketplace, that is how we envisioned the product being used. Fast forward a couple of years - and add in 20,000 machines in the market - and not surprisingly we have learned a few things about our customer's behavior! Like many of you have stated, we learned from our customers (through surveys, events, phone calls) that the AVERAGE consumer was using far less cycles per skate. Many were doing a quick 1-2 passes after a couple hours of skating and achieving great results. People were even boasting online that they were getting 80, 90 and even over 100 pairs of skates done on one ring! Obviously 90 and 100 pairs is not the normal outcome, but we determined that for the MAJORITY of customers, they were doing significantly more than 40 pairs. So....as a small company that is continually learning....we decided to change our packaging (the rings are NOT different nor do different hollows sharpener more pairs) to reflect the results of the average home user. (Obviously a retailer is going to get less on average due to really bad steel, new steel, etc.). This was what is called a "running change" on the packaging so there are some packages that still say 40 and some that say 60 out in the marketplace. Let me reiterate.... this reflects the average home user. Obviously there are going to be people that sharpen 6 or 10 cycles and get 20-30 pairs and there's people that are going to do 1 cycle every time and get 100+ pairs. There is nothing "nefarious," "misleading," or "fake news".....we're just a company that is continually learning our customers' behavior and doing the best we can to communicate those learnings to our existing and future customers. Thanks!
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    $20 Play it Again score.
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    You have to hand it for Bauer for innovating, the double stick technology will be a game changer!
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    Got out of the hospital on Saturday. Still a little sore but happy to be out Just in time for Easter. Plus the Bruins won today.
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    Thanks for your support of JR and this site (INSERT SARCASTIC LOOK). I Just don't understand people sometimes. Seriously, there is no one in the business who is better than JR
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    My wife and I have been trying to start our family for 5 years now with no success. We had/needed the help of science (IVF) and we are now expecting! We are due in March and I cannot wait to meet my little girl.
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    I had True's for exactly 12 months and bought Vapor 2x Pro's last night. The first pair the liner separated from the inside so True made me a new pair. The new pair has had a hell of a time keeping rivets. A friend of mine is an equipment manager for a minor league team and he said they have to replace rivets all the time because the bedding of the True doesn't allow the rivets to bite into the material. We put copper in a few spots to help with the problem. However, I switched to stock/off the shelf Bauer Vapor 2x Pro for a completely different reason. Basically, my ankle bone has additional bone growth on it from taking two slapshots on it over the years. First problem with True, and I know this is specific to me, is the padding isn't soft enough. The inside forms nicely to my foot but it irritates my inside ankle bone. Second reason, the eyelet pattern is very close to the ankle bone in my case. My ankle almost sits on the eyelet. Soooo.... I went to Bauer because the asymmetrical design allows my weird ankle bone to sit right in a bed of memory foam. And to be honest, they fit pretty damn good for not being custom. I will always recommend True, they are great skates. However, I believe most of us on here might be overbuying when it comes to skates... me included. Total side note, but I notice a lot of people on here and in product reviews always say they play advanced level, grew up on the east coast, play 5x a week and are on the ice 5 hours a day. Nobody ever admits they play mid-level beer league once a week. We are all all-stars I guess.
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    I personally knew a NHLer who would get his skates sharpened 2x a season.
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    It’s made by True so it’s the greatest thing in the history of mankind and will instantly put Bauer, CCM, and Warrior into bankruptcy.
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    Somehow improving my SAT score by 130 points. A lot of schools on my list went from 'unlikely' to 'very likely'. As an aside, I haven't been on the site in a while, hope everyone's doing well! Edit: Went from a 1210 to a 1340 if anyone was curious
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    I don’t think these are all that rare, but an interesting set to add to the collection.
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    I was having too hard a time finding current Pens Warrior 4 rolls so I had Warrior make me some customs thumb embroidery is a combo of my number and the fact that I work for our state's department of transportation.
