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    We opened MSH to the public on this date 13 years ago. Thank you all for your support!
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    These definitely belong in here...
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    I bought my first house. It had gotten to the point that it was time to quit waiting for be moved job-wise and to set down roots somewhere. That being said, what a shitty process it is.
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    As we are in our 15th year of existence (3/20 being the official date), we will be using this logo to commemorate it: It will also be featured on SummerJam and Winterfest jerseys on a patch, and we'll also have a t-shirt. Absolutely crazy that we've been around so long. Thanks goes to everyone who has helped us out along the way.
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    No longer collecting dust in the back of one of my rink pro shops...
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    Thanks JR. Mod Squad Hockey Members, In 2017, we've partnered with MSH to give exclusive inside looks at our upcoming product. The MSH community has been a great resource for Warrior in the past and we'd like to extend that great relationship to content that the membership will not see anywhere else. In addition, we will be providing samples of the gloves leading up to launch so key members can share their thoughts and insights on the new product and help explain features, benefits and maybe some huge misses (fingers crossed there are none ). We're hoping this open discussion will help MSH members learn more about our product from trusted peers and not just some marketing message touting the latest and greatest (like anything from @warriorstickguy). We respect the group too much to think that you would blindly believe everything we say is an "amazingly amazing, never-before-seen innovative innovation". We'll let the group decide for themselves and welcome questions and discussion on our product. Selfishly, this open discussion also helps us improve our product and find new ways to advance hockey equipment with informed and constructive dialogue with the real people who use it. This new process rolls-out with the Alpha QX glove line that releases to the public in April. I'm excited to field your questions and hopefully guide you to trying the gloves on for yourselves. Thanks for the opportunity. KP Take a look at our first blog reveal on the Alpha QX gloves - it may answer some of your initial questions: https://warriorhockey.com/2017/02/09/2017-alpha-qx-glove-goals/
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    Thank you all for your support! In a year in which there were a lot of personal distractions, I'm glad this event went well. I've already started to check the viability of our next SummerJam city and hopefully will be able to announce that in the short months ahead.
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    I always try to drink at least one beer in the locker room while getting dressed. Sometimes 2, if the game before is going long.
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    I'm pretty excited. i just got my custom True sticks in and i couldn't be happier. P10 / Kane Pro curve, 80 flex, matte finish
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    You’re not going to use my website to personally solicit our members for money.
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    New skates! I think they are hideous but if they are comfortable they will be worth it.
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    Glad to hear you were able to overcome the lack of R&D and all that speed skating tech to make them work...
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    New locker stall, a DIY project I worked on with my dad and uncle
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    Decided to take a picture of the current Wings and Zetterberg glove family. Top: Centennial Classic socks (game worn) and pants, Stadium Series shell and socks (game worn) 2nd: Regular shell, regular gamer shell, '15 WC gamer shell 3rd: Home and away socks, practice jerseys, '09 WC gamer socks, '15 WC gamer socks 4th L to R: custom Franchise, 2x Zetterberg MIC Franchise, Hudler (nearly identical to Z's specs) Franchise, Z's TSR WC Franchise, Weiss WC CCM pro 5th R to L: 2x Z's CC Franchise (game prepped), Z's TSR Sweden Franchise, Z's 2015 All Star Franchise, Z's 2014 All Star AX1, gamer 4500 (Stuart maybe?)
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    It has been a long time since I've posted on MSH. But, have had a fair amount of change over the last year. I work in Sales and was traveling pretty heavily which was taking it's toll on the family (Wife & 3 kiddos). We weren't in the worst financial situation but it was apparent some change needed to happen. Luckily, an opportunity came up about June/July last year that turned into reality. Started a new job (same profession & industry....just diff. company) in Nov. last year and moved the family in March. It allowed us to clean up debt, purchase a much more appropriate sized home, and start getting in front of our finances properly. It has been a very exciting, fun, stressful, frustrating, and ultimately great experience. Kudos to my wife and kids who helped make everything 100x easier by being the awesome people they are. And I found a rink nearby so I've been able to start playing again after about a 12mo hiatus. So that's nice too!
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    Brand new, still in the wrapper, vintage Jofa 234 51 helmet. Brings me back to my youth!
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    Actually, a few decades ago the only way girls could play hockey was with the boys. The town I grew up in had one of the first all girl hockey teams in the area and that wasn't until the early 80's. If you take a little girl to a men's hockey game she may decide she likes to watch hockey. If you take the same girl to a women's hockey game she may decide she wants to play hockey.
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    happy early Xmas to me:
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    My "Soup Can" gloves.
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    He bought it online based on some test rankings.
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    Wife threw me an amazing 50th birthday party on Saturday night. Had such a good time (until we saw the bar bill!!!! LOL). Really thrilled that @stick9 and @Goonsquad were able to come. I know others wanted to as well but life can really get in the way sometimes!! Missed you and the party will continue in Toronto! It may suck getting old, and my body may be breaking down a bit, but I feel young and its great to have so many good friends!!