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    Although I'd still consider myself a gear guy, my interest has definitely wained. This might be Grandpa Simpson yelling at cloud territory, but for the most part, hockey and hockey equipment have become so 'clinical' for lack of a better term. Again, just my opinion, but I don't see a lot of brand distinctiveness between the two dominant players Bauer and CCM. I've used most of the top end of both (save skates), and overall they seem to perform on equal levels and have really similar product offerings. Warrior has a bit more personality to their brand and I like they've gotten away from the 'edgy' narrative, but still, walking into a giant hockey shop is just way less interesting to me than walking into a smaller shop even ten or fifteen years ago. To be completely honest, although I love the game of hockey as it's given so much to me (played pro in Eur, I still teach at a high-performance hockey school twice a week, so many lifelong friends etc), the game overall seems to me to have lost some its nuance and quirkiness and whether through my own biases or not, I feel like I see that in the gear. Kid's skillsets are so practised and refined, everyone is so good, for me it feels like it's diminished the different roles and personalities that made up a hockey team. Similar to this, I loved seeing someone express their game through their gear, and the dominance of Bauer and CCM gear seems less conducive to that, although there are still players who pull it off (our boy DP57 for example, Ovi, Pasternak, O Reilley). To become good enough to play aaa or junior, you basically require a certain degree of wealth or access and a lot of parents consider their kid playing hockey as an investment for a future pro or full ride payoff. It's really becoming almost explicitly a rich person's sport and it feels more 'corporate' and straight-faced to me than it ever has (maybe I'm naive?). This bums me out, and the increasing exclusivity of formulaic looking and performing gear (it's like 360$ for a custom Bauer stick -- many of the kids I teach have already had their parents put an order in) reminds of this truth I don't particularly like. This is probably a long-winded way of saying that the sport and the equipment are getting better, more expensive, more formulaic (because companies know what works), and overall simply more serious and money focused and that makes this ageing dude uncomfortable. "Back in my day..." Please disagree with me. I really want to be less cynical.
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    Howdy, The only protocol that matters is that you shouldn't listen to idiots like that. Mark
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    I like how they say their name is an homage to Koho. No, you are just stealing someone’s name, and probably trying to take advantage of people who aren’t very good at spellchecking or fact checking. I can’t wait until they release their My-Cron skates.
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    You should be using MSH anyways. #100%OfProceedsFundTheSite LOL
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    I'm curious to see how similar this will be to Easton's MIPS helmet (which never saw retail; was set to release but they were sold to PSG and it got mothballed.) What I'm not looking forward to is how this helmet will be perceived as safer AND fit everyone at the same time when it's never been that way.
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    My skates finally, after some fiasco with the holders and steel. It's finally done, had a game last night and it felt incredible. Halfway through the game I felt confident enough to loosen the laces even more. Credit where credit is due. The guys that I originally sent these skates to have the holders switched, mangled the job (bent the steel as well as a result). But Joe from B-Sharp in Ottawa was able to fix these up better than before, he actually called TRUE to get my scan and their build papers, and consulted with them on how and where to mount these properly, got me back on the ice the next day. Above and beyond work.
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    Completed my very first open water swim race today, a 1/2 mile distance, and officially DID NOT finish last, placing 14th in a field of 21. (21 almost entirely wetsuited participants, minus me and one or two other people). I was also faster than I anticipated, making the distance in a cool 17:29.6, more than two minutes faster than I've done in a pool. I think I might now be addicted, and can't wait for my next race.
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    Here are some sightings at the dev camps As2 Ribcor The Vapor FlyLite no longer a team GB exclusive Maltese throat guard Easton still getting love
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    Because he's sharpening super damaged and very uneven edges on every single pair he does, and he can't relate to anyone who isn't. Nor can he see 10 yards down the road, where if his 'customers' are happy they'll come back with even edges that are just normally worn and he won't have to do more than 4 passes the second time he sharpens the same pair of skates. I dunno... the guy has come into this thread and crapped on Sparx from the get-go. It's getting a bit tiring to be honest. We all appreciate new info and rational debate about the product, but that hasn't been the case here. colins
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    “If you can dangle a wrench, you can dangle a puck!”
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    with his shot, meters per hour.
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    Yeah, you just have to get the plastic to move a little bit. I don’t understand how a shop would let that go like that. But then again, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t understand how a shop would leave the UPC sticker on the holder. It’s the attention to detail...
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    You are publishing someone's content in violation of their business model....
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    My neurosurgeon pulled some major strings and I ended up having my surgery yesterday! I am in for a lengthy recovery before I can get back to fun things like hockey, but I'm doing pretty well, sticking to the postop directions. Just glad to have the pressure off the nerves at last.
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    After just a few days doing the exercises in the video posted a few posts back, my son's pain is gone. He can't believe it went from intense pain to feeling normal in such a short time. To be on the safe side, he's still off the ice for a couple of more days. So I went to work on verion 2.0 of the eyelet extenders. Going with Vet88's advice, this version uses belt leather (literally cut up an old belt to make these). And instead of using hardware, which was going to deform his eyelets, again to Vet88's instructions and I'm just tying them off with some skate laces. I cut up and used the thin wax laces that started us down this path in the first place. I think these are going to work great. They raise the lace pressure point by a few mm at least - he won't get the pressure across his tendon with this setup. Find out this week when he tests out the setup. colins
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    Second year doing this - Helping Through Hockey. Donations and raffles support Survivors of Abuse in Recovery (aka SOAR). Always like the mix of sports and charity and try to do it as often as I can. First pick is from the Inaugural Event (June 2018) This pick is from last month (June 1, 2019). With the colors, it was easy for me to go with my Pittsburgh SummerJam mitts and shell haha.
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    Man, glad you guys don't offer restaurant recommendations. The OP is obviously frustrated with True. He was promised and paid for a product and service he did not receive. When he pointed it out, their response was in his opinion unsatisfactory. So why the hell would he continue to do business with them.... I wouldn't.
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    We have a few "Dedicated" Refs over here in Doha, Qatar but to make the League work we have to have players Ref so sometimes they've played a game prior and just throw on a Ref Jersey. This was one of those cases
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    Couple of decent shots from a game a couple of weeks ago...
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    I got annoyed by all the dubious marketing hype and improvements that are essentially “but this one goes to 11.” But, even if I’m disenchanted by the marketplace, I still like staying on top of things and being aware of what’s available. I enjoy the minutia of this site and knowing what’s new and sexy, even if I personally don’t want to buy it Also, I’m at a point in life and hockey where I’m pretty happy and content in a good way. I think when I’m not in a good place mentally, I tend to “chase” and fetishize material things, which ultimately buying don’t make me all that happy anyway. We’ve all seen guys on here who obsess over a particular thing- “what if I switch from a p88 to a p92 and cut the length by 1/4” and go up 5 in flex, will I be better at taking off camber snapshots from the wing?” Nothing is gonna make that person happy (or better). There’s a certain zen to just giving up and having fun playing with your $100 stick and 5 year old skates, and not needing the latest and greatest.
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    Oooohhh,.... scientific techno balls.... its so shiny !!
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    Who learned you how to spoke?
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    Kovalchuk LA Kings current Kovalchuk family
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    3D printed this spacer for my skate since I didn't want to use an orthopedic insole. Used Carbon reinforced Nylon, and swapped to stainless T-nuts and screws.
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    I'd say it's closer to a standard Malkin. Both the Smyth and Malkin are modified E4s, so it's no wonder they might look similar. I happened to have both in my basement, along with E28 and E4, so I took some comparison shots... E4, W06 Smyth, E28, Malkin I'd go again for the BC71 suggestion...the only problem is, though it is a little more closed, it's also a flatter rocker, so the shooting mechanics are going to feel different than with the E28, both for sweeping wrist shots and snapshots. E4, W06 Smyth, E28, Malkin There it might be somewhat apparent how different the E28 lie and rocker is, but it's much more apparent if you overlay the E4 on the others, since it's the basis for two of the other three... The heel of the Malkin plays a little higher, like the E28, but you can see there's a significant lie and rocker difference that's going to come into play when releasing the puck. That may or may not work for the OP. It may be just as troublesome or even more so than learning to overcome the tendency to shoot high with the P28.
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    Where I live you have to wear at least a visor to play in any of the leagues, but many wear full cages. I did the half shield for a few years but after taking a soft deflection off the lip and a few close calls with high sticks I came to my senses and realized I wasn't making millions playing and remembered how much dental work sucks, so the full cage came out of retirement. The only time chirping a guy with a cage is ok is if they're constantly running around trying to start stuff with other guys knowing they're nice and safe behind a cage, otherwise everyone has to go to work in the morning and a cage makes sure your face still looks pretty.
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    Hope they do not have the same price as the ADV stick
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    I don't get many photos of myself since I'm usually the one taking them (I'm a league photographer and shoot photos between shifts in games I'm playing in), but every now and then a teammate grabs my camera and manages to catch me (I've slowly been trying to train a few guys haha).
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    Don't know release date but here you go:
